IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-01-28

whaddoneldafar:when should we meet next00:37
eldafarwhaddon: I am working full time now, so I am available on weekdays from 2PM to 7:30PM and from 10pm to 12PM00:38
eldafarexcept the upcoming monday, cuz I have a doctor's appointment00:38
eldafarwhen is good for you, in that timeframe?00:38
eldafarif any00:39
whaddonon the weekend is better00:39
eldafarI can't tell when we can meet over the weekend just yet00:40
eldafarI'll email you on Tuesday or Monday00:40
whaddonOK. Thank you. Bye.00:40
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Bhaskarth1a: i m not getting po file from launchpad, coz problem is still there from friday06:15
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licioFujitsu, ping18:45
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