IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-06-20

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ignasanyone here ?16:36
ignasirc meeting anyone ?16:47
vidasphi, ignas, me here16:48
ignasone might think that we can't have a proper meeting without Tom ;)16:49
ignasfaassen, jinty ?16:51
vidaspignas: can we?16:51
* jinty wonders...16:51
vidaspmeeting - yes, proper - ...?16:51
ignasjinty: do you know when is the release planned?16:52
ignasthe alpha16:52
jintyer...;) probably sometime this week16:52
jintyI'll have to fix the nightly build agin16:52
jintythen speak to th1a if I see him around16:53
ignasi see, i have some improvements and am thinking whether i should finish them and check them into trunk16:53
jintyI have not had enough time to do the debian packaging yet16:53
ignasbut if the release is this week evolution scripts should be a priority16:54
vidaspbesides, about evolutions scripts: ImportError: No module named generations.install. Any ideas whythis happens?16:54
jintyEr, yes, that blocks the whole thing16:54
ignasno idea, Zope3 developers are "fixing" "bugs"16:54
jintymore like foxing them16:55
mgedminit's fun! try it!16:55 has a bunch of bugs left16:55
* jinty really means to try that one day, perhaps at europython16:55
mgedmin(if you fix the capitalization of the url)16:56
ignasjinty: you'll be in this europython?16:56
jintyok, so an overview of what is blocking the release now is evolution scripts, nightly tarball breakage and no debian packages16:57
jintyignas: yep16:57
ignasjinty: cool16:57
ignasi would like to know what is the priority of some features16:58
ignasa.k.a. whether they are important bugs or not16:58
ignasbut without tom that is not really possible16:58
* jinty being release manager would make release blocking bugs the highest priority...16:58
ignasguess i'll work on evolution scripts then, and leave them for later16:58
mgedminignas: use the /nick command!16:58
ignasthem being  those semi-bugs16:59
ignasseems like that's all we can discuss :)17:00
ignassad i don't have the virtual gavel ;)17:00
jintyanyone from POV at europython?17:01
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thlaignas, what was that what you wanted?17:01
ignasthe gavel ? ;)17:02
ignasif you don't have the gavel you're not Tom17:02
* mgedmin , ignas and aiste will be at EP17:02
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* jinty bangs his knife and fork on the table and goes for cofee and cake17:03
faassengood thing Tom isn't around as I forgot about the meeting. :)17:17
faassenjinty: I'll be at europython. :)17:17
faassenjinty: so Ignas and mgedmin can beat me up. :)17:18
* jinty starts selling tickets to the fight17:18
ignasfaassen: we won't be beating you, really17:19
jinty<deep booming voice> and in the left corner...17:19
ignaswe have Aiste for that17:19
faassenoh, Aiste, now I'm not worried.17:20
* faassen runs away.17:20
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th1aTotal wireless meltdown.17:28
th1aWell, actually my DSL went out entirely.17:28
ignasdid you see the IRC log ?17:29
th1aNot yet.17:29
ignasi'll do some writing in the background then ;)17:30
ignasDo we need sections belonging to more than 1 course ?17:30
ignasHow important is it having course leaders capable of adding new sections to a section ?17:30
ignasto a course17:31
th1aSections belonging to more than one course is necessary.17:31
th1aBut I don't think we currently support it.17:32
ignasthrough REST we do17:32
th1aAh.  Ok.17:32
ignasin UI multiple courses are displayed17:32
ignasif there are more than 117:32
th1aCourse leaders don't have to be able to add new sections.17:32
ignasthen what is their role ? as they don't really get any privileges (except for requirements of a course i think)17:33
ignasanyway, in that case i guess i'll get on with evilution scripts17:34
th1aSetting the course description and requirements.17:35
th1aThere isn't much to do with courses.17:36
ignashow important are UI tweaks for alpha, beta, release ?17:36
th1aThey are important from here on out.17:37
ignasas with new permissions we can hide a lot of menu items that people don't need17:37
ignascan't access rather than don't need even17:37
ignasthat requires some rewiring of the Action menu tough17:37
th1aI need a "tweaking the SchoolTool UI" lesson.17:38
th1aI'm currently afraid of touching it.17:38
ignasbtw, did you see the emails about the section bug ?17:38
ignasdo we want the migration of broken development databases ?17:38
th1aWe don't need to migrate non-releases.17:39
ignasand in case of lessons - just tell me what you would like to tweak, and i'll try explaining you what you should do ...17:40
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:42
ignasshould i stick to evolution or start twiddling with the UI ?17:42
ignasand is the access control contract complete ?17:42
th1aI believe the access control contract is complete.  It seemed to work over the weekend.17:45
th1aOh, I should tell you about the little workshop.17:46
th1aSo I figured that given the size of the conference, the people who attend, and the state of SchoolTool, there wouldn't be more than three or four people at my session.17:47
th1aWhich was correct.17:47
th1aLuckily I ended up with three Python hackers rather than 3 school teachers.17:47
th1aSo we ended up having a day of fairly technical discussion, which was fun.17:47
th1aAt the sprint, we'll have a half-day workshop, which will probably also be small,17:48
th1abut we'll also have time to present to the whole group.17:48
th1aSo I think that will be fine.17:49
ignassorry about not fixing the Section bug earlier, i had no internet for the half of the day on Sunday17:49
th1aIt is ok.  I got wound up for a while when I started worrying that I might actually have people show up ;-)17:49
th1aignas:  So will you continue to have time to work on SchoolTool?  I guess we need to work out a new proposal.17:50
th1aDo you have other work to do?17:51
ignasi don't know the exact amount of time (need Aiste for that)17:51
ignasbut i hope i'll get enough time to at least help you with the upcoming release (evolution scripts, new security policy tweaking etc.)17:52
th1aI need to go over my budget at this point, too, but I think we're in ok shape there.17:52
ignasas for tweaking, with the requirment of "do not show anything you don't have access to"17:53
ignasat the moment if you don't have right to see Person info, you won't even see group members17:54
ignasif you can see group list, you will only see groups you have access to in it17:54
ignasi am not 100% sure this is the right thing, though it is very subjective17:55
th1aWe need a summary view for a person.17:55
th1aWell, we need a summary view for a person's info.17:55
ignasi'd even think that we should to make at least 'titles' public/semi-public17:56
th1aAnd also some kind of placeholder view that lets you view the person but not any of their info.17:56
th1aThere is a distinction between a person and a person's info, right?17:56
ignasnot just that, if one can see a link to a person, he gets persons "Name, Surname, username"17:57
th1aThat's ok.17:57
ignasi don't think we are differentiating that on object level, Person/Person info distinction is based on views.17:58
ignasthe question is - if you can see Group List should you see All groups, their titles, ids or not17:58
ignasif you can See Section list should you know who is teaching them ?17:58
th1aYes to both.18:00
th1aWe don't want to make a bunch of fine grained distinctions with groups and sections at this point.18:00
th1aEither all private or all public is fine.18:00
ignaswell, we have distinct settings "Group list" vs "Groups"18:00
ignasand i think distinction between "You can see all the titles of groups" vs "You can see members of groups" should be there18:01
ignasjust that we are not showing group members even if you are a member of a group "My decision based on the policy - don't show anything that might be private"18:02
ignasprobably we will have to go through these case by case before the release18:02
ignasso if you will not see something or will see excess information, just tell me18:03
ignasnow it's in Paranoid mode ;)18:03
th1aWell, part of my thinking at this point is making very clear which parts of the app are public and which are private.18:07
th1aCutting down on the in-between parts.18:07
th1aSo people can accurately think "groups are public" and not get confused about which parts of groups are public and private.18:08
ignasmaybe we should coerce some security settings in  that case ?18:10
ignaslike not have separate "Group info/Group list" settings for example18:10
th1aThat sounds reasonable.18:12
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