IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-09-21

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jfrochehello there, does anybody know if Tom Hoffman is/comes here ?15:39
Aistejfroche: he does come here15:41
Aistebut is not here at the moment15:41
Aistehis nickname is th1a15:41
jfrocheok great, thanks a lot15:42
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povbot`/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 6418:18:07
povbot`/svn/commits: Added 'javascriptless' date navigation widget.  Removed the old one (calendar portlets).18:07
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jelknerjinty: are you the one who set up the schooltool mailing lists?19:18
jintyjelkner: yep19:19
jelkneris there a way we can have messages from spammers sent to /dev/null or something?19:19 and found there way to some spam lists19:20
jelknerI am getting inundated with messages in my inbox about postings from non-members19:20
jelkneri don't have time to keep up with it19:20
jelkneri looked all over mailman but couldn't find a way to do this myself19:21
jelknerbasically, i would like all postings from non-members to be simply discarded19:21
jelkneri don't want to know about them19:21
jintythat should be possible19:22
jintybut I don't know the exact knob to twddle19:23
jelknerwhat can we do to figure it out?19:23
jelkneri'm desperate19:23
jintylet me have a look19:23
jelkneri got over a hundred messages yesterday of the type: l.orgCanDo post from requires approval19:24
jelknerevery time i log-in, delete all these, and ban the poster from ever subscribing to the list, more appear!19:24
jintyhmm just gotta find that password for the mailin list again19:27
jelkneri think it is something only you can do19:30
jelkneri've looked at every page on cando and cando-checkins lists, and I couldn't find any settings for what to do with mail from non-members19:31
jelknerjinty: thanks for looking into this.  i gotta run. talk to you later...19:46
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