IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2006-11-26

ignasmgedmin: tavo smegenėles jau visai išvalė traumą pavadinimu "SchoolTool" iš atminties?00:09
mgedminmeep meep?00:16
ignasaa :) maniau atsakysi kažka "Tas vardas man girdėtas, tiesa nepamenu kur..."00:17
* mgedmin thinks all discussions on #schooltool should be in English00:18
ignasouch, wrong channel00:19
* ignas thought that he was in #pov00:19
* mgedmin realizes it is possible to become lost on IRC00:22
th1aignas: What's up?00:26
ignasth1a: maybe you can recall, why we wanted multiple activities on the same Day_id + period_id slot in timetables ?00:26
th1aSuch as?00:27
th1aWhat is an "activity" in this context?00:28
ignasTimetable activity00:28
ignasSomething that happens on a certain period_id in a certain day_id.00:28
th1aSo a given student could be assigned to do two things at once on his or her timetable?00:29
ignasno, not student00:29
ignasa section00:29
ignasonly sections OWN timetables in schooltool, all other timetables are generated out of related section timetables00:29
ignasa timetable activity is "Something that happens on a certain period_id in a certain day_id."00:29
ignasit has resources and a title00:32
th1aSo the question is whether a given section should be assigned to do two things at once on a timetable?00:33
ignasno, question is - what it was conceived that way ...00:34
ignasthere is no documentation explaining this choice in the interface ...00:34
th1aI can't think of a use case for it, maybe it was a miscommunication.00:34
ignas"A timetable day is an ordered collection of periods that each have a set of activites that occur during that period."00:34
ignasi just don't understand why "a set of activities"00:35
th1aI think it is an error.00:35
ignasdo we care about backwards compatibility with users that used our REST interface (you can't add multiple activities to the same slot through the web UI)00:36
Lumiereit's possible 2 groups could use the same area at once01:00
Lumiereor they could be splitting into smaller groups (I see this stuff daily with the Television classes  at Arlington Career Center)01:01
ignasyes 2 groups - 2 timetables, we are talking about the same section - same set of people with same instructors doing 2 things at the same time ...01:08
ignasif one needs 2 different things for 2 groups - you just do it the normal way - with two sections ...01:09
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Lumiereit's one class/section01:11
Lumierethat splits in half and does different things at the same time01:12
Lumiereit's a section, where each project the students split into groups and use 4 or 5 rooms and different equipment01:13
Lumieresometimes 2 groups share a room (usually an editing room with multiple edit platforms)01:13
Lumiere(just stop me if I am completely insane... I am not entirely sure of the use case)01:14
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