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jintyer, Lumiere, didn't see your message, by default it's 7280, but there is a debconf question for that00:21
jintyso you can change it at install time00:22
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Lumiereif you're around again... I thought we had decided cando06 was supposed to be 7206...01:23
Lumiereand that cando07 would be 7207 etc01:23
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dwelshIs Will Dickerson aka Lumiere?17:58
Lumiereno... that'd be the person in the room with you17:59
dwelshJason, hello17:59
dwelshrighto... Dickerson, where are you???18:00
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dwelshhey wdickers18:00
Lumierehello Mr Dickerson...18:00
dwelshNeed more help...18:00
dwelshWhere do we get the '05 comps from?18:01
dwelshwe already gave them to you18:01
dwelshin the Data.fa18:01
wdickersAh. You can simply copy them from the html document. But if you'd like, I could make them into text files for you18:01
wdickersI didn't read the Data.fa, I relied on parsing through text18:02
dwelshYou mean just cut and paste the whole smash from the screen???18:02
wdickersThe text file I sent you has an example18:02
dwelshOK.  Let's give this a go.18:02
dwelshGet back to you in a minute.18:02
Lumiereour 'little' test seems to be working...18:09
dwelshyup, with a small test set... getting more ambitious now...18:09
* Lumiere applauds18:11
dwelshWe just did the wave in the office18:11
dwelshTell Elkner you just won video stud of the week (rarely given award)18:11
wdickersBut don't leave just yet, Elkner's coming18:12
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wdickersThere he is18:16
jelknerdwelsh: who is jason?18:16
wdickersI believe it's Lumiere, he was the one who responded with dwelsh18:16
Lumierenow... get that into svn branch pls ;) (there are plenty of other schools that could use it)18:17
LumiereI've been using Lumiere here for over 3 years now18:17
jelknerLumiere: I need a text file from you containing the standard GPL license header (as a python comment - with # signs at the beginning of each line)18:17
wdickersWhat, the import05 comps? ...alright, but I'll have to clean it up a LOT ._.18:18
jelknerand the copyright info18:18
jelknerI'm going to send that to the CanDo developers and get them in the habit of doing reading it in to each new file they create.18:18
jelknerLumiere: do you understand what I am looking for?18:19
Lumierehow about... opening src/schooltool/ :)18:20
Lumiereand edit :)18:20
wdickersOh. And what is the best way to explain how to copy&paste from the web page?18:21
Lumiereselect -> right click -> copy18:21
Lumiereclick where to paste -> right click -> paste18:21
Lumiereit's somewhat more foolproof then ctrl-c/v18:22
wdickersOkay. But what I'm really asking is how to tell them /what/ to copy. They only highlight the competencies, not the headers or surrounding schooltool stuff18:23
Lumierea screenshot with nothing, then exactly what to select18:23
wdickers:0! Ingenious!18:23
Lumiereask welsh if you need video too ;)18:23
Lumierehe can do some of that ;)18:23
wdickersxD I don't think I want to get that complicated. Simple is best18:24
Lumierehe is on the phone atm18:24
Lumierebut he'll be available in a bit18:24
* Lumiere attempts to find some soda18:24
dwelshjelkner, you there?18:25
wdickersI'll get him18:26
wdickersHe's currently teaching. Says he'll be back as soon as he can18:26
jelknerdwelsh: yes dave?18:29
dwelshWill Dickerson just won video stud of the week!!!18:29
Lumiere*sees HAL9000*18:29
dwelshMay need to create a CompSci stud of the week companion award!18:30
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dwelshHis import module worked great18:30
jelknerindeed, i don't know where the video part is coming from here?18:30
jelkneryes, i was *very* pleased18:30
jelkneri told him earlier: if welsh is happy, i am happy ;-)18:30
dwelshgreat job.  the instructions were a little cryptic, but he's working on that18:31
wdickersYeah, I am18:31
Lumierejelkner: the one thing I gave him left to do is18:31
Lumiereget that in svn18:31
Lumiereif we need it18:31
Lumieresomeone else will18:31
dwelshIt's a pretty handy little routine.18:31
jelknermay need to be eldar18:31
Lumierethat's fine18:31
dwelshParses screen text... clever18:31
jelknereldar needs to hear about this anyway18:32
Lumierebut it will be the sort of problem that every single cando05 to cando06 upgrade will need18:32
dwelshMain thing is... we can do in 30-secs. what would take 3 hrs.!!!!18:32
Lumiereemail of GPL text coming18:32
Lumiereyou will need to edit18:32
jelknerLumiere: thanks... how?18:32
Lumierelike change the SchoolTool text18:34
jelknerfine, that's easy18:34
jelkneryou mean to Shuttleworth Foundation?18:34
Lumierethe schooltool src has the headers you need18:35
Lumiereyou just need to copy and edit18:35
Lumierefound a bug18:36
dwelshoops... we're close, but not quite there18:36
wdickersDarn, what is it?18:36
Lumierethe compentencies aren't actually being placed in their groups18:36
wdickersxD Ahh.18:36
Lumiereit's creating them18:37
Lumierebut they're at the global scope18:37
Lumiereinstead of the comp group scope18:37
wdickersI can fix that easily, but class is ending. I'll email you a new tar this afternoon18:37
wdickersCool. See you guys later18:37
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