IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-10-13

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ashikCan any body help me regarding localization?08:34
ashikIs any one here?08:46
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ignasjfroche: hi12:57
jfrochehello hello12:57
ignasanything new on your side ?12:57
jfrocheworking on a z3 product to export roundup issues to launchpad12:58
jfrochedo you think i can commit this to schooltool repos ?12:58
ignaswhy z3 ?12:59
ignasand why product ?12:59
ignasi think roundup is written in python12:59
jfrocheit is right12:59
ignasand doing an export on roundups side would be much easier12:59
jfrochei need practicing on z312:59
jfrochewill need to work with Tom on which issue to keep13:00
jfrocheneed to export each issue to malone xml13:00
jfrocheneed to be able to select which issue to export13:00
ignasbut still it seems like a lot of extra work13:00
jfrocheyou think i should stop ?13:01
vidaspjfroche: hi13:02
ignasi just think that there is an easier way of doing that13:02
vidasphow are you going to connect roundup to your z3 product?13:02
jfrocheworking with the instance13:03
vidasproundup has pretty flexible web publishing framework itself13:03
jfrocheright but i prefer to learn z3 than roundup13:04
ignasjust, wouldn't it be wiser to do learning z3 and export issues from roundup as separate activities13:06
ignasbecause well, it's like using haskel to export roundup issues, it is possible, but probably not very convenient13:07
ignasas for the svn repository, I think going with bzr and publishing it on schooltool website would be better, as schooltools repository already contains more than schooltool (which makes export to bzr more complicated)13:09
jfrochethought you postpone the export ?13:10
ignasprobably, depends on the state of tools at the moment13:11
ignasi am looking at bzr-svn now13:12
ignasas it should be capable of doing the export13:12
ignasjust that keeping such tools in separate repositories is IMHO better13:13
jfrochewhich tools you mean ?13:14
jfrochei see that there is 1 branch for the moment in bzr13:16
ignasthat is the problem, at the moment there is only trunk of schooltool in bzr (and it was imported automatically by launchpad i think)13:17
ignasbut to fully migrate from svn to bzr13:17
ignaswe have to migrate the full repository with all the branches, subproducts, and a whole lot of history13:17
ignas(schoolbell schooltool merge for example)13:17
ignasand make sure it is usable by developers after migration13:18
jfrochedoes bzr-svn can do such things ?13:19
ignasprobably, will need some hacking13:19
ignasthat's why it would take some time to do it properly13:19
ignashaving products that do not share any code with schooltool in the same svn repository makes migration a bit more difficult13:20
ignasas such things should probably have their own bzr repositories13:21
ignasand not share one with schooltool13:21
ignasso having a z3 product that was written to learn z3 in a bzr repository is safer, yet allows one to learn bzr as well13:22
jfrochewill look at bzr yet then13:30
ignasdo you mean "will look at bzr then" or "will not look at bzr yet then"?13:31
jfrocheignas: you think i should stop doing z3 now and throw what i did ?13:31
jfrochemean i am reading bzr doc ;)13:31
ignasi mean that you should spend at least 30 minutes - 1 hour looking at roundup+docs to see whether your problem can be solved in an easier way13:32
ignasunless you will be done with the migration real soon13:32
jfrocheok ll commit the product in bzr but will go into roundup then13:36
ignasmaybe you know whether the roundup instance in schooltool server or on POV one ?13:36
jintyit's in the schooltool server;)13:37
ignasi see, can't help you much then :/13:37
ignashaven't touched the custom product based on roundup a few months so my memory is flaky13:38
jfrocheis there a custom product there ?13:38
ignasno, e in POV did one for our clients13:40
ignasbut i can't really recall any places that have to be touched to add a view for issue list13:40
ignaswithout looking at a running roundup instance13:40
ignasjinty: what db is schooltool issue tracker using there?13:43
ignasjinty: if it's sqlite maybe I could get a nice tarball to try export views on, as it would take less time for me to do the export13:44
jfrocheignas: i have a tarball with the schooltool roundup instance13:45
jfrochewant it ?13:45
ignaswould be nice13:45
ignasit has the database with it?13:45
jintyI'm reasonably sure yes13:47
jintyI'm popping out now, but will be around later13:47
jfrocheright instance use anydbm , data are in it13:48
ignasis it of an emailable size13:49
ignasor can you just give me a link?13:49
vidaspjfroche: vidas@pov.lt13:50
jfrochei am sending it to ignas13:50
jfrocheyou want it too ?13:50
ignassend it to vidas13:50
ignaswe are at the same office13:50
ignasand he is the one who knows roundup better than I do13:50
ignaswhat data is needed for the export xml ?13:54
ignaslike attributes of an issue + comments13:54
ignasor anything more13:54
jfrochethat's what i am waiting for13:55
jfrocheSteve point me the guy who knows about the XML doc13:56
jfrochebut no news from him13:56
jfrocheto I asked Steve13:56
jfrochewaiting for an answer13:56
jfrochebut as soon as i have it i ll do it13:57
jfrochevidasp: ignas mail sent14:02
jfrocheignas: should i publish my branch containing the little z3 product ?15:32
ignasyou can, though what exactly is it doing ?15:33
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jfrochefor the moment you can create a container and import roundup issues15:34
ignasthrough the web or directly from the database ?15:35
jfrochetaking the issue directly from the roundup instance15:35
jfrochecreating one contained object for each issue15:36
ignasand comments ?15:36
jfrochethat was the next step15:36
jfrochebut don't i ll go further15:36
jfrochecause i ll need to export users too15:36
jfrocheeventhought i don't know if launchpad can create users from xml15:37
vidaspwhat do you mean saying "directly from the roundup..."?15:38
ignasi think users will have to register themselves15:38
jfrochevidasp: tracker =
jfroche        db ='admin')15:39
jfrochefor roundupIssueId in db.issue.list():15:40
jfrochecode is there
ignasjfroche: err do you really need to add factory directives to all classes instead of just creating objects ?16:00
jfrochewhats the best way to do ?16:00
ignasi'd say the shortest one16:00
ignasfrom import Baz and Baz()16:01
ignasand instead of "setitem(self, self.__setitem__, roundupIssueId, issue)" self[roundupIssueId] = issue might be enough16:03
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ignasjfroche: what was the last message you saw ?16:05
jfroche from import Baz and Baz()16:05
jfrochedummy dynamic ip address16:05
ignasand instead of "setitem(self, self.__setitem__, roundupIssueId, issue)" self[roundupIssueId] = issue might be enough16:06
ignascan't tell for sure but unit tests should catch such things16:07
ignaszapi.createObject is difficult to test too16:07
ignasunless one relies only on functional tests16:07
jfrochei see16:08
jfrochemy idea was to create a MaloneIssueAdapter adapter for the IRoundupIssue which would take the attribute to Malone name16:09
ignascontainer.constraints.contains(ISomeInterface) and container.constraints.containers(ISomeInterface)16:10
jfrochewanted to be clean but its right it might be too much work for not much16:10
ignasare better than Field constraints16:10
ignasit's not clean16:10
ignasit's over complicated for the task16:11
ignaswhere did you find the idea of using zapi.createObject ?16:12
ignasi don't think it is in Zope3 tutorial16:12
jfrochePhilikon's book16:13
ignasit's not publicly available :/16:16
jfrocheright but i think it's a good one16:17
jfrocheignas: does the ObjectAdded event get trigered when you do  self[roundupIssueId] = issue ?16:24
ignasas you are inheriting from OrderedContainer and OrderedContainer is doing setitem(self, self._data.__setitem__, key, object) for you16:25
ignasthe code you wrote might be wrong too, as you are working around all the magic of OrderedContainer16:26
jfrocheright ok16:27
ignasas for interfaces in schooltool we're doing IGroupContained(IGroup, IContained)16:29
ignasso one verifyObject is enough and one implements is enough16:29
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