IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-05-02

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pcardunewjohnsto: I am now00:18
wjohnstoI have a quick question00:19
wjohnstoI have setup my zope site to include everything, including courses00:19
wjohnstohowever, I cannot get my "addCourse" function to work00:20
wjohnstoit should work the same as everything else00:20
wjohnstohowever, when I add it I get an error:00:20
wjohnstoForbiddenAttribute: ('title', <Course "">)00:20
pcardunethat means you do not have the zcml configuration setup correctly00:21
pcardunedid you remember to register the Course class in zcml?00:21
pcardunei.e. <class class="something.something.Course"> etc.00:21
wjohnstoI shall check00:22
wjohnstook I registered it as sepg.browser.CourseView00:22
wjohnstowhich is an actual class00:22
wjohnstoso maybe there's something wrong there00:23
wjohnsto        if self.request.get("SAVE"):00:23
wjohnsto            context =
wjohnsto            context.title = self.request.get("Title")00:23
pcarduneCourseView is just the class that works with a form right?00:25
pcarduneyou need to fix the permission on the Course content object00:25
wjohnstolet's see if this works00:26
wjohnstoso many little things to keep track of :-\00:26
wjohnstoit works now00:27
pcarduneThe multiple containers thing worked out too then right?00:28
wjohnstoif you want to check it out00:29
* pcardune looks00:29
wjohnstosimple for now00:29
wjohnstoI already have the code working for High and Middle Schools00:30
wjohnstoso I can implement that00:30
wjohnstoand then I'll be ready to make the next big step00:30
pcardunewhat is the next big step?00:30
wjohnstothe SEPG program does things like00:31
wjohnstolink to course desciptions and whatnot00:31
wjohnstoand other little cool things00:31
pcardunewell course descriptions should just be stored with the course itself00:32
pcarduneso that is pretty trivial00:32
pcarduneI think you next big task is population the database00:32
pcarduneeverything is stored in xml files right?00:32
wjohnstowell, one xml file00:33
pcarduneso you will have to parse the xml file to get the data out of it, and store that data into zope00:33
pcarduneyou should talk to will dickerson about parsing xml files00:33
wjohnstomaybe that's something to do on the 19th00:34
pcarduneI believe he has been doing a fair amount of work with that lately00:34
wjohnstowhen we have our next sprint00:34
pcardunethat would be good00:34
wjohnstook, sounds good00:34
wjohnstothanks for the help00:34
pcardunemy pleasure00:34
pcardunewjohnsto: oh and one more thing, I would create a root level object (which should be a container) that specifically contains divisions of interest00:38
pcarduneCall it like SEPG00:39
pcardunethen people can just add SEPG00:39
pcarduneand form there they get anything SEPG related on *only* SEPG related things.00:39
wjohnstoit wouldn't be like a normal contact container?00:39
wjohnstobecause it would be automatic?00:40
wjohnstolike a package00:40
pcarduneform=from and on=and in my last statement00:41
pcarduneI guess I just want a centralized location of information00:41
wjohnstoor would it be just a regular container that contains Division of Interest00:41
wjohnstoso that people know what they are doing00:41
pcarduneso you will also have a DivisionOfInterest Container, and a schools container for example00:41
pcarduneand both of those containers should then be contained in a SEPGApplication object00:42
pcardunesomething to that effect00:42
pcarduneI'd be happy to work with you on that this weekend if you have any questions about it00:42
wjohnstoso it's basically just adding an SEPG container type00:42
wjohnstoI don't have a lot of time this weekend because I'm taking SATII's00:43
wjohnstobut perhaps brittney will be around, who knows00:43
pcardunewell nevermind then, you should focus on SAT ||00:43
pcarduneyes, I could work with brittney too and she can fill you in00:43
wjohnstook, we'll see00:43
wjohnstoonce again, thanks00:43
pcardunebut yeah, it's just adding a SEPG container type00:43
wjohnstoI understand now00:44
pcarduneyour welcome00:44
wjohnstoso that things are a little more clear00:44
pcardunewjohnsto: one more bit of code review:01:05
pcarduneI'd rename High_School to HighSchool01:05
pcarduneand you might want to reevaluate your decision to have a separate IHighSchool and IMiddleSchool interface01:05
pcarduneas they seem to do the exact same thing01:06
ignasless parts, more functionality  ;)01:15
pcardunein Soviet Russia... I Interface U?01:16
pcardunein Soviet Russia... adapters interface you!?01:19
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wjohnstopcardune: ayt02:52
pcardunewjohnsto: yes02:53
wjohnstoI made a few adjustments02:54
wjohnstolike you said02:54
wjohnsto[05:29] * pcardune looks02:55
pcarduneoh, that looks good02:56
pcarduneI would even go as far as making a container for schools (SchoolContainer)02:56
pcarduneand a container for divisions of interest02:56
pcarduneand automatically add these to the SEPG object02:56
wjohnstohow would I set it to automatically add all those things?02:57
pcardunelike in SEPG.__init__, you would have self['division'] = DivisionsOfInterestContainer02:57
pcarduneand self['schools'] = SchoolContainer()02:57
wjohnstoso what I could do02:58
wjohnsto*/what I'm going to do02:58
wjohnstois add another automatic division and school container02:59
wjohnstopossibly two automatic school containers for highschool and middle school02:59
wjohnstoright now I combined highschool and middle_school into school, because everything is exactly the same03:00
pcarduneyes, you could do that03:00
pcardunethat would be good03:00
wjohnstosounds good then03:00
wjohnstoI'll work on that03:01
wjohnstopcardune: I am not really understanding the automatic division thing03:27
wjohnstoI put the commands in the in the sepg folder?03:27
pcarduneno no03:28
pcardunein the __init__ method of the SEPG object03:28
wjohnstoin the browser.py03:28
wjohnstoit all makes sense now03:28
pcarduneyou will also want to put super(SEPGClass, self).__init__()03:28
pcarduneno, not in the file03:28
pcardunein the SEPG content object03:29
pcarduneclass SEPG(Contaienr):03:29
pcardune    implements(bla blah blah)03:29
pcardune    def __init__(self):03:29
pcardune        super(SEPG, self).__init__()03:29
pcardune        self['divisions']=DivisionsContainer()03:30
wjohnstoso I don't even need to do the addmenuitem stuff for SEPG, DivisionContainer, or SchoolContainer?03:33
wjohnstoin the configure.zcml03:34
wjohnstopcardune: ;)03:34
pcardunefor SEPG yes, for the others no03:34
wjohnstowell the SEPG still has to be added manually03:35
wjohnstobecause they might not want SEPG on their server03:35
wjohnstodo I need an addform?03:36
wjohnstoI should only need a page03:36
pcarduneno, you'll need an addform for SEPG03:36
pcarduneit is just like adding any other type of content object03:36
wjohnstook I should have it working now03:38
wjohnstopcardune: how would I set it so that when I add the SEPG package, it doesn't prompt for a title for SEPG but instead sets the title automatically?03:44
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pcardunei'd say leave the title03:45
wjohnstoI can just do "self.title=u'SEPG'" in the __init__ right?03:45
pcarduneyou could do that too03:46
* pcardune goes to dinner03:47
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erchacheemail from jinty is: right?18:33
erchachehe is on sevilla18:33
erchacheand call me18:33
erchachebut i cant locate him by phone and dont know which email use normally18:34
erchachehe active voice mail....arrrgghhh18:41
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