IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-01-19

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th1aHi Bhaskar.07:11
Bhaskarth1a: why not svn up is working07:12
th1apcardune sent an email saying he was having a similar problem.07:12
th1aI think.07:12
Bhaskarth1a: ok07:12
th1aI don't believe anyone knows the answer yet.07:12
Bhaskarpcardune:have you solve the problem of "svn up"07:39
BhaskarAiste: i have problem while running "svn up"07:45
Bhaskarth1a:ok sir07:46
Bhaskarth1a: i always follow your suggestion07:48
Bhaskarth1a:what may be the possible reason?08:09
th1aIt seems to have to do with changes made in Zope 3.08:09
th1aBut I'm not sure.08:10
th1aDid you read pcardune's email?08:10
pcarduneyay I'm here08:10
th1aI'm banging my frickin' head against CanDo right now.08:10
pcardunein like a good rock n08:11
pcarduneroll sort of way?08:11
pcarduneor in an against the wall sort of way08:11
th1aNot banging my head with... against.08:11
th1aHere's my problem...08:11
th1aI need to do comments in addition to competency scores.08:12
th1aJust one comment for each section.08:12
th1aSo I've been just trying to insert a link to a journal.08:12
th1aI was very unhappy to discover each journal has to be instantiated first.08:12
pcarduneah, yes08:13
pcardunethis is true08:13
th1aAlthough, to be fair, this is only a problem in my special case.08:13
pcardunehold on a sec08:13
pcardunealthough what is your journal link?08:16
pcardunebecause if you go to the url, it will instantiate the journal automatically08:16
th1aWell, I don't want to send teachers to the main journal page, just to the add page.08:18
pcardunelike for adding a journal entry?08:19
pcarduneWell that seems like a valid user story08:19
pcarduneI bet there would be a way to change that in the traverser somehow08:20
th1aStill, it is a half-assed way to hack comments in.08:20
pcarduneBut alas, I can't get schooltool running08:20
th1aWe should deal with comments in a more serious way.08:20
pcardunecomments for competency evaluations?08:20
th1aOr comments as a type of evaluation.08:21
pcarduneI believe welsh's philosophy is that comments like that should go into a journal08:21
pcardunethen you can have all comments as a continuous stream of a students progress, located in the journal08:22
th1aWell, OK.  That's fine.08:22
th1aWe just need to integrate it into the gradebook more then.08:22
pcarduneyes absolutely08:22
pcardunethat is are big thing to tackle for the next version of CanDo08:22
th1aYay, I got it to work!08:22
pcarduneamong other things like resource management08:22
th1aIn a scary, hacky kind of way.08:22
pcardunehow did you manage that?08:23
th1aWell, this only has to work once, so I use setup scripts to jigger the various id's and names so the URL's work in consistent ways.08:24
th1aThe setup scripts make all the journals.08:24
th1aAnd I just guess the url based on the pattern of journal id's.08:25
th1aI assume I can turn most of this FCKeditor off in the .js config file in here?08:25
th1aI don't need most of this.08:25
th1aIt would be nice if we had spellcheck, though.08:26
pcardunei suppose firefox's spellcheck doesn't work with FCKeditor?08:26
th1aMy teachers won't be using firefox...08:27
th1aOh.  I hope your gradebook isn't going to completely fall to pieces.08:27
th1aI'm using the .deb version.08:27
pcarduneI think it might actually work08:27
pcarduneare they using IE6 or IE7?08:27
th1aThere are actually two versions of the gradebook in the code, right.  There seems to be an ajaxified one that isn't used?08:27
th1aThey'll be on IE6, I imagine.08:28
pcardunethe ajaxified thing is just the "gradebook" for an individual student08:30
pcardunethe non-ajaxified one is for an entire class08:30
th1aIf this doesn't work on their IE's, I'm FCKed, since the computers at school are so locked down.08:32
th1aI think I've solved all my hard problems now.08:32
pcardunewell, getting it to work on IE won't be super difficult08:32
pcarduneI don't think IE is a show stopper... it's just less pretty08:33
pcarduneI wish ignas were around08:34
pcarduneI think he might have some insights into my problems getting schooltool to run08:34
th1aOne would hope...08:35
pcarduneBhaskar, is your problem with the "svn up" command or with a later step like "make"08:35
Bhaskarpcardune: problem with "svn up"08:36
pcarduneBhaskar, what exactly is the problem?  does it start downloading files, but then stop on one and never continue?08:36
th1apcardune: Hm... changing the toolbarsets in fckconfig.js doesn't seem to have any effect.08:37
pcarduneI haven't played with that hardly at all08:37
Bhaskarpcaruune: the error msg:svn: Working copy '.' locked08:37
Bhaskarsvn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for details)08:37
pcarduneBhaskar, try running "svn cleanup"08:38
pcardunethen running "svn up" again08:38
Bhaskarpcardune: the error:svn: 'src/schooltool/locales/ne' is not a working copy directory08:39
pcarduneth1a, do you want fckeditor at all?08:39
pcarduneBhaskar, is that the directory for the Nepalese translation?08:39
th1aThe one thing I would like is the 'paste from Word' thing, since teachers like to do that.08:40
th1aBut perhaps it is more trouble than it is worth.08:40
th1aIt isn't a big deal either way.08:41
pcarduneth1a, it can be "disabled" by removing a line of javascript from the file in schooltool/skin/templates/08:41
pcarduneor you could just remove the FCKeditor pack import from package includes08:42
th1aOK.  That's easy enough to fix later.08:42
pcarduneBhaskar, what directory are you in when you run "svn up"?08:43
th1apcardune: OK, actually, here's a big problem.08:44
th1aDoes CanDo actually listen to me when I assign a scoresystem or does it always use the default one?08:45
th1aBecause it seems to be ignoring what I'm telling it to do programatically.08:45
pcarduneoh, yeah it always uses the "default one"08:45
pcardunebut the "default one" can be changed08:45
pcardunethe point is that all competencies use the same score system universally08:46
pcarduneso if you click on "Score System" in the navigation menu as an administrator... you can change the defaults08:46
pcarduneto whatever you want08:46
th1aYeah, but that completely ruins my life, unfortunately.08:46
Bhaskarpcardune: schooltool08:46
th1aI also need to jam in a couple columns for absences and tardies, which I can't do now.08:47
th1aWell, I guess I can, but I have to make my score system go up to 100 or whatever, manually.08:47
pcarduneth1a, what do you need it to do?08:48
th1aLast year I just made an "absence" and "tardy" competency in each class and gave it a 100 point score system.08:48
th1aSo I could collect that at the same time.08:48
pcarduneBhaskar, I think your "svn up" worked fine.  the error message is just to let you know that your nepalese translation isn't part of the schooltool repository on the schooltool server (which is not a problem)08:49
th1apcardune: I guess I can hack around this.08:49
pcardunewell, I suppose that's why schooltool is supposed to have a separate absence and tardy system...08:49
Bhaskarpcardune:when "svn up" then no further work proceed , it stops and generate such error08:50
Bhaskarpcardune:i can run the schooltool server but i want to update it08:52
pcarduneBhaskar, try going into the src/schooltool/person directory, and then running "svn up"08:54
Bhaskarpcardune: no such directory08:55
pcardunewhat do you get when you run "pwd"08:56
pcarduneBhaskar, what do you get when you run "pwd"08:58
Bhaskarpcard:i run:/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/person# svn up08:58
Bhaskarpcardune: result is:At revision 6582.08:59
pcardunewell that is the latest revision08:59
pcarduneso you should have all the latest code09:00
Bhaskarpcardune:now i run "make run" command error generate, server can not run09:04
pcarduneBhaskar, try running just ./schooltool-server.py09:05
Bhaskarpcardune:also again error09:06
pcardunewhat is the error?09:06
pcardune(the last couple lines only please)09:06
Bhaskarpcardune:Reading configuration from /usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool.conf09:07
BhaskarTraceback (most recent call last):09:07
Bhaskar  File "", line 60, in ?09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/", line 494, in main    db = self.setup(options)09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/", line 521, in setup09:07
Bhaskar    self.configure()09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/", line 368, in configure09:07
Bhaskar    context = zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file(09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 579, in file09:07
Bhaskar    include(context, name, package)09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 515, in include09:07
Bhaskar    processxmlfile(f, context)09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 370, in processxmlfile09:07
Bhaskar    parser.parse(src)09:07
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 109, in parse09:08
Bhaskar    xmlreader.IncrementalParser.parse(self, source)09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 123, in parse09:08
Bhaskar    self.feed(buffer)09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 216, in feed09:08
Bhaskar    self._parser.Parse(data, isFinal)09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 364, in end_element_ns    self._cont_handler.endElementNS(pair, None)09:08
pcarduneso much for asking for only the last couple of lines... I should have done that first09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 349, in endElementNS09:08
Bhaskar    self.context.end()09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 544, in end09:08
Bhaskar    self.stack.pop().finish()09:08
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration/", line 692, in finish09:08
Bhaskar    actions = self.handler(context, **args)09:08
Bhaskar  File "/u09:08
Bhaskarpcardune: sorry,ok09:08
Bhaskarpcardune:  ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/pe rson/browser/configure.zcml", line 17.2-22.809:09
Bhaskar    ImportError: No module named containers09:09
pcarduneI think the best thing for you to try would be starting with a fresh checkout ("svn co")09:12
th1aDid this source tree ever work for you Bhaskar?09:13
pcarduneif it still doesn't work, send the error message as an *attachment* in an email to schooltool-dev including the steps you took to get there (as in "svn co http://....", "make", "make run" etc.)09:13
Bhaskarpcardune: i go through "svn co....." but still error in /browse/configure.zmcl..09:29
lisppaste5Bhaskar pasted "bug while run "make run" command" at
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Bhaskarpcardune:i think  error in zope ? so i have "svn up" in zope directory09:55
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Bhaskarpcardune: have u get any idea, i have posted bug on
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Bhaskarjinty: i have a problem to run schooltool server11:54
jintyBhaskar, I would suggest you get a new checkout and try that11:57
Bhaskarjinty: i have Revision: 657712:09
Bhaskarjinty:svn info:Revision: 657712:11
BhaskarNode Kind: directory12:11
BhaskarSchedule: normal12:11
BhaskarLast Changed Author: ignas12:11
BhaskarLast Changed Rev: 657412:11
BhaskarLast Changed Date: 2007-01-16 22:44:05 +0545 (Tue, 16 Jan 2007)12:11
BhaskarProperties Last Updated: 2007-01-18 10:12:01 +0545 (Thu, 18 Jan 2007)12:11
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Bhaskarignas: i have peoblem while running server "make run" i have posted bug in
ignassvn up once more12:19
ignasand it should be fixed12:19
Bhaskarignas:svn up not working from schooltool directory12:22
ignaswhat is it saying now ?12:28
Bhaskarignas:make run is not working now again, same problem ,sir12:31
ignashmm, interesting12:31
Bhaskarignas:while "svn up" the error:svn: Working copy '.' locked12:32
Bhaskarsvn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for details)12:32
Bhaskarignas:svn cleanup is not working also12:32
ignasthen i would suggest you making a fresh checkout because (i don't know how) you have managed to mess up this one12:36
Bhaskarignas: how pls?12:36
Bhaskarignas: you mean fresh installation !12:38
Bhaskarignas: i think Checked out revision 6583.12:46
Bhaskarignas:i go all the steps, make run but still same problem12:50
ignaswhich "same"12:51
Bhaskarignas: i will past in , just min12:54
Bhaskarignas:something like that:   ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/pe rson/browser/configure.zcml", line 17.2-22.813:00
Bhaskar    ImportError: No module named containers13:00
Bhaskarmake: *** [run] Error 113:00
ignassvn info ?13:01
lisppaste5Bhaskar pasted "bug while run make run command" at
Bhaskarignas:Path: .13:03
BhaskarRepository Root:
BhaskarRepository UUID: dad8973a-47c6-0310-98b4-a7a43f19105013:03
BhaskarRevision: 657713:03
BhaskarNode Kind: directory13:03
BhaskarSchedule: normal13:03
BhaskarLast Changed Author: ignas13:03
BhaskarLast Changed Rev: 657413:03
ignasso you made a new checkout13:03
BhaskarLast Changed Date: 2007-01-16 22:44:05 +0545 (Tue, 16 Jan 2007)13:03
BhaskarProperties Last Updated: 2007-01-18 10:12:01 +0545 (Thu, 18 Jan 2007)13:03
ignasbut you are running "make run" in the old one13:03
Bhaskarignas:how new13:04
ignasmay I ask an unrelated question? how much experience with computers, programming and linux do you have?13:09
Bhaskarignas:10 yrs in computer,3 years in programming and 2 yrs in linux13:10
ignasso you made a new development checkout13:11
ignasand it printed  Checked out revision 6583.13:12
ignasyes ?13:12
ignasso can you run make run in that place that said Checked out revision 6583. ?13:13
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matthewrevellignas: ping17:04
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ignasneed me to log into skype?17:06
ignasmatthewrevell: ?17:08
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Lumierewdickers: is jelkner available?18:27
Lumierecan I call him... or can he log into irc18:27
wdickerscould you call 5419?18:28
wdickers703 228 541918:28
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aelknerYou in!20:58
lhuynhThat I am.20:58
aelknerOnly problem, Stephan isn't :(20:58
lhuynhI saw. I'll try later. Thanks for your help.20:58
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