IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-09-02

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jelknerth1a: tom, are you here?16:37
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jelkneranyone here know about the mailing list setup?16:49
jelkneri'm having difficultly using cando@schooltool.org16:49
jelkneri'm supposed to be the list administrator16:49
jelknerbut i don't remember my password16:50
jelkneralso, when i mail the list, i receive a message asking for approval16:50
jelknerposting to a members only list from a non-member16:50
jelknerthis message also has two Unknown.bin files attached16:51
jelknerwhat is going on here?16:51
eldafaryeah ... help the man out16:51
jelknereldafar: u still here?17:09
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eldafarsorry was in the shower17:41
eldafarwhat's up?17:41
jelknerand i was eating breakfast, but now i'm back17:43
jelkneri called everyone17:43
jelknerthe only one i could reach was william haddon17:43
jelknereldafar: u here again?17:43
jelkneri didn't talk to william, but i talked to his mother17:44
jelknershe is going to wake him up17:44
jelknerand he can meet with us at 12 noon17:44
jelknerdo you have work to give him?17:44
eldafarlet's se17:45
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jelknereldafar: are you here?18:59
jelknerwhaddon: will, i see you made it.19:00
jelknernow we need to find eldar19:00
jelkneri'm calling him...19:01
jelknerok, 1st item19:02
jelknerwhaddon: can you please subscribe yourself to the cando mailing list at:
jelknerwe will use this list for regular communication about cando19:03
jelknereldar already has your contact info.  it would be good if you also had his.19:03
eldafarEldar Omuraliev,, 703-961-966019:04
jelknernext item (and last one ;-):19:05
jelknerwhaddon: what is the state of skilldrivers ?19:05
whaddonI don19:06
whaddonI don't think they are finished.19:06
jelknercan you work on that this weekend?19:06
jelknereldafar: and can you take a quick look at the current state of things, so that you can help whaddon if he needs it and look over his work when he finishes?19:07
jelknerok, unless you have anything else, that's it19:08
eldafarwhaddon: do you have svn access to cando repository?19:08
jelknerand in under 10 minutes!19:08
jelknerthat's how all meetings should be ;-)19:09
whaddonI don't think so.19:09
eldafarok, let's set you up with that19:09
eldafarwhat do you want your username to be?19:09
eldafarI'll email you with your username/password19:09
whaddonThank you.19:09
jelknergreat! talk to you early next week...19:10
jelknerwhaddon: be sure to keep track of your hours19:10
whaddon I know.19:10
* eldafar lost his private key o.O19:10
eldafarI think I can recreate it19:11
jelknerok, back to lesson planning for me... i'm outta here19:11
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