IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-03-03

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jelknerwjohnsto: william, you're early18:29
bnguyenjelkner: william isn't here right now18:34
wjohnstojelkner: I am here, had to take a shower18:35
wjohnstocan't be smelly for class18:35
jelknerwjohnsto: did you get my email about the change in the first sprint?18:36
wjohnstoyes I did18:37
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jelknerbnguyen and wjohnsto: do you know if linda fixed your bug in lesson 5?18:46
bnguyenyes she did18:47
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wjohnstoI'm going to setup the TS server if anyone has it and wants to use it18:47
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jelknerpcardune: morning, teach!18:50
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pcardunejelkner: you really love calling me "teach"18:50
jelknerremember, i want abt 10 minutes at the beginning of class for house keeping18:51
pcardunedon't worry... I remember18:51
smalekghhouse keeping == ???18:51
jelknersmalekgh: sharing information and such18:51
smalekghooooh... information... *stares in wonder* >_<18:52
jelknersmalekgh: patience... it will all be clear soon ;-)18:53
* smalekgh continues to stare in wonder18:53
wjohnstoI have a teamspeak server if you know what it is and want to use it18:54
jelknerwjohnsto: better to work that out the week ahead of time18:55
jelknerlet's shoot for next class18:55
wjohnstosounds good18:55
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wjohnstoI was just saying for anyone who might already have it, it's easy to setup18:56
jelkneryou should also prepare folks using the mailing list ahead of time18:56
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jelknerso they can have software installed before class starts18:56
wjohnstoI'll write up a tutorial or something like that on Monday then18:56
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* wjohnsto is William Johnston, "Hello!"18:59
* AVN` is Chris B19:00
* jelkner is Jeff Elkner, "Good morning!"19:00
* Preetam is Preetam19:00
* mlinnell is Mary L19:00
* tehminkeh is Stephen Drodge19:00
* smalekgh is Masood M, and wonders why attendance is being taken BEFORE class <_<19:00
* pcardune is the "teach"19:00
* bnguyen is Brittney N19:00
* Mounika is Mounika G19:00
* tehminkeh thinks the last one might've been a bit obvious19:01
* CPCarey11 is Chris C19:01
* Makorihi is Jama Mohamed19:01
jelknerOK, good morning all!19:01
pcardunetake it away jelkner...19:01
* kjcole is Kevin Cole (with bad network connectivity)19:01
jelknerI asked paul for a few minutes to update you all on the internship process19:02
* smalekgh is Masood M, and wonders why attendance is being taken BEFORE class <_<19:02
smalekghack, sorry19:02
smalekghhit the enter key by accident19:02
jelknerit is now time to start getting internship agreements handed out, signed, and returned19:02
jelknerhere is how i would like the process to work:19:03
jelkner1. we match two of you who would like to work together with a project19:03
jelkner2. we get you both the internship agreements and discuss sprint participation and scheduling19:03
jelkner3. you show the agreement to your parents, you and they sign-in, dave welsh and i sign it, and we are off19:04
tehminkehdoes everyone basically automatically get accepted?19:04
tehminkehor do some of us "get cut"19:04
Makorihii think he said something about 'half way'19:05
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jelkneri haven't seen anyone yet whose performance would warrent "cutting"19:05
jelkneryou are doing a great job!19:05
nitromastersorry im late, im Andrew Rodriguez19:06
jelkneranyone who will be home tomorrow between 4 and 7 pm, please email me at: jeff@elkner.net19:06
smalekghwhat shall the e-mail contain?19:06
jelknersend me your phone number and i will begin making calls to talk with you19:06
jelkneranother thing is that we are not having an Atlanta sprint19:07
jelknerwe are moving it to ACC so that more of you can participate19:08
jelknerpaul will be coming here19:08
jelkneri'm almost out of time, so two more quick things:19:08
jelkner1. please sign up for the March 17 sprint if you can make it19:08
jelkner2. please send me the email if you will be home tomorrow between 4 and 7 with your phone number19:09
jelknerthat's all i have19:09
smalekghuh, if it isn't tomorrow, then when?19:09
jelknerpcardune: teach, thanks for the time!19:09
jelknerthe 17th would be the next time19:09
jelkneri'll keep setting up times until i've talked with everyone19:10
pcarduneok, i guess it is my turn to speak now19:10
pcarduneLast class was two weeks ago, so I hope none of you have forgotten all the zope3 you learned19:11
pcardunedoes anyone remember what we did last week?19:11
Makorihiwe made containers19:11
Preetamoh yea19:11
smalekghthe thingers that held thingers (and only one kind of thinger)19:11
pcarduneok, good... just checking that people are awake19:11
pcardunetwo weeks ago we didn't finish the containers and they still don't do a whole lot19:12
tehminkehi still maintain that we didnt do anything last week19:12
pcardunethe idea of making your own containers is so that they can really work for you19:12
pcardunetehminkeh: ... *you* didn't do anything last week... I know *I* did something19:12
pcardunewe want containers to help us manage contacts in some way19:13
tehminkehpcardune: i was kidding, because we didnt have class last week19:13
pcardunetehminkeh: i know... I *still* did something lat week though....19:13
wjohnstolet's start class!19:14
pcarduneso what do we want a container to do?19:14
pcardunepart of that question is, what does a container do already?19:14
Makorihito contain things19:14
wjohnstohold contacts and contact information19:14
AVN`it can add stuff19:14
smalekghit holds stuff19:14
pcarduneright now we get a list of the objects it contains... but it that list really helpful to us?19:14
pcardunewhat gets displayed?19:14
pcardunethe object names (not any other information)19:14
pcarduneand the object names can be pretty ugly19:15
pcardunethey are just what get used in the url19:15
pcarduneSo it might be nicer if our container displayed first and last name19:15
pcarduneor maybe last and first name19:15
pcarduneso we wouldn't have to remember what we named the contact object19:15
pcarduneso let's say we want the container to display all the contacts, but with "LastName, FirstName" isntead of the object name19:16
pcardunewhat is the first thing we are going to do for this new functionality?19:16
nitromastera view19:17
pcardunebefore that...19:17
pcardunethis is almost a trick question19:17
wjohnstocan't we do it in the ZMI19:17
pcarduneno... we can't do it in the ZMI, i'm not sure what you are thinking of there19:18
pcardunebut I'm thinking about writing functional tests19:18
pcarduneso open up your functional tests and add some tests for this functionality19:18
pcardunenotice I will be helping you less now with some of the tasks we have already covered (like functional tests)19:19
pcardunebut if you have questions, do ask19:19
pcarduneI also recommend creating a additional contacts in the functional tests so that you have something to play with19:19
pcarduneI'll post what I have too19:21
lisppaste5pcardune pasted "browser.txt" at
pcarduneafter writing your test, you should run them just to make sure they are actually failing (remember we right failing tests, then write code to make them pass)19:22
pcardunelet me know when you have something written19:24
pcarduneok, well i'm going to keep going, and if you get behind you can copy what I've pasted19:30
pcarduneSince we specified the file as the template for this page, we have to create that page template.19:30
pcarduneI like to to create page templates by first copying an existing one and then editing it. This way I don't have to remember all the names of the macros I am looking for.19:31
pcarduneSo I would copy to and then rewrite what's inside the body19:32
pcardunewe want a tal:repeat to repeat over the contents of the container19:32
pcarduneand remember that since this view is registered for the container... the context variable will be the container19:32
pcardunewe can grab the contents of the container using the "values" method19:33
pcarduneit has the same API of a python dictionary19:33
pcardunewhen repeating, we want to create links that point to the actual contact object19:34
pcarduneoh, you know what, i accidentally skipped something19:34
lisppaste5pcardune pasted "configure.zcml" at
pcardunethat is how I have registered a new page in configure.zcml19:34
CPCarey11I have a question about our functional tests19:35
pcardunego ahead19:35
CPCarey11when we display the contents of our container..19:35
CPCarey11how do we determine in which order the names will be displayed?19:36
pcardunethat is a good question19:36
pcarduneone way to determine the order is to wait and find out (that's what I did)19:36
AVN`wait what are we doing to
CPCarey11oh ok19:36
pcarduneso now I can tell you that the order is alphabetical by the name of the contact object19:36
pcarduneAVN`: we are about to create contactcontainer.pt19:37
CPCarey11oh thank you19:37
AVN`whats tal:repeat ?19:37
pcarduneremember the tal:content attribute?19:37
pcardunethe tal:repeat attribute is another tal attribute that does cool stuff19:37
pcarduneit is just a loop19:37
AVN`how do we use it?19:37
pcarduneso when we write: <div tal:repeat="contact context/values">19:38
pcardunein python that would look like: for contact in context.values()19:38
pcardunethen the div will be created multiple times, once for each contact19:38
pcarduneand any tales inside the repeat has access to the "contact" variable19:38
pcardunejust like in python for loops19:39
AVN`oh, I see19:39
pcardunehere is my file19:39
lisppaste5pcardune pasted "" at
pcarduneinside that div we have a link19:40
pcarduneand the link has dynamically generated href attributes and a dynamically generated content19:40
pcardunewhen we write tal:attributes="href contact/@@absolute_url" it sets the href attribute to the url of the contact object19:41
pcardunethe @@ part says that this is a view lookup19:41
pcardunewe will talk about those more later19:41
pcarduneor actually, now is a good time to talk about them19:42
pcarduneremember that pages are views19:42
pcardunewe can actually access all of our pages with the @@ in front of the name of the page19:42
pcardune(like @@index.html)19:42
wjohnstoI think I've witnessed that19:42
pcardune@@absolute_url is a special view that zope has which returns just a plain string with the url of the object19:43
pcardunein fact, you can go to any object in your ZMI and just add @@absolute_url to the end of the url and see what you get19:43
wjohnstoyou get what the URL is19:44
pcarduneI don't know if I have assigned this before, but there is going to be homework for next week19:44
pcardunethe homework will be to read over the zope page template reference19:44
pcardunewhich can be found here:
smalekghthis is going to be the absolute first time when I save homework to the bookmarks folder in firefox...19:45
pcarduneso hopefully everyone understands the rest of the file19:45
pcarduneso start up your zope servers and try it out19:46
AVN`darn, error19:48
pcarduneso what's next?19:48
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pcardunewell, the user stories on the wiki ask for the contacts to be ordered by last name19:49
pcarduneRight now they are ordered based on the Object Name we specified when adding the objects (i.e. paulcarduner and jeffelkner).19:49
pcarduneSo change your functional tests so that the contacts are in fact ordered by last name19:51
pcarduneand rerun the tests to make sure they fail19:51
pcarduneAlphabetical ordering constitutes a bit more logic than we can handle in a page template so we will have to create a view class for the container. Remember the view class we had for editing a contact?19:52
AVN`please slow down a bit19:53
wjohnstothe Contact Class?19:53
wjohnstoclass Contact(persistent.Persistent)19:54
pcardunewjohnsto: no, actually it was the ContactView class in browser.py19:54
pcardunewell we are going to create a new view class in called ContactContainerView19:55
pcardunebut first you should register this class for the page by adding a class attribute to the page declaration pointing to zcontact.browser.ContactContainerView19:55
pcarduneNow we need to create the ContactContainerView class in a file called So as we create this class, let's think about what a browser view does again.19:59
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pcarduneRemember that a browser view takes an object (the context of the page we are displaying) and a request (the HTTP request from the users web browser) and does stuff with them.19:59
AVN`how do we add the class atribute to the page decleration?20:00
pcardunejust put in: class="zcontact.browser.ContactContainerView"20:01
pcardunein the browser:page tag that is registered for the IContactContainer interface20:01
pcardunecontinuing on: Also, the browser view class can be accessed from the page template through the view variable.20:03
pcarduneA lot of the time, our view class only has to have a few methods that help the template do extra hard python processing.20:03
pcarduneIn this case, we should only have one method in our class, called getSortedContacts.20:03
lisppaste5pcardune pasted "" at
pcardunethis example has some slightly more advanced python20:04
smalekghooh, it almost looks like a ternary operator declared as a function... uh... inline... uh, yeah...20:05
pcarduneThe sorted function is a standard python function that takes a list of items and returns another list with those items sorted.20:05
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wjohnstojelkner is skipping class20:05
pcarduneSo if there were a list of numbers it would sort them from smallest to largest, and if there were a list of strings, it would sort them alphabetically.20:05
pcarduneBut we have neither of these. Rather, we have a list of objects.20:06
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smalekghjelkner is not skipping class >_<20:06
pcardune\Python doesn't know how to sort objects so we have to specify some function for comparing the objects - for telling python which object is greater that the other.20:06
smalekghso it's passing an object encompassing a function?20:07
AVN`like Comparable in java20:07
pcarduneSince we are ordering the contacts based on last name, it makes perfect sense to compare the objects by actually comparing their lastName attributes.20:07
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smalekgheverything is like a comparable, because the have the __cmp__ method20:07
smalekghI think20:07
pcarduneRather than right a whole separate method just for comparing the objects, we will write a lambda function.20:07
wjohnstothere is no sort?20:07
wjohnstoin the os?20:07
pcardunewjohnsto: what do you mean in the os?20:07
smalekghyou mean the standard api?20:08
wjohnstoimport os20:08
smalekghor not >_< *is shutting up*20:08
wjohnstoat some point this year20:08
wjohnstoI think I opened up a list of objects20:08
pcarduneos is an api for doing stuff with the operating system... sort doesn't have anything to do with the operating system20:08
wjohnstoand sorted them20:09
pcardunethere is a sort method, all lists have the sort method20:09
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pcardunebut we have to customize our sort method20:09
pcardunedoing [3,42,4,5].sort() does a sort in place (it doesn't return a new list)20:10
pcardunebut doing sorted([3,42,4,5]) does return a new list20:10
pcarduneso back to the lambda function20:10
pcarduneRather than right a whole separate method just for comparing the objects, we will write a lambda function.20:10
pcarduneLambdas are a great way to write one line functions. Expanded, the lambda we have here would look like:20:10
pcardunedef someFunc(a, b):20:10
pcardune    return cmp(a.lastName, b.lastName)20:10
pcarduneThe syntax for lambda functions is simply lambda then the parameters the function takes, and after the colon is what the function returns. So this just returns a comparison of the lastName attribute as we desired.20:12
pcardunehopefully everyone understands how lambda functions work now20:13
Preetamthey are pretty neat20:13
smalekghexcept you can't name them, can you?20:13
smalekgh(it would make some functions really uber short)20:13
pcarduneright, you can't name them20:14
pcarduneWith the browser view class written, we need to make our page template utilize the view class. Instead of repeating over context/values, we will repeat over view/getSortedContacts.20:14
pcarduneso i just changed one line in the page template:  <div tal:repeat="contact view/getSortedContacts">20:15
pcardunenow your tests should pass20:15
pcardunealso be sure to check it out in a web browser20:15
pcardunenext up is adding functionality for deleting contacts20:17
pcarduneBut first, let's write functional tests for this functionality.20:20
pcarduneI think a good way to add delete functionality to our user interface is using checkboxes - the way zope does it already in the default container view.20:20
pcarduneThere should be one checkbox for each contact, and a delete button at the bottom that will delete all the checked contacts.20:20
smalekghI got to go, have to eat lunch, I'll read the logs... Cya!20:21
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lisppaste5pcardune annotated #37668 with "browser.txt (delete functionality)" at
pcarduneThis time we will explicitly tell the browser which checkbox to check by specifying the name of the checkbox input element.20:22
pcarduneTo solve this problem we have to think about it a bit more carefully. Specifically, how are we going to pass on which contact we want to delete to the browser view class.20:23
AVN`my functional tests are failing already, I think the ...something... thing is not working20:23
pcarduneAVN`: that seems to happen a lot, but they actually do work, look further down in the diff for the real problem20:23
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pcardunethere is an art to reading functional test failures and you can only learn it with experience20:24
pcarduneRemembering what the browser view class takes as parameters, it's clear that the request object is a good place to store this information.20:24
pcarduneand we  can store things in the request using forms in html20:24
pcarduneso let's edit the file and encapsulate the repeat in a form element20:25
pcardunefor the action of the form we want to use a tal:attribute20:26
pcarduneit would look like this: tal:attributes="action request/URL"20:26
pcardunethe request object has a variable, URL which is just the URL for the page you are looking at20:27
pcardune(kind of like @@absolute_url except that it will give you the page too, as in @@index.html)20:27
pcardunethen you should add a check box before the link inside the repeat:20:27
pcardune<input type="checkbox" tal:attributes="name string:${contact/__name__}.delete" />20:28
pcarduneagain, the name attribute for the checkbox is going to be based on the name of the contact object20:28
pcardunewe know that these names will be unique because all objects in a container have unique names20:28
pcarduneand we access the name of an object through the __name__ attribute20:28
pcarduneThen we can append ".delete" to that name so we know the checkbox is for deleting and now something else20:29
pcardunefinally we should put the delete button at the bottom of the form: <input type="submit" value="Delete" name="DELETE_SUBMIT"/>20:30
AVN` is that in the tal repeat?20:31
pcardunethat should be outside the tal repeat because we only want one delete button for all the contacts20:31
pcarduneso with that we should get a nice looking form20:33
pcarduneyou should check it out in a web browser20:33
AVN`is this bad?  UserWarning: You did not specify an i18n translation domain for the 'title' field in /home/cbeacham/lib/python/zcontact/configure.zcml20:35
pcarduneAVN`: no, we will fix that when we get to internationalization20:35
pcarduneNow upon clicking the Delete button, our browser view should be sent the selected checkboxes through the request object.20:37
pcardunewe need to do something with these checkboxes though20:37
pcardunewe need to implement deletion of the objects in the browser view.20:37
pcarduneSince we want this to happen right when the page is loaded, we will put the functionality in the __init__ method.20:37
pcarduneso create an __init__ method in the ContactContainerView class20:38
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "Error" at
pcarduneand make sure that it takes context and request as parameters20:38
lisppaste5pcardune annotated #37668 with "" at
lisppaste5wjohnsto annotated #37673 with "browser.txt" at
pcarduneso rerun the tests and they should pass20:46
pcardunewith that finished we are done with the user stories we have20:51
pcardunebut there will be more user stories next week20:51
pcarduneI would also like to introduce you to bzr20:51
pcarduneKevin Cole made a good bzr tutorial here
pcarduneyou should read over it20:52
pcardunebzr is a revision control system that allows you to manage changes in a project20:53
pcarduneWe will be using it extensively over the summer20:53
pcarduneI want you to make your zcontact application into a bzr repository20:53
pcardunealso try adding some little bit of cool functionality to the existing application20:55
pcardunenext week we will have a small show and tell of what people did20:55
pcardunesince i've given you some homework for the next week, we can end class 4 minutes early20:56
pcardunedo give you 4 extra minutes to work on your homework :)20:56
pcarduneclass dismissed20:57
Preetamalright, thanks!20:57
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CPCarey11I have a piano festival next saturday20:58
CPCarey11I can't make it to class20:58
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