IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-10-04

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ignasjfroche: hi13:34
jfrochegood to see you13:34
jfrochewhat are the project management tool you have around schooltool ?13:35
ignasproject management tool ?13:35
ignaswhat are these ?13:35
jfrochemean bugtracker13:37
ignastimeline was in some time ago, but now we don't have any13:39
mgedminthere's also
mgedminbut that's probably not what you want13:40
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jfrocheah great a trac ok13:40
ignastrac is used for it's svn viewer mostly not it's project management features13:41
jfrochei see13:41
ignasthe development until now was contract based13:42
ignasso every team working on schooltool had specific tasks to complete until some fixed date13:42
ignasthese were outlined in "proposals" sent to and approved by Tom13:43
jfrocheproposals were stored somewhere ?13:43
ignasi think only Tom has all of them13:44
ignasthey mention estimates + hourly rates for teams working on schooltool13:45
ignasthus were kind of private13:45
ignascoordination on features was done through Tom as he was substituting the role of a client13:48
jfrocheok i c13:50
jfrochedo you have all authorization to work with your school nearby ?13:50
ignasyes, i am importing data already13:59
ignasi even got the data13:59
jfrocheignas: if the school dont have space and server to host a z3 server, can we put it somewhere ?13:59
jfrocheok great!14:00
jfrochewe are writting the official proposal for authorizations to the school14:00
ignasas for hosting schooltool talk to th1a14:01
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