IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-11-11

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CArenas2i am setting up a dev environment for schooltool, and i have a quick question re where to download from svn05:44
CArenas2the doc online says either home dir or /usr/local05:44
CArenas2but the latter location would require me to work as root, no?05:45
CArenas2i mean, because /usr/local is owned by root:root05:45
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th1a_CArenas2: Yes, if you don't want to think about permissions, being root, etc, just do it in your home.08:10
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CArenas2but zope3 and schooltool will be installed in my home dir?08:15
CArenas2th1a: ie, if i checkout onto my homedir, will schooltool then run from my homedir, or does it install onto /usr/local?08:19
th1aIt'll stay in your homedir.08:19
CArenas2th1a: ok, thx.  BTW, python-setuptools in edgy seems to be the right version -- don't know if you want to update doc08:22
th1aAh, thanks.08:22
CArenas2no prob08:23
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