IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-04-14

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ACSpikeis the documentation on the website open for editing if I find an error or something that needs clarification? or should I submit a bug?03:32
ACSpike mentions installing python-profiler in stride with all the other packages, but it lives in multiverse not main03:34
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ACSpikeoh, and it skips the python-libxml2 dependency04:24
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pcardunehi smalekgh19:08
smalekghThis is kind of sad... I just woke up19:08
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pcarduneHave you guys been doing stuff with your project lately?19:09
pcarduneI haven't seen any questions come my way...19:09
pcarduneACSpike: you should submit a bug for documentation errors19:09
ACSpikeare the docs in version control? ie can I submit a patch?19:10
smalekghSee, that's another sad thing <_< I actually have no idea what to ask. And Jama and I have never really gotten in sync, and I can't ever contact stephen, and I'm just confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing (What is it that isn't working in the scheduling module yet?), and I can't connect to jama's server anymore...19:11
pcarduneACSpike: which docs are you looking at?  are they in subversion or just on the website?  If they are on the website, then they are not version controled19:11
ACSpikeyes, website19:11
pcarduneyeah, there is no version control on that19:12
ACSpikeI haven't much looked through subversion other than getting schooltool to run last night19:12
pcardunesmalekgh: well that is certainly a problem19:12
pcardunesmalekgh: if it is really hard to connect with them, then you might just have to go it alone19:12
pcardunesmalekgh: I would suggest setting up a working environment on maddog19:12
ACSpikeI'm hoping I can find some ways to help out19:13
pcarduneThere are lots of things that are not working in the scheduling module because they haven't even been done yet19:13
pcarduneprimarily this involves being able to set up pre-requisits for classes19:13
pcarduneACSpike: we would certainly appreciate that19:14
pcarduneACSpike: you can actually get an account on the website and ask th1a for permission to edit the docs19:14
ACSpikeI work at a small private college that trains teachers19:14
ACSpikeso I have a lot of contact with people who need something like schooltool19:14
pcarduneACSpike: If you'd like to contribute to any part of schooltool, you are certainly welcome too19:15
ACSpikeand I have a small bit of experience in sis topics because I helped to develop our sis at the college19:15
pcarduneACSpike: you should also join the schooltool list serv19:15
ACSpikeyeah, I really should19:15
ACSpikeI looked at schooltool last year and haven't had a chance to get involved yet19:16
ACSpikebut I really want to learn zope development so I have a personal motivation now too19:16
pcarduneThere is going to be a major development effort over the summer for the next version19:16
pcarduneI can't point you to a number of resources for learning zope as well19:17
ACSpikepcardune: what is your Zope class mentioned in the topic?19:17
ACSpikewe're using zope2+plone for our website at work19:17
ACSpikeI set it up initially but haven't done much since19:18
pcarduneWell, I specifically work on the cando plugin for schooltool which provides competency tracking capabilities among some other things19:18
pcarduneThe class was primarily for training high school students to do work on schooltool19:18
ACSpikedo work on = code?19:18
ACSpikewell, I should be able to understand a class taught at the high school level :-)19:19
ACSpike(I hope)19:19
pcarduneIt's not entirely complete, but it should get you started19:20
ACSpikeis it written down?19:21
ACSpikethere, subscribed to the lists19:24
ACSpikechildren at the keyboard?19:37
pcardunecat :)19:39
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ACSpikehow large is the core development team?19:42
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smalekghWhere do I put packages in the cando/schooltool folder?19:45
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wjohnstopcardune: ayt?19:47
pcardunewjohnsto: yes, i'm here19:47
wjohnstoshould we use a different IRC channel for our meeting?19:48
wjohnstoso as to not clutter this one up19:48
pcardunesmalekgh: under the src directory19:48
pcardunewjohnsto: either way19:48
wjohnstoand if you like, we can use the screen again19:48
pcarduneACSpike: the core development team has 1 full time developer, I am full time during the summers (a student the rest of the time)19:48
pcarduneACSpike: and there are a number of other part time contributors19:49
pcardunewjohnsto: that sounds like a good idea19:49
pcardunewjohnsto: pm me the login information19:50
ACSpikewow, first time I've ever used launchpad, the thing on the bug tracker that lists possible duplicate reports is fantastic!19:51
pcarduneglobal bug tracking :)19:51
ACSpikeeven for a single project that would be fantastic19:52
ACSpikeI can't even estimate how many duplicate reports we get for ridiculous things in inkscape19:52
pcarduneACSpike: you work on inkscape?!19:55
pcarduneI'm a big fan19:55
ACSpikeI do packaging. and I wrote a lot of the python extensions stuff. a few patches on internal stuff like curve dragging, but I don't really know c++.19:55
ACSpikebut it is a really fun project19:56
ACSpikefriendly people19:56
ACSpikeI've learned a lot there19:56
ACSpikepcardune: how do you use inkscape?19:56
pcarduneACSpike: mostly just for fun, and for making diagrams for classes19:57
pcardunewjohnsto: are you still there?19:57
ACSpikeI'm starting to get an urge to work on some of the diagramming features.19:58
pcardunewjohnsto: can you send me the login info so we can use screen?19:59
wjohnstook lemme change the password real quick20:00
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ACSpikebug filed.
pcarduneACSpike: cool, thanks20:10
ACSpikeand thank you for the link to your zope class!20:11
ACSpikepcardune: what do you study?20:11
ACSpikeyuck :-) specifically?20:13
pcardunewell so far at the undergrad level i've just been doing a bunch of general stuff... calculus, linear algebra, diff eq, some numerical analysis20:15
pcardunealthough i've been doing an independent study working with fractals20:16
ACSpikeah, ok. what's your favorite?20:16
pcardunealso a bit of number theory and set theory20:16
pcardunei don't have a favorite, i like it all20:16
pcarduneas long as I can apply it to something20:16
pcardunelike fractal image compression is very interesting20:17
ACSpikewhenever I hear anybody mention that they are interested in math I try to introduce them to lib2geom
ACSpikehey, your zope class is pretty cool. I think that will help me a lot20:19
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smalekghpaul, are we allowed to modify the Course class to have prereqs or should we create a parallel structure in the scheduling package that mirrors all of the courses and can create prerequisites for those courses?22:19
pcardunebasically, you will end up using adapters... which you haven't learned about yet22:29
pcardunesmalekgh: for now though, I want you to make sure that all the current functionality is tested22:29
smalekghyou mean with doc tests/func tests?22:29
pcarduneand I want you to make the user interface look decent22:29
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pcardunesmalekgh: you will sort of be "mirroring"  the existing course stuff, so for now you can start by writing interfaces22:31
pcardunewrite the interfaces for the data structures you would like to have22:31
smalekghyay, that's something we're actually doing right now >_<22:31
pcardunewhen you are done with that, email me, i'll take a look at your interfaces22:31
pcarduneand if they look good to me, then I'll show you how to do adapters22:32
pcardunewhen you say we, does that mean you got a hold of the others?22:32
smalekghgot a hold of jama, stephen just disappeared even though we were in contact for a while discussing stuff22:33
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pcardunesmalekgh: where is the branch you are committing to?22:59
pcarduneI need a publicly accessible url22:59
smalekghthe one you e-mailed22:59
pcarduneyou should put that url on the wiki as well22:59
smalekghI think I did22:59
pcardunesmalekgh: you can commit to that one?23:00
smalekghthat's the one you e-mailed and that's the one we've been commiting to23:00
pcardunewrite, but have you "pushed" the changes back up to the server?23:00
pcarduneyou see, first you branched from the url I gave you23:01
pcardunethat creates a local copy of the branch23:01
pcardunewhen you commit, it commits the changes to that local copy23:01
pcarduneso the place where you original branched form remains unchanges23:01
smalekghthat explains why I got the stuff back after screwing up bzr >_<23:02
smalekghhow do I 'push' the changes?23:02
pcarduneso if your local branch that you are working on is publicly accessible (like, it is in or linked form a public_html folder) then you don't have to do anything23:03
smalekghit is publicly accessible23:03
pcardunei.e. I can access it with a url like http://someserver/somepath/to/your/branch23:03
smalekghOH!!! You mean to JAMA'S server23:04
pcardunefor example, other folks who are using maddog have branch locations like
pcarduneor some such thing23:04
smalekghuhhhh, gimme a moment23:04
smalekghjama's magic worked, and the url is up23:10
pcardunei'll check it out23:10
pcarduneok good, it's working for me23:12
smalekghthe interface in your head or the link?23:13
pcardunethe link23:14
pcardunethat interface looks good, I would just change your nomenclature from 'class' to 'course'23:14
pcarduneso it would be ICourseRequirement23:14
pcarduneThis corresponds to the interface names in schooltool23:14
smalekghoi, consistent naming conventions...23:15
pcarduneand also won't interfere with calling something a class and actually meaning a python class23:15
pcarduneand partly because you can write in python 'class = Class()'23:15
pcardunebecause class is a reserved word and it is not pretty to write '_class = Class()'23:16
pcarduneNext, I want you to update the README.txt file23:16
smalekghfor those interfaces?23:16
pcarduneand for the existing functionality23:19
smalekgh*SC Dragoon voice* "It will be done."23:21
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