IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-02-15

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shiny_Hi, all07:22
shiny_how i am able to set a user name and password for schooltool?07:22
shiny_i installed schooltool 0.11.4 package and run it using schooltool-server.py07:23
th1aHi shiny_07:23
shiny_i'm very new to this package07:23
th1auser name is 'manager'07:23
shiny_hi th1a07:23
th1apassword is 'schooltool'07:23
shiny_thx th1a07:24
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FujitsuIs it just me, or are permissions in SchoolTool trunk significantly less powerful than in the old SchoolBell?08:46
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ignasjfroche: hi15:41
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lisppaste5alga pasted "Streaming web server for Ignas" at
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dwelshth1a:  you there?17:28
th1adwelsh: I'm here.18:03
dwelshCan you talk?18:28
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lisppaste5ignas pasted "Http server that runs on the database in functional tests" at
th1aignas: Can you explain that a bit more?19:35
ignasth1a: when writing functional tests and the test fails looking at a printed html content is sometimes very difficult19:40
ignasprinting it to file and opening - has no css or images19:40
ignasand sometimes you just want to see what is the state of the application in a functional test19:40
ignasso with this server (i will try to get it into Zope3 if they'll let me) you will be able to just start a  server on the database of the functional test19:41
ignasand see how things look, what are the titles on the links19:41
ignaswhich controls are selected, and even click around to see if the next step will actually work :)19:42
th1aYou'll have to show me in Dallas.19:42
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aelknerth1a: are you there?20:15
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ignasth1a_: ayt?20:57
* th1a_ is shaving.20:58
ignasth1a_: tell me when you're done ;)20:59
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* th1a is cleanshaven.21:03
th1aignas:  What's up?21:05
ignasmaybe you know why we are using Zope3.3 branch instead of trunk?21:06
th1aI'm afraid I do not.21:06
ignasi can't recall the motivation :/21:06
mgedminjinty might now21:06
ignasi know, but he21:07
ignasis not here21:07
aelknerAre we discussing the problem with building schooltool because I was going to ask about that?21:15
ignaswhat problems are you having ?21:15
aelknerIf I do a fresh svn co and follow your instructions, it dies during the make run with a version conflict on zcatalog.21:16
* ignas goes to look into that21:16
aelknerI ran it again to get you the exact error:21:18
aelknererror: Installed distribution zc.catalog 1.1dev-r72452 conflicts with requirement zc.catalog==0.1.121:18
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ignasi hate eggs!21:50
ignasproblem - someone released a newer version of zc.catalog21:51
ignashurry.query depends on the older one21:51
ignassetuptools download the most recent version (it is not really necessary) and it conflicts with hurry.query requirements21:52
ignasrm -rf ./eggs in schooltool checkout21:53
ignasand correct the zc.catalog >= 0.1 to zc.catalog == 0.1.1 in setup.eggs.py21:53
ignasor just svn up21:55
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