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pcarduneLumiere:  looks like schooltool/zope is broken on feisty01:51
pcarduneactually... just schooltool01:52
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school_can i install schooltool in fedora core 5??10:41
school_SteveA, Aim2 Fujitsu & all , can i install in FC5?10:45
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wdickersI am still having the circular import in schooltool when I import schooltool.demographics.person which imports schooltool.person.person which imports whose import schooltool.person.person15:54
wdickersIgnas said to import before the problem, but it doesn't seem to help15:54
wdickers>>> from schooltool.demographics.person import Person15:54
wdickersTraceback (most recent call last):15:54
wdickers  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?15:54
wdickers  File "/home/wdickers/cando/SchoolTool/src/schooltool/demographics/", line 26, in ?15:54
wdickers  File "/home/wdickers/secondcando/SchoolTool/src/schooltool/person/", line 36, in ?15:54
wdickers    import schooltool.app15:54
wdickers  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/PIL/", line 44, in ?15:54
wdickersImportError: cannot import name PersonContainer15:54
ignasyou have to apt-get install python-imaging15:55
ignasit's not a circular import15:56
wdickersreally? Wow15:56
ignashmm, or maybe not, is that the full error?15:57
ignasmaybe you could paste it?15:57
ignaslisppaste5: url15:57
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.15:57
ignasall the input and output output15:57
wdickersNo, that is the full error, I had to poke around to find the circular import. and PIL was already installed15:58
ignaswhat lines came before from schooltool.demographics.person import Person ?16:00
ignasand where did you add "import" ?16:01
wdickersin schooltool.person.person16:01
ignasyou should have put it before "from schooltool.demographics.person import Person" not in schooltool.person.person16:01
wdickersah, let me try that16:02
wdickersYup, that fixed it. Thanks ignas16:03
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* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:27
th1aHi ignas.  I guess jfroche is at his Plone sprint.16:28
th1aHi jinty, Lumiere.16:29
ignaswell :) it's even better for me ;) i thought that i will have to clone myself (managed to promise to be somewhere else in 40 minutes :/ )16:29
ignasso - a report16:29
ignasi am done with pretty much all the functionality needed16:29
jintyhi all16:29
ignasand now i am cleaning up everything to make it commitable16:29
ignasi have a rudimentary print css for other schooltool pages that might need printing16:30
ignasthough calendars should still be printed using pdf views16:30
ignasif a need will come up it will be possible to make calendars print out of html as well16:30
th1aOK.  That's a good idea.16:31
ignasi have timetable calendars for groups, evolution scripts for lyceum only, confirmation for event deletion and a timetable schema selection "hack" specific to lyceum16:31
ignasif the time of a lesson even is shifted16:32
ignasthe slot in the grid is shifted as well16:32
th1aAh.  Nice.16:32
ignasmeaning that if you change the time of the third lesson by 10 minutes (or it comes from a different school timetable)16:32
ignasthe grid displays the time of the third lesson according to the event16:32
ignasso it looks better ;)16:32
th1aI see.16:32
ignasso all is left is some tests, and some polishing of the views16:33
ignastimetable views have some display problems with more than 1 activity in a slot (nothing difficult to fix)16:33
ignasoh and i will have to talk to them about person advisors to find out if we need advisors for persons or just for groups, or maybe both. ..16:34
ignasthat's kind of everything16:34
ignasanything new on your side?16:35
th1aI gave a talk here which took up more time than usual to prepare.  I got very worked up about it.16:35
th1aSo I didn't get as much actual work done as I planned.16:36
th1aIn terms of EuroPython -- can we sprint before?16:36
ignasbefore the conference?16:36
th1aThat is better for pcardune.16:36
th1aIs there to be a formal sprint period?16:37
ignassure, why not :) i am working on schooltool fulltime, so not like i am going to be something else16:37
ignasoh btw - a suggestion to everyone - do not use the trunk, please, it makes my life so much easier if people merge changes they need from the trunk to their branches it is a lot more safe, because trunk can break database compatibility because of some small mistakes in evolution scripts etc.16:37
ignashaving schooltool trunk in a deployed instance is dangerous16:38
ignasjfroche is not using trunk16:38
ignasi would suggest cando working the same way jfroche does16:38
th1adwelsh has a bee in his bonnet to get the resource booking branch merged.16:39
th1aAre you saying they should just test off the branch for a while longer?16:39
th1aOr are we ready to merge that stuff soon?16:40
ignasno, i am saying that CanDo branch is a good idea, as that means that they control what is on it16:40
ignasand they can do whatever they want to make it "safe"16:40
th1aA CanDo branch for their checkins.16:40
ignasno, a cando branch that they are sure does not contain things that might break their databases16:41
ignasand makes it their responsibility to "get" things they want16:41
ignasnot my responsibility to "put" things they want16:41
ignasjfroche would have quite more problems if he had to wait until i push my lyceum changes to trunk if he was using trunk16:42
ignasnow he can just "get" what he needs16:42
ignasif they will use the trunk - they will always depend on how much free time i have16:42
ignasand what i am working on16:42
ignaswhich is not the best way of things16:42
th1aOK...  I guess this leads to the "when can we move to bzr" thread, because it sounds like this would be easier if we were all using bzr.16:43
ignasit would at least be more natural16:43
ignasbecause with bzr it would just work that way16:43
ignasbut we will have to wait for launchpad beta interface for that16:44
th1aI guess the concern about telling them to work in a branch is the fear that their changes won't be merged eventually, which has some precedent, since they've generally ended up forking us periodically.16:45
th1aI'll try to reassure dwelsh.16:46
ignasi'll try to merge as soon as i'll have time for that16:47
th1aI did get an email last week about "Coon," which is a gradebook client that I gather someone wants to write for Edubuntu as a Google Summer of Code project.16:47
th1aSo I've exchanged a few emails with them about moving data back and forth.16:48
th1aWith SchoolTool.16:48
th1aOf course, web services is the most obvious way to do that...16:49
th1aI'm going to look this morning at the relevant SIF specs for gradebooks, which are new.16:50
th1aAnyhow, this is something on the edge of the radar at this point,16:50
th1abut I thought I'd give you a heads up.16:50
th1aI might have to learn to create REST views.16:50
ignasi am having some ideas about more remote future of schooltool16:51
th1aFix the ones that have become broken.16:51
th1aignas: Such as?16:51
ignasat the moment schooltool is way way too monolithical16:51
ignaspresentation knows about internal structure way too much16:51
th1aI was thinking a wxPython client interface might be nice.16:51
ignasand such simple assumptions as relying on all the data being in one database16:51
ignasor being in some specified hierarchy16:52
ignasseem quite wrong in the long term16:52
th1aignas: Yes.16:52
th1aRealistically, for example on a larger scale you'd want to use some relational databases, for example.16:52
ignasnot just that16:53
th1aYou'd WANT to, even if you didn't NEED to.16:53
ignasrealistically you will already have a database for studens in another application16:53
ignasor you will want to switch to another gradebook/calendar/timetable while keeping the other parts of the application the same16:53
ignasour assumption that "core" modules will be present is right16:54
ignasbut the assumption that it will be in schooltool16:54
ignasis flawed16:54
th1a"assumption that it will be in schooltool?"16:55
ignasso while you can "annotate" ZODB objects, you should build it in such a way that gradebook would work with only having an "ID" of a person16:55
ignassame for attendance, courses, sections etc.16:56
ignasat the moment if you need a person you say app['persons']['john']16:56
th1aI still would like everything to be stored as RDF triples.16:56
ignaswhich is so broken in the large scale of things16:56
ignasthough i will have to read quite a bit before i'll know how to solve it and where to go :/16:57
ignasSOA seems a nice idea16:57
ignasbut moving from monolith ZODB to a distributed loosely coupled application is something i have never seen done16:57
th1aYes... well... perhaps we should just ship something that works first ;-)16:58
ignasbut at the moment, a monolith is what we have, and is something we'll have to work with for quite a while16:58
ignasso making it a nice monolith is a priority16:58
ignasanything else?16:59
th1aI'll let you go.16:59
th1aHave a great week!17:00
ignasthank you, i'll be back in 30-40 minutes if you'll need anything else17:00
ignasthank you, see you later17:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:00
* ignas is back17:26
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jfrochehello *18:01
jfrochesorry for delay18:01
jfrochethe was a meeting here18:01
Lumiereit ended about an hour ago18:02
jfrochei know18:02
jfrocheth1a: there?18:03
th1aHi jfroche.18:03
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jfrochesorry 4 being that late18:05
jfrochei ll read the channel history18:05
th1ajfroche: np.18:06
th1ajfroche: How's your importing?18:09
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jfrocheth1a missed ur question,i m on my mobile phone and bad version of irc client18:11
th1ajfroche: How's your importing?18:11
th1ajfroche: I'm impressed you've connected at all ;-)18:12
th1aOf course, our mobile phone services are primitive here in the US.18:12
jfrocheworking well18:12
jfrochejust need to meet the guy for the calendaring18:13
jfrocheyet i am able to begin to work on the grade book18:13
jfrochebut yet i can begin with their grade book18:14
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jstrawpcardune: ayt?22:32
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Lumierepcardune: I need the cando-05 code somehow today, we have someone waiting for it...22:33
Lumiere*bb in 30-45*22:33
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