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pcarduneth1a or th1a|X60s, I did some work on refactoring the actions menu over the weekend20:55
pcarduneI wanted to get your good graces before actually commiting the changes20:55
pcardunehere is a screenshot of one page utilizing what I've done:
ignaserr maybe it's nice, can't tell without looking at the code21:00
ignaspcardune: you know that at the moment I and gintas are refactoring that part a  bit ?21:01
ignasfrom the code/permission side21:01
pcarduneyeah I do21:01
pcarduneyou created a viewlet right?21:01
pcarduneor rather a viewlet manager21:01
pcarduneI reused what you wrote for this21:01
ignasand now i am devising a way to show only those viewlets that should be in there21:01
ignasand dealing with composite objects etc.21:02
ignashow does that menu look when one is looking at his calendar ?21:02
ignashis preferences ?21:02
ignashis personal info ?21:02
ignasa student, not a manager ...21:03
pcarduneon my screen, each viewlet registered with your viewlet manager is a tab21:03
pcardunewhen you register a viewlet, if you use a new viewlet class I made, you can specify a menu to display as a dropdown21:04
ignasi see21:04
pcarduneand you can even put other viewlets in that dropdown21:04
ignaswhat are you calling a tab ?21:04
pcarduneone of the little square things (Add, Edit, Information, Actions)21:05
pcarduneeach of those are a tab21:05
ignasbecause i am calling firefox style thingies tabs21:05
th1a|X60spcardune: Hi.21:06
pcarduneI don't know what else to call them.  I was going to change the variable names before a commit so if you have any suggestions...21:06
pcardunehi th1a|X60s21:06
th1a|X60sI'm a bit flustered here trying to get caught up since my trip.21:06
ignaspcardune: well, calling them tabs would break the metaphor pretty badly i'd say21:06
pcardune(they are just called menu bar viewlets in the code I think)21:07
ignasi am still not sure whether having them makes UI easier to understand/use21:07
th1a|X60sI think I'd rather have the actions in the sidebar.21:07
* ignas is trying to reduce the amount of actions in the menus now while leaving them in place21:07
pcarduneAre you going to do something with the Navigation menu too then?21:07
th1a|X60sOr perhaps in the long run we could push everything to the top to allow21:08
th1a|X60smore width in the main working area.21:08
th1a|X60spcardune:  Did you read what I wrote about this a few weeks ago?21:08
pcarduneI might have21:08
th1a|X60sThe navigation menu should go away.21:09
ignasth1a|X60s: imho just shufling things around is not really help any, i am thinking of making Navigation/Action stuff manageable and sane21:09
pcarduneyeah, i do remember you saying something to that effect21:09
ignass/help any/going to help any/21:09
th1a|X60signas:  Am I proposing we just shuffle things around?21:10
pcarduneignas, do you have a document that explains what you are planning more specifically?21:10
ignasth1a|X60s: i was replying to the "move navigation to the top" bit21:10
th1a|X60sWell, there is the email I wrote.21:10
th1a|X60signas: Agreed.  That's not the priority.21:11
ignaspcardune: sorry, not really, at the moment i am making action infrastructure not show anything you can't do21:11
th1a|X60sBut it might be nice in the long run to make more work space.21:11
ignasand then i think i'll have a muvh clearer picture21:11
th1a|X60signas:  We do need to come up with a proposal this week.21:12
ignasyes indeed21:12
ignasi was waiting for a preliminary feature list21:12
ignasof what must be done21:12
ignasand when21:12
pcarduneth1a|X60s, more work space is big for us (we have that massive grading spreadsheet)21:12
th1a|X60sI would be ok with pcardune setting up the action menu across the top,21:13
th1a|X60sif we can coordinate it between the two teams.21:13
ignaspcardune: for your usecase i'd make Navigation menu retractable (same way as dashboard) just for that view21:14
pcarduneI think I haven't broken anything of yours.  I would just have to change the style sheet a bit21:14
th1a|X60sWe really shouldn't have a navigation menu.21:14
ignasif i only knew what people should see21:16
pcarduneignas: for example, the "Import Persons" viewlet you made is put in an <li> tag which doesn't look good in my viewlet yet21:16
ignaspcardune: it's old, just fix it ...21:16
ignasor maybe new :/21:16
th1a|X60signas:  What do you mean about what people should see?21:17
ignasdon't know really, gintas made some changes21:17
th1a|X60sYou want some kind of table for each built-in group?21:17
ignasth1a|X60s: now that you say that21:17
* ignas typing21:17
pcardunewell, the <li> tag makes sense for the actions section on the left column as it is nested in a <ul>.  My drop downs are in a table21:17
ignaswe can have tabs for every important group you belong to, leading to some kind of control pannel/ default view for that sort of user21:18
ignaslike - Teacher, Administrator tabs for someone in both groups21:18
ignasJust Studies/Student tab for students21:18
ignasthat would show information that is relevant to the student21:19
ignasor even hide the tab list if you can only see 1 of them21:19
ignasthat would solve the multi purpose user usecase nicely21:19
th1a|X60signas:  I think in this iteration we should assume everyone is only in one built-in group.21:19
th1a|X60sPerhaps we should enforce it, though.21:20
ignasthen listing things important to each of them would be nice, and then emailing it to the mailing list for public consideration21:20
ignasand comments21:20
th1a|X60sThere really isn't much to it.21:20
th1a|X60sBut I can do that.21:21
th1a|X60sIt is pretty easy since all the administrative roles are lumped together.21:21
ignasth1a|X60s: i think there might be, as well students must see links to their gradebooks, next day, this day events, don't know what else21:21
ignaswhile managers should see Person/Group containers21:22
ignassome of things will be available to more than one of them etc.21:22
ignasi just can't imagine a well defined panel for each group of principals21:22
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th1a|X60sThere just isn't that much teachers and students can do.21:24
pcarduneIn CanDo, teachers and students can do a lot more21:24
pcardunecurriculum, student journals, creating evidence of skill acquisition21:25
th1a|X60sWell, I have some even more pressing stuff breathing down my neck...21:25
ignasi know, just that i am not very good at designing a UI without knowing what must be visible etc.21:25
th1a|X60sI'll have to work on this tomorrow.21:25
th1a|X60sAnd we might not really resolve this until next week at NELS.21:26
th1a|X60sWhen we can knock this around in person.21:26
th1a|X60sWhen is alga's visa meeting?21:26
ignasday after tomorow21:26
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jelknerth1a: tom, u here?21:46
jelknersrichter: how about u?21:46
pcardunejelkner, try th1a|X60s21:47
jelknerth1a|X60s: tom, u here?21:48
jelknerpcardune: i'm looking forward to thursday21:49
jelknernick and i will have the server situation worked out (with backups available!) by tomorrow night21:49
pcardunecan you guys move the home folders from nick's server onto the new one?21:51
pcarduneexcept for the home folders that are empty... those home folders you should move from maddog21:51
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jelknerpcardune: yes, nick can move the folders22:12
jelknerwe'll touch base with you to make sure we have everything setup correctly22:13
jelknerpcardune: i need to run, paul, i'll talk to you tomorrow...22:14
pcarduneok, bye22:14
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