IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-11-09

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ignasjinty: hi15:35
jintyhey ignas15:35
ignasa question:15:36
ignaswould it be feasible to change the default directory for eggs to something else (not Zope3/src)15:36
jintyI would have prefered it to be just src from the beginning15:36
ignasI think it is causing me some troubles when sharing Zope3 instance between 3 branches of schooltool15:36
jintyha, probably15:37
jintyI think the issue was being able to run the tests of the eggs15:37
ignasi have not diagnosed yet, but i had the wrong version of schooltool starting when i used :)15:38
ignaslike 5-6 times15:38
jintythat's because schooltool is installed as an egg in Zope3/src as well15:38
jintyso probably if it's installed the wrong schooltool, you get the wrong one on the python path15:39
jintyI think the issue with not having it in src is that you can't run the tests of the eggs15:39
jintybecause schooltool testrunner != zope testrunner15:39
ignasi know :/15:39
jintyfaassen wrote some mails about it to the schooltool-dev about it15:40
ignasi can recall it now15:41
jintybut in general, I have always had a strong preference for having the eggs in src.15:41
jintynot in Zope3/src15:41
* ignas hates eggs15:41
jinty(hmm, or even in a totally separate directory)15:41
ignasare eggs making it easier to use python libraries/software on windows ?15:43
ignasas i have yet to see the way they make it easier for linuxists15:43
jintythat's the point I guess, linux people have apt and rpm15:43
jintythink of eggs as apt lite for windows15:44
ignasand apt difficult for linux ;)15:44
jintyyou should have seen the flamewars on the debian-python mailinglist;)15:44
ignasPYTHONPATH is so much easier :/15:44
ignasmaybe i am doing something wrong ?15:45
jintybut don't worry, buildout is coming to solve all your egg woes :-P15:45
ignaswhat is the usecase scenario for eggs on linux15:46
ignasi mean you like download a library you need as an egg, and then ?15:46
jintybeing able to install non-packaged software15:46
jintyor, more importantly, de-install15:46
ignaseasy_install wants it in some place you have no write access to15:47
jintydistutiuls could always install, but de-installation was a problem15:47
jintyI think you can have a distutils.cfg or something to have that location in your home directory.15:48
ignasyes, but pth files are only "expanded" if that directory is in your "site path"15:50
ignasor I got it wrong and did some cargo cult programming when making pick up the new setuptools egg15:51
ignasyou can do without a global distutils cfg, setup.cfg in the project directory is enough btw15:52
* ignas got annoyed because setup.cfg is a part of distutils and is not mentioned anywhere in egg/easy_install docs15:53
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