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aelknerdwelsh: Hey Dave01:03
th1aaelkner: The server name and the certificate don't match, which apparently is only a concern for some svn clients.01:49
th1aI guess we already knew that, but if you go to the url on your browser, it tells you the same thing.01:50
aelknerWhich url?01:50
th1aThe svn url.01:50
th1aNo, the url for the subversion repository.01:56
th1aThe tinyzis repository.01:57
aelknerI just noticed:02:02
aelknerThe certifacte host name is which of course doesn't match.02:02
aelknerSo you see it's a host-side problem.02:03
aelknerJeff just suggested a great comprimise.02:04
aelknerFor the purpose of making progress, I could scp what I got on my machine over to maddog02:05
aelknerThen at some point we'll need to resolve the certificate problem.02:05
aelknerBut for now Will and I can make progress.02:05
th1aYes, that's a reasonable solution for the moment.02:10
th1aYou guys won't be making many changes to tinyzis at this point.02:10
th1aIf any.02:10
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aelknerHi Will.  What happened?02:54
wdickersDidn't I say 8?02:57
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aelknerI thought I remembered 6, but I guess you thought you said 8.03:08
aelknerWe realized that we need to have one place to edit the code that both of us can reach, so we chose maddog.03:09
wdickersOkay, whose account?03:09
aelknerFor now, I put in in mine.03:09
aelknerDon't go there just yet.03:10
aelknerMy broter's doing an update from dapper to edgy.03:10
wdickersOn maddog? Okay03:10
aelknerYes, apparently we can't run timyzis without python-zodb being installed.03:11
wdickersAnyways, I was thinking about how to write agentPull and its register method. So we use another module to generate the XML message, but now we have to figure out how to send the actual message via HTTPS03:11
aelknerThe apt-get of pyton-zodb doesn't work on dapper apparently.03:11
aelknerI figure we should work on such technical issues when we're together.03:12
aelknerFor now we could still discuss our coding plan.03:12
aelknerYou could create some python scripts on your machine right now and copy them to maddog when Jeff's ready.03:13
aelknerWould you like tackling the module?03:14
aelknerThe reason I suggest that is that it's autonomous.03:15
wdickersI won't be able to copy to Maddog because I'm on a window's machine. But I do have python03:15
aelknerYou could mail yourself the file tonight and pull it down tomorrow when you get in.03:15
aelknerDo you have tinyzis at the moment?03:16
aelknerOn your Windows machine?03:16
wdickersNo, right now I'm ssh'ed into maddog. Should I get off?03:17
aelkneri would.03:17
aelknerJeff says the update is getting close to being done.03:17
aelknerWhere have been able to look at tinyzis?  maddog?03:19
wdickersAt home yes, at school I have my own instance03:20
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aelknerOk, so you can look at for the examples.03:21
wdickersBut have you used lxml before?03:21
aelknerI would suggest a routine called baseMessage() that builds the part of the message that's always there.03:22
aelknerThen registerMessage() could call that and then add its own stuff.03:22
aelknerRemember how we discussed the parms?03:22
aelknerI think it should be a dictionary instead.03:22
aelknerThat way we have flexibility.03:24
wdickersSo we pass a dictonary with keys 'name', 'sourceID', and 'type'(pull/push)?03:24
aelknerYou could also make a buildMessages.txt for doctests.03:24
aelknerIf you write baseMessage() and registerMessage() with doctests, that would keep you busy for quite a while.03:25
aelknerSetup time and all that.03:26
wdickerswait, those two functions in
wdickersAh. Well in that case we have to add what type of message in the dictionary: this time register.03:27
aelknerbuildMessage() takes no parms and returns an lxml tree.03:28
aelknerregisterMessage(registerDict) takes the dict you mentioned above.03:29
aelknerbaseMessage() takes no parms.03:29
aelknerreg... calls base... and then adds to the tree it gets back from the parms in the dict.03:30
wdickersAha. Where will registMessage be, in a module or the base class?03:30
aelknerI see.  You're confused about the scope.03:30
aelknerI suggest we start at the lowest level.03:30 has no class in it, just routines.03:30
aelknerbase... and reg... are routines  in that module.03:31
aelknerI see that the name I chose, baseMessage, caused the confusion.03:32
wdickersAh, okay. So our agents will just call reg with the dictionary and it will call baseMessage03:32
aelknerIt's not a base class.03:32
aelknerIt's a way of keeping code size down.03:32
aelknerMost messages are 90% the same.03:32
wdickersAre we still going to use a base class for pull agents and push agents though?03:33
aelknerI want to build the house from the foundation up.03:33
wdickersOkay, that's what I was confused about03:33
aelknerI can understand that.  I should have anticipated the confusion.03:33
aelknerI could start on the base class, that calls your routines.03:34
aelknerBTW, it looks like maddog is hosed.03:35
wdickersSo I'll just work on tonight?03:36
wdickersbut just wondering, have you ever used lxml?03:36
aelknerNot myself, but tinyzis does, so you should be able to get some tips there.03:37
aelknerWhen you email yourself the files, are we going to have problems bring it down to my linux box tomorrow?  Windows files have different newlines then unix.03:43
wdickersReally? That explains a lot. However I don't think we'll have a lot of problems because I'll probably end up coding on maddog when it's back up so I can see the zis files03:45
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aelknerDon't count on maddog being up for a while.03:52
aelknerJeff needed to do the upgrade, so I disagree with him that it was a mistake.03:53
aelknerWe wouldn't have been able to do anything, anyway, the way it was.03:53
aelknerOf course, it's a drag that it's hosed.03:53
wdickersYeah, but I'm going to be up for a while, so maybe it'll be back online. If not I'll just look at the code online and do my best03:55
aelknerIn any event, anything you learn about lxml will help.03:56
aelknerI'm going to head home (I've been at Jeff's).03:59
aelknerMaybe you shoudl email yourself the file by cutting and pasting into the note.04:00
aelknerThat could solve the newline problem.04:00
aelknerI'll see you at the sprint.04:01
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th1aOK, I'm here.19:53
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eldafarany reason IKeyReference hashes would be different on different machines, for the same objects?20:45
eldafaranyone here that can help me?20:54
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