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dan_younghi all, anybody have tips on packing a SchoolBell data.fs?00:27
Lumiereyou shouldn't need to pack it that I know of...00:27
Lumierebut jinty or th1a__ might be able to help00:28
dan_youngWe're at 11G now, I guess maybe then I need to know about pruning old events?00:28
Lumiere(I don't know much about schoolbell)00:28
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Lumierehi pcardune00:43
Lumierepcardune: maybe you can help dan_young00:43
pcardunehi Lumiere00:43
pcardunewho is dan_young?00:43
Lumieresomeone from the land of paul nelson and eric harrison00:43
pcardunewho are they00:44
pcardunehow was the capital Lumiere?00:44
dan_youngyeah, EH is my boss; I like my job ;-)00:45
pcardunedan_young: what did you need help with?00:45
dan_youngI've got a 11GB Data.fs I'm trying to pack or cull for old events00:46
Lumieredan_young: I am worked with ltsp 300:46
Lumiereand k12ltsp 1.000:46
pcarduneI've never actually packed something yet, so all I can do is tell you how it is in think it is supposed to be done... but you might already be past that point00:49
pcardunepacked anything yet00:49
pcardunehow it is *I* think...00:49
dan_youngno, but I think I'm supposed to use repozo from a zope 2 install00:49
pcarduneI just got out of a really boring class and my brain isn't working well00:50
dan_younghave to copy from the host it's on because there's not enought disk space, hence the desire to shrink00:51
pcarduneI think you just need to go to http://server/++etc++process/@@ZODBControl.html00:54
dan_youngusing the manager account?00:55
Lumiereif it asks, yes00:55
dan_youngno go, I'm teh Unauthorized00:56
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jintydan_young: using repozo should work, but I'd try it first on a backup, also, you might want to just copy the repozo script and use the same ZODB module that your schoolbell uses.01:28
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wjohnstopcardune: ayt?02:59
Lumierehe is03:08
Lumierejust poke harder03:08
pcardunewjohnsto: i'm here03:08
pcardunewjohnsto: ayt?03:12
wjohnstoI was working on my Zope3 site macros... and I'm not sure exactly how to get the navigation bar.... I setup a nice format for the ContactContainer table though ;)03:13
pcarduneah yes, the navigation bar is a bit tricky03:14
pcarduneare you basing your macro off of the Rotterdam macro?03:14
wjohnstoI got it working...kinda03:14
wjohnstoI think so03:14
wjohnstolemme find the rotterdam real quick03:15
wjohnstoyou're talking about the ~/zope/app/rotterdam/
wjohnstoI actually had forgotten all about that03:18
wjohnstoso I was looking at the page sources and trying to go off of that03:18
wjohnsto....this may be a little more useful03:18
pcarduneI mean, you can always cook up your own navigation03:18
pcardunebut it's nice to use something that looks good and is already there03:19
wjohnstoI manages to get a user login in my skin03:19
wjohnstobut it doesn't actually work03:19
wjohnstoit links back to the site w/o skin03:19
wjohnstoit should work as far as I know, but it doesn't :(03:20
pcardunethat's interesting...03:20
wjohnstoyou can look at it03:20
pcardunei will03:21
pcarduneHow did you add in the login part?03:22
pcardunebecause I see that the link is to blahblah/@@login.html?nextURL=http://server:port/@@index.html03:22
pcarduneit's the nextURL part that is messing up that skin03:22
wjohnstothat was the link used for the non-skin03:23
pcarduneah, there you go03:23
wjohnstoit's so hard to look at this stuff03:24
wjohnstoI need a bigger monitor03:24
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wjohnstoI need to review the tal:attributes it seems03:26
wjohnstothe tal:<anything>03:27
pcardunewell there is a really good tal reference linked off of the front page03:27
wjohnstoI'll take a look03:28
wjohnstoif I could figure out exactly what those are, I think I could make it a lot further03:28
wjohnstois there a way to logout?03:37
wjohnstothat stinks03:39
pcarduneyou need to set up a different public authentication utility for logout support03:40
pcardunewhich is kind of tricky03:40
wjohnstooh ok03:40
pcardunei'm not sure why the logout one isn't used by default03:40
wjohnstocould you tell me if it says manager?03:41
pcarduneit doesn't03:42
pcarduneyou logout by closing your web browser03:42
pcarduneok, well i'm off to dinner03:42
wjohnstoI got it to work03:42
pcardunei'll be back in ~45 minutes03:43
wjohnstoI just need to put a "login" there03:43
wjohnstook sounds good03:43
wjohnstoi have to run in to DC03:43
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Lumierehi pcardune20:13
pcardunehi Lumiere20:13
Lumierelooks like teachers can't view resource calendars still20:15
Lumiereso either we didn't do the ftest right20:16
Lumiereor he didn't implement it right20:16
pcardunewell, if he says he implemented it, and our ftests pass, then we wrote the ftests wrong20:16
Lumierelemme try the ftests20:21
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filip101anybody here that can answer a bzr question?21:10
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pcardunefilip101: i can answer a bzr question21:11
mgedminthere's #bzr21:11
filip101pcardune: you didn't answer on google talk...21:11
filip101ok, so I've got this newer version of my code on my computer21:11
filip101but if I do bzr commit21:11
filip101I can't retrieve it on maddog21:11
pcarduneyes, you have to push the changes to maddog21:12
filip101oh , I forgot about that >_>21:12
filip101but push to where?21:12
pcardunelike, bzr push svn+ssh://
filip101bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url21:13
mgedminsubstitute 'svn' with 'bzr'21:14
mgedminin the url21:14
filip101I didn't know what s/ means21:14
filip101where do I pull from then?21:15
filip101from maddog I mean21:15
filip101with bzr log I can see the latest revision21:24
filip101but I can't get the files that go with it21:24
filip101what's up with that?21:24
pcarduneyou can use bzr diff to see the files that go with it21:25
pcardunejust pull from the place you pushed to21:25
filip1010 revision(s) pulled21:30
filip101yet 1 revision(s) pushed21:30
pcarduneright, because you already have those revisions21:30
filip101... then why do I not have editpost.pt21:31
pcarduneif you make changes in place A, then push them to place B, then A looks just like B21:31
pcarduneso if you pull from place B to place A, you will get 0 revisions pulled21:31
filip101the second part is happening21:31
filip101yet the first part isn't true21:31
pcardunehowever, if you use bzr+ssh, then you will have to "update" place B21:32
pcardunelog in to maddog, go to place B, and type bzr update21:32
filip101bzr update?21:32
pcardunethat will "populate the working tree"21:32
filip101you should've said so21:32
filip101ok that worked21:32
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filip101I'm getting an annoying error that I can't debug22:08
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filip101ok, so the error is:22:10
filip101AttriburteError: 'module' object has no attribute 'IContainer'22:11
filip101and it gives me a trace to interfaces.py22:11
filip101to a line that says:22:11
filip101class IPostContainer(zope.interface.Interface, zope.schema.IContainer):22:12
filip101my partner wrote this, so i don't know what guide he was following22:12
filip101but i don't see anything wrong with it22:12
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filip101can anybody help?22:13
mgedminzope.schema does not define IContainer22:13
filip101then where do i get IContainer from?22:14
mgedminI strongly suggest learning ctags22:14
mgedminvery useful for finding the location of interface (or class, or method) definitions22:14
mgedminwell, if your text editor supports it (vim and emacs do)22:15
filip101i use vim22:15
mgedminshort intro: make sure you have exuberant-ctags installed22:16
mgedminat the top of the project run :!ctags -R .22:16
mgedminthen inside vim move the cursor over a name and hit Ctrl-] to find it22:16
filip101how do i make sure i have exuberant-ctags installed?22:16
mgedminthen you can hit Ctrl-O to go back to where you were22:16
mgedminwhat OS do you have?22:16
filip101kubuntu with every other window manager installed22:17
mgedminthen install the 'exuberant-ctags' package22:17
filip101so basically ubuntu22:17
filip101/bin/bash: command not found22:20
filip101wait nvm22:20
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