IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-12-06

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dudanogueirahello there! i had just installed the schooltool, and dont find where to admin the accounts03:10
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dudanogueiraplease, someone help-me03:37
dudanogueiraAim2, didymo vidasp ???03:38
th1adudanogueira: Hi.04:26
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gintasjfroche: ping15:41
gintasHi, I'm a co-worker of Ignas.15:41
gintasI'm currently working on a new version of zc.datetimewidget, which will be used in SchoolTool, as far as I understand.15:42
jfrocheah great, fixing the first day of the week problem ?15:42
gintasDidn't get to that part yet.15:43
gintasIgnas said that the French translation was incomplete.15:43
gintasIs that correct?15:43
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jfrocheuhm i had trouble with the utf8 in the translation15:43
jfrocheand the header of the translation wasn't correct15:43
gintasI fixed the problems with encoding.15:44
gintas(well, for the most part)15:44
gintasWhat do you mean by the header of the translation?15:44
jfrochename of the translation, encoding name ...15:46
gintasAh. That doesn't really seem to matter.15:47
gintasI'll try to push my branch out to trunk soon, so you should get the improvements.15:47
jfrochethanks, ping me when i can try it15:50
gintasjfroche: I also fixed the 1st day of week problem16:07
jfrochegreat ! thanks16:07
gintasjfroche: I just pushed out the widget to trunk17:13
gintasThere seems to be one problem with French l10n in there: Wednesday is 'Mar'.17:13
gintasIt should probably be 'Mec' or 'Mer'.17:13
jfrochegintas: ok i ll try it out, are you making a new release/new egg ?17:13
gintasI don't know how to do those.17:14
gintasI just updated the Subversion trunk, that's all.17:14
gintasjfroche: should it be Mec or Mer?17:14
gintasI'd fix it right away.17:14
gintasjfroche: try 'svn update' on the widget if you can.17:15
jfrocheIt's Mer17:15
gintasIf you find any more problems, let me know.17:16
jfrocheok thanks17:19
jfrochegintas: thanks it is perfectly working for me17:25
gintasjfroche: great17:25
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aelknerth1a: how's itgoing?17:57
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wdickersgood morning17:59
aelkneroh, there you are.  i was looking for you on gmail chat.18:04
aelknerhave you been looking at Tom's progress?18:05
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wdickersNot yet, I'm checking it out now18:06
aelknerI just did the svn up to maddog's pyagentlib, and it brought down a lot of stuff.18:07
wdickersyeah, same here. I'm looking at his new request class18:08
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wdickersBut what I would like to know is what place do I have in all this?18:10
aelknerThat's a good question.  We have a need to reach an end goal which is to have scholtool talking through the SIF.18:11
th1aHi guys.18:12
aelknerYou need to demonstate this for your project, right?18:12
aelknerHi Tom.18:12
wdickersYes, however it is difficult for me to work on a schooltool page if I don't know how the agents communicate using the ZODB18:12
wdickershello Tom18:12
th1aDon't worry, there is still plenty to be done.18:12
th1aOK.  Let me catch you guys up.18:12
aelknerTom, I see your request class does what our messageTools intened to do.18:13
th1aPretty much, yeah.18:13
aelknerWhy didn't you reduce the code size by uiseing buildElement as we had done?18:13
aelknerThat's two lines down to one for each element.18:13
th1aLook at testAgent.py18:13
th1aUm... I'm stubborn?18:13
aelknerCould be.18:14
aelknerMy feeling is always, the less you have to look at, the faster you can absorb.18:14
th1aI'll take another look at how you did it.18:14
wdickersI agree with aelkner. If we ever need to change how we create elements, it would be easier with buildElement18:14
aelknerAnyway, looking at testAgent.puy18:14
aelknerWe need to look at the Agent base class, too.18:15
th1aOK... well, the idea is you don't, really.18:15
th1aOr, not much.18:16
aelknerOnly because TestAgent calls into it.18:16
th1athe register method is the most complete example.18:16
wdickersI see you've changed how is organized18:16 just makes a stack of responses which are in the correct sequence for the doctest.18:17
th1aSo if you change the order of either, they break.18:17
th1aBut it is the easiest way to simulate responses.18:17
wdickerswhat is the sif_exceptions.pyagentlib_Error18:18
th1aThat's the class of internal pyagentlib errors.18:18
th1aSo that catches any subclassed pyagentlib error.18:19
th1aAnd the other one catches any SIF error.18:19
wdickerscould you give an example?18:19
th1aIf you go to
th1aline 73 raises a pyagentlib error.18:20
th1aBecause the schema validation has caught an invalid outgoing message created by pyagentlib.18:20
wdickersah, and then that raised error gets caught in the test18:20
th1aAlso, if you want your SchoolTool agent to do something when an error occurs, you'll need to do the same kind of thing.18:21
th1aLog the error, etc.18:21
th1aActually, the errors will log themselves if you set up a logger.18:22
aelknerWhere does that happen?18:23
th1aSo a lot of the TestAgent methods don't really do much of anything from SchoolTool's point of view.18:23
th1aUm... I would be looking at TinyZIS to remember how it works, but you basically just have to instantiate a logger object.18:23
aelknerI mean where is the exception caught?18:24
th1aThe exception is caught in your Agent subclass, like in register()18:24
th1alike register() in TestAgent.18:25
aelknerI see.18:25
aelknerAnd the creation of the exception object itself lead to logging, right?18:25
wdickers jere18:26
th1aRight.  There is logging built into the exception classes.18:26
wdickers*here's the tutorial that I found on logging.py18:26
th1aIf you look at the SIF_Error base class.18:26
th1ain sif_exceptions.18:26
aelknerI see it.18:27
aelknerIn addition to logging, the erived classes populate them selves so that anyone catching them can use the info.18:28
aelknerI remember you passing these objects around in tinyzis.18:28
aelknerWill, remember that?18:28
wdickerswhy is the logging only in the sif errors?18:28
aelknerYou had asked about that.18:28
wdickersThe logging? I thought I asked about the conf file18:28
wdickersOr is the logs stored there as well?18:29
aelknerNo, once you asked, "what is this ex parm in the makeAck"18:29
th1aThe logs themselves aren't anywhere yet, but it will be set in the conf.18:29
th1aThe log output goes to the console right now.18:29
aelknerWe don't need to worry about logging right now.18:30
aelknerThe console is fine.18:30
th1aSo there are a couple places to start on the SchoolTool end.18:30
wdickersOh yeah, I forgot about that18:30
aelknerI'm all ears.18:30
th1aWe need to learn how to hook up SchoolTool to ZEO, which is easy, if ignas tells us which three lines of code to change.18:31
th1aignas: ayt?18:31
th1aSo we pretty much will just have to nag him for that info... if we try to do it we'll waste hours.18:31
th1aOther starting point:18:32
wdickersWhat is the ZEO?18:32
th1aZEO is Zope Enterprise Objects, which basically allows you to simultaneously connect two applications to a ZODB instance.18:32
th1aSo the agent and SchoolTool will be able to share the DB.18:32
aelknerWill, let's worry about that later.  I want to hear Tom's high-level plan.18:32
th1aIt is good to know what it means ;-)18:33
th1aNow, moving on...18:33
th1aOne thing you can do is create an object in the ZODB that represents the state of the agent,18:33
th1aor, more precisely, the state of its relationship to the ZIS.18:33
th1aFor example:  registered or not registered with the ZIS.18:33
th1aSo that, it would, for example, start out unregistered by default.18:34
th1aWhen you run register() successfully, the agent switches it to True (registered).18:34
th1aWhen you run unregister successfully it switches it to False.18:34
wdickersWouldn't it be simpler to have a class for the relationship? It could have that boolean flag as well as contain the queue of messages18:35
th1aNot sure what you mean.18:35
th1aThere are several more bits of data that will need to be tracked.18:36
th1aWhich objects are subscribed to, which are published, etc.18:36
wdickersI mean have an object called AgentSchooltool or something that can contain all the necessary data instead of several unconnected variables18:36
th1awdickers: I think that's what I had in mind.18:37
aelknerI think so, too.18:37
aelknerSo AgentSchool18:37
aelknerderives from Agent and Persist, right?18:37
th1aI guess it does.18:38
aelknerI thought that was our goal.18:38
th1aI have to put on my ZODB hat.18:38
th1aOK, here's what I'm thinking.18:38
th1aThe Persistent part is a SchoolTool object.18:39
th1aThe Agent opens the ZODB and manipulates that Persistent object.18:39
th1aBut perhaps you're right.18:39
th1aThe agent IS the persistent object.18:40
aelknerNo, I'm sorry.  Forgot the difference between stanalone agent and schooltool.18:40
aelknerThe agent runs as a standalone app.18:40
aelknerIf it is a schooltool agent, it doesn't need to be derived from Persist.18:40
aelknerIt just needs to look in the ZODB.18:40
aelknerUsing ZEO?18:41
wdickersSorry guys, I gotta go. Thanks18:41
aelknerWill, can you meet tonight.18:41
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aelknerCrap, he's one.18:41
aelknerThis was going well.18:41
aelknerTom, Will expressed concern over where he fits in.18:42
th1aThat's the bell schedule for you.18:42
aelknerI thought we were dong right with this mindshare for starters.18:42
th1aWell, I think it was best to let me hump over the base class.18:43
aelknerThen he and I will eventually sit down to do something together.18:43
aelknerI agree.18:43
th1aI think it is more clear now what needs to be built on it.18:43
aelknerI suppose so.18:43
aelknerCould we develop AgentSchoolTool with tests without having a schooltool instance running?18:44
th1aOne thing that we/you could do, pending a ZEO lesson, is make a simple agent that persists changes into its own ZODB.18:44
aelknerIs that the answer to my question?18:44
th1aYes.  That's pretty much the same idea as I just said.18:44
th1aNo, it wasn't an answer ;-)18:45
th1aWe were just thinking the same thing.18:45
aelknerWell, sort of.18:45
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aelknerAbout the tests:18:45
aelknerRight now you have doctests.txt for the base class?18:45
aelknerNo the TestAgent.18:46
th1aIt tests specifically.18:46
aelknerCould we have the filenames of the tests match the pytion files for simplicity?18:46
th1aOne thing that's important is that since the incoming and outgoing messages are all tested against the XML schema, that itself is a pretty rigorous test for what I'm writing.18:46
th1aActually, I suppose that's ok in this case.18:47
th1ain TinyZIS it pretty much had to be one big file because all the tests depend on each other.18:47
aelknerI mean, testAgent.txt, agentSchoolTool, txt, etc.18:47
th1aWell, your schooltool agent should be in its own module.18:48
aelknerOwn directory?18:48
th1aAnd actually, I'm over halfway done with the base class.18:48
th1aIt isn't going to do a heck of a lot.18:48
aelknerYes, I think you were right to kick me off that effort.  Your steaming along :)18:48
th1aI've got a kind of weird style on this, but it works.18:49
aelknerWhen you are done, or close to done, we could build the other package that uses the base package, right?18:49
th1aBuild the SchoolToolAgent package?18:50
aelknerThat's wat I meant.18:50
th1aWe should start that right now.18:50
aelknerAn get ignas to help wth the ZEO, right?18:50
th1aYes.  I'll send him an email.18:51
aelknerOk, for Will's part, he should keep meting us to keep abreast of the poject.18:52
aelknerI feel responsible for his ongoing progress as he has a presentation to give some time in Feb I believe.18:53
aelknerThing is I need to catch up myself.18:53
aelknerCould you be available by 11:00 am tomorrow to continue our three-way chat?18:54
th1aI should be here.18:54
aelknerGodd.  I have to go to lunch now.  Maybe I'll see you later this after noon.18:54
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