IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-01-30

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th1aBhaskar: Hi.05:41
th1aI have a sleeping baby on my right hand so i can' really type.05:42
Bhaskarth1a: what is going new ?05:43
Bhaskarth1a: i have developed user mannual05:44
th1aBhaskar: Well, we had a baby last week.  that's new.05:44
Bhaskarth1a: congratulation for that05:45
th1aI assume the manual is in nepalese?05:45
Bhaskarth1a: nepali as well as english05:45
Bhaskarth1a: how many baby you have?05:46
th1a1 now.05:48
Bhaskarth1a:nice baby05:52
Bhaskarth1a: i will send you this mannual for suggestion05:54
Bhaskarth1a:your comments and suggestion will fruitfull to me for doing better05:55
Bhaskarth1a: our meeting here conclude that how to make easy installation of schooltool for ordinary people, coz now installation process is difficult for general people05:57
Bhaskarth1a: i think you are also feeling that05:58
th1aWell, once we are done we'll have a proper installer.05:58
Bhaskarth1a: i have svn info 6611, still some strings are untranslatable06:00
th1athere are a lot to track down.06:01
th1ahow many are left?06:01
Bhaskarth1a: i think around 3006:02
Bhaskarth1a: i am listing those06:02
Bhaskarth1a: nice work, help is added there06:03
th1aYes. Translatable help.06:03
Bhaskarth1a: one my suggestion: if we can add language select menu, it is easier to user to switch language for interface06:05
Bhaskarth1a: so user can view interface either english or in their local lang by menu06:05
Bhaskarth1a: i think this is easier to user06:07
Bhaskarth1a: if you feel better for this approach,for testing i 'll send nepali po and mo, so we can switch either nepali and english06:10
th1aWell, i don't know when we'll actually change the code.06:11
Bhaskarth1a: i think , you will make plan for that, according to your schedule , you can06:12
th1ai can ask the developers.06:13
Bhaskarth1a: well,06:13
Bhaskarth1a: i think schooltool is distributed system, but now there is no such provision , right?06:15
Bhaskarth1a: i m wrong?06:17
th1adistributed in what way?06:17
Bhaskarth1a: many client can access from a single server sharing memory...06:18
th1awell, it is a web application after all.06:19
Bhaskarth1a: ok06:19
Bhaskarth1a:in http://localhost:7080/calendar : how can i translate into nepali ?06:22
th1atranslate what?06:22
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Bhaskarth1a: i was disconnected coz fluctation on electricity here06:48
Bhaskarth1a:now i am sending you a draft version of user mannual06:49
Bhaskarth1a: i m sending in gmail06:54
Bhaskarth1a:  i m talking about can we translate numerical data of calendat e. g 1,2....31 into local lang nurerical value???06:55
Bhaskarth1a:ps check gmail, i have recently send you user mannual06:59
th1aAh.  Good question about the numbers.  Please send it to schooltool-dev.07:08
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Bhaskarth1a: have you get user mannual?07:21
th1aI did, but I don't have time to look at it now.07:21
Bhaskarth1a: it's ok but it is just 15/16 page07:23
Bhaskarth1a: in free time you can see this in detail07:23
Bhaskarth1a:in page http://localhost:7080/calendar: can we localised numerials eg 1, 2 ..31 in local lang numerals?07:25
th1aI have no idea.  You should ask on schooltool-dev list.07:26
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ignasth1a: ayt?09:09
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Bhaskarignas: there is error while installing schoolbell,10:48
Bhaskarignas:i m trying from subversion10:57
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ignasschoolbell ?11:49
Bhaskarignas: i have started to localised the schoolbell also11:53
ignasschoolbell is not really supported11:54
ignasso i am not sure it will work11:54
ignasyou can pase the error message11:54
Bhaskarignas: ok11:54
Bhaskarignas: i think i will work for localised11:55
Bhaskarignas: i will start to localised CanDo also very soon11:58
Bhaskarignas:i have been testing with Nepali data, in schooltool11:59
Bhaskarignas: i have pointed some untranslatable string, have you got mail12:00
ignasyes i got the mail12:00
ignassome of these strings (the commendation ones) should get into launchpad sooner or later, after launchpad team will review them ...12:01
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jintyhey Bhaskar12:02
Bhaskarjinty: i have send you schooltool mannual that i have developed, have you got12:02
Bhaskarjinty: pls suggest and comment for further improvements12:03
Bhaskarignas: i get this one12:42
Bhaskarignas: now i think i have to join 2 po file, development series and commendation, ya?12:43
ignasno, you just have to download both files12:44
ignasand put them in the nepali translation folder12:44
Bhaskarignas: i think still some string has missing, ya?12:46
ignassome yes12:48
Bhaskarignas:i think still around 40 strings12:51
Bhaskarignas: translation of schoolbell is allowed or not ?12:52
ignasschoolbell.pot in is for schooltool12:53
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Bhaskarignas:i think schoolbell do not support translations, i m right?13:00
Bhaskarignas: but i have update translation, could not get transable interface in nepali13:08
ignasdo you know the difference and relationship between schooltool and schoolbell ?13:09
ignasreally ?13:09
Bhaskarignas:procedure to translation is similar13:10
ignaswhy do you want to translate schoolbell ?13:10
Bhaskarignas: similar purpose as schooltool13:11
ignasdo you know that schoolbell is deprecated?13:12
Bhaskarignas: we can use schoolbell in school also so13:12
ignasbut you should not13:12
ignasschoolbell has bugs13:12
ignasand bugs in schoolbell will not be fixed any time soon13:12
Bhaskarignas: ok13:12
Bhaskarignas:ok, i think your team's priority is for schooltool now13:13
jfrocheignas: still have problem with launchpad bugs ?13:13
ignashmm, they are not assigned to anyone it seems13:16
ignasand shouldn't Fix Committed status be the same as closed?13:16
Bhaskarignas:ok,i hope you will add remaining strings on schooltool translation template13:18
Bhaskarignas: bye now13:18
jfrocheignas: from Fix commited can we set them closed ?13:19
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ignasi think so13:20
ignasno one is going to do anything with such bugs13:20
ignasall the important backports have been performed anyway i think13:20
ignasand yes, it seems that i have no permission to assign a bug to myself13:21
jfrochebug is launchpad usable now or should i contact james to perform a new import ?13:21
jfrocheok mailing james13:21
jfrochecc you13:22
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ignasth1a: ayt?17:53
th1aignas: Yes.17:53
ignasi think i'll get a vis17:54
ignasi am getting my pasport back tomorow17:54
ignasand i went to meet with lyceum people17:54
ignashad a quite enlightening meeting.17:55
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ignaswell apparently the task i am facing is quite different from the one Jfroche is17:57
ignasfor US or Belgium schools schooltool is a replacement for some existing systems that people are already using17:58
ignaswhile in lyceum schooltool is the first one17:58
ignasthus they want to integrate schooltool very slowly17:58
ignasbecause there are a lot of innertion not to use anything, etc.17:59
ignasthus all the complexity reducing changes, module removal etc.17:59
ignasas well as lack of reusable parts17:59
ignasa non user friendly enough component just won't be used by teachers who already do not really want to use the system ...18:00
ignasso they want me to put more focus on schedules, Advisor teacher role, calendaring as these can be used by teachers more easily18:01
ignasthey don't want to give accounts to students and to elevate privileges of non authenticated people as well18:02
th1aThat was the original plan with doing calendaring first ;-)18:02
ignasbecause well - someone would have to manage passwords, data etc.18:02
ignaswhile having a public schedule  (not calendar) for every class in the school is a real and very active pain at the moment18:03
ignasthe school is very Student + Teaching focused, thus the system will have to cope with quite a mess ;)18:03
th1aWhat do you mean by Student + Teaching focused?18:04
ignasth1a: having a huge mess in the paperwork :)18:04
ignaslike - schedules being finalized only 1 month since the beginning of the school year18:04
ignas"after" not "since" i guess18:05
th1aOh.  Constantly changing.18:05
ignasfor a month18:05
th1aWell, these are real problems.18:05
th1aLyceum isn't the only one that has them.18:06
th1aI think probably we'll want to have a small number of interested teachers test some of the other functionality as well.18:06
ignasindeed, Computer Science teachers are getting accounts soon18:07
ignasand then a lot of link hiding will follow18:07
ignasand then i'll work on schedule views for groups and probably persons18:08
th1aAh.  OK, that's good.18:08
ignasso that students could see their schedules (public anyway) without logging in18:08
ignasand then, group calendars that collect timetable events from all the persons in the group18:09
ignasso that students without accounts could still see assignments18:09
th1aOK.  These are good use cases.18:09
ignasthe idea is to have teachers using the system first18:09
ignasand at the moment Schooltool is pretty closed up if you don't have a log in18:10
ignasour attendance being student based will have to be reworked18:11
ignasi am even thinking that starting with something very simple from scratch would be easier18:11
ignasbecause well - they don't need a lot of baggage that is in schooltool.attendance18:12
th1aignas: If you think that will be best, go for it.18:12
th1aI definitely inflicted some baggage on attendance.18:12
ignaswell, it is useful for a US / GB scenario18:13
ignasi have yet to think what to do about roles as well ...18:15
ignasteachers should not have a link to attendance of their own18:15
ignasor to their schedule18:15
ignasscheduling view i mean18:15
ignasand the summer will be spent on rehearsing a new school year :)18:16
ignasok, going home early, had a very long day...18:18
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