IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-09-23

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jelknerth1a: hi tom16:46
jelkneri'm at a cando sprint from 9 to 6 today16:46
jelknerit would be a huge help if i could chat with you something during the day16:46
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dwelshpaul carduner, we need you20:17
dwelshphone home20:17
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pcardunehey eldafar20:20
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dwelshhello paul21:08
pcardunehello dwelsh21:08
dwelshI'm recreating aviation comp list on internal server...21:14
dwelshbut this time correctly21:14
dwelshEldar is adding a "select all" button21:14
pcarduneI actually have to leave soon21:15
dwelshany time over the weekend to sort out this error?21:16
pcarduneI think eldar should be able to handle it21:18
dwelshok.  let's see how he does.21:21
dwelshstill there?21:53
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