IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-06-12

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felipe__Hello, how do I install schooltool in spanish?02:04
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m5mI'm playing with schooltool, looking for grades-management utilities... are they part of it? anyone recommend a good gradebook-like program for teachers?09:26
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6227:15:08
povbot/svn/commits: Fix functional tests someone forgot to run.15:08
povbot/svn/commits: I don't really like the current state of the dashboard though and would like to see items in categories as viewlets on their own. As one can't have permissions set up properly the way they are done now.15:08
povbot/svn/commits: As there is no fallback for browsers without javascript support I can't quite understand how is this dashboard better than the menu on the left.15:08
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6228:15:23
povbot/svn/commits: Remove the objects stored in annotations of person.person.Person as when deleting a person removal subscribers can modify the data stored in there (and we don't want persons calendar cleared when migrating).15:23
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ignaspcardune: hi15:53
pcardunehey, i just saw your email15:54
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ignasbtw, wasn't dashboard planned as a separate view15:54
ignasthat would replace the calendar as the start page15:54
ignasfor our users ?15:54
pcardunemaybe, I talked to Tom though and he said the dashboard has basically fell out of development, and I was free to improve it as I saw fit15:55
ignasi see15:55
pcarduneI do agree thought that there should be a non-javascript alternative15:55
ignaswhat was originally envisioned was a view with slots for viewlets that any part of the application could plug into15:56
ignasso that it would not have timetable url hardcoded15:57
ignasinstead it would have a slot and the timetable dashboard viewlet would be in the timetabling module15:57
ignassame for levels etc.15:57
pcarduneright, it works well that way, I've already created viewlets for cando modules15:57
ignasi see15:57
pcarduneI'll start up a dev server if you want to see what it looks like15:58
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pcarduneignas:  login as pcardune, password is banana16:01
ignaslooks nice16:03
pcarduneI was sort of thinking the dashboard could be something a la MacOSX, where it is always available at the click of a button16:04
pcarduneA downside is that any computationally intensive operations would be called every single time a page was loaded16:05
pcardunethose viewlets would probably have to use AJAX16:06
ignasthe problem is16:06
ignasthat schooltool has to run on low end hardware16:07
ignasif not server then at least clients16:07
ignasand requiring AJAX to use schooltool efficiently is not what Tom would approve (i think)16:07
ignasunless there will be some alternative ways to access the same content16:08
ignaslet's say if JS is not available - make the dashboard button lead to a view16:08
ignasthat displays the same information16:08
pcardunei agree16:08
pcarduneIn fact, I might as well work on that today16:08
pcarduneMaybe the view should be a pop-up window?  or is that generally distasteful?16:09
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ignasi'd consider it distasteful ;)16:10
ignasas if one wants it to open in a new window it's easily done in all browsers16:11
pcarduneyeah, i suppose that's true16:11
pcarduneok, well I'll work on making an alternative view then16:11
ignasi'd even go as far as to put the view as the default one a person sees when he logs in16:11
ignasinstead of his own calendar16:12
ignasor maybe not16:12
ignasdepends on who that person is16:12
pcarduneignas: why does it depend on who the person is?16:12
pcarduneshouldn't everyone have a dashboard?16:12
ignaswell - a teacher wants to see his upcomming lectures and maybe some attendance tasks that are hanging16:13
ignasmanager want to easily access other functions16:13
ignasand some people won't even have lectures16:13
pcardunecalendar viewlet?  That is what I would personally prefer16:13
ignasmore than one16:13
ignaswith emphasis on your timetable or just event list16:14
ignasor a full fledged looking just like the one you can see in the calendar view16:14
ignasbut there was no time to do that really :/16:14
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pcarduneignas: do you know of a way to check for javascript in a page template?  as in, before any rendering of structures occurs?16:56
ignasi'd do it the other way16:58
ignasby default display a link16:58
ignasand with javascript convert the link into a button16:58
ignasor something like that16:58
pcarduneactually, that makes perfect sense16:58
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pcarduneignas: the reason I want to check for javascript in the page template is to avoid rendering the viewlets in a div that will never end up being displayed17:06
ignasyou can't probably17:06
ignasas even modern browsers can have javascript disabled17:06
pcarduneI just wonder if zope gets that kind of information when a page request is sent17:07
ignasit's not HTTP standard so you can't expect it17:08
ignasyou can do it with AJAX17:09
ignasdisplay an empty div with an ID by default17:09
ignasand if javascript works17:09
pcarduneyeah... i guess I'll really have to look into it then17:09
ignastransform it into a button17:09
ignasand maybe even download the content17:09
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erchachei move my schooltool instance from a hoary server to a dapper server17:35
erchacheand i see two strange things17:35
erchachefirst: my data.fs is 104 MB :-S tooooo i can pack it? I dont have zmi17:35
erchachesecond: when try to start schooltool server says my database arent i can solve this?17:36
erchachejinty ignas mgedmin17:37
ignasdon't really know17:37
erchacheCould not initialize the database:17:37
erchache[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable17:37
erchachePerhaps another SchoolTool instance is using it?17:37
ignaswell - it says "Perhaps another SchoolTool instance is using it"17:38
erchachehow i can pack zope?17:38
erchachenope...this server are clean17:38
ignasand you can't pack the database at the moment iirc17:38
mgedminbecause there are no global zcml-defined zope principals17:39
mgedminand ++etc++process does not go through the schooltool site in the ZODB, so you can't authenticate as a manager17:39
mgedminum, at least that was the reason a while ago17:39
mgedminthings might have changed significantly recently with the security policy changes in schooltool17:39
ignasin ST2006 managers will be able to access that view17:40
erchachemi database is tooo big...104 MB...i have little data here i think so...17:40
erchachewith lastest svn stable can pass from schooltool 0.11.4?17:40
ignasnot 100% sure17:40
ignasevolution scripts are not totaly stable at the moment17:41
ignaslet's say yesterday they would have wiped your calendars clean17:41
erchachewell a good time to test it.... :-P17:41
erchachemy server doesnt run so...make a backup and try and error17:41
erchacheim going to download lastest svn and try17:41
erchachea second...17:41
erchacheTraceback (most recent call last):17:53
erchache  File "", line 34, in ?17:53
erchache    from setuptools import setup, find_packages17:53
erchacheImportError: No module named setuptools17:54
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 117:54
erchachethis appears when try "MAKE TEST"17:54
ignasyou must get up to date setuptools17:55
mgedminthe version in ubuntu dapper is too old17:55
erchachetoo old?17:56
erchacheneed to use next to dapper? :-O17:56
mgedminyou can find a newer version somewhere... trygoogle17:56
erchachewasnt installed!17:58
erchacheerror in schooltool setup command: 'install_requires' must be a string or list of strings containing valid project/version requirement specifiers17:58
mgedminI've never seen this before17:59
mgedminis faasen here?17:59
erchachejoder... :-S17:59
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erchacheheheheh i jump step 418:05
pcarduneerchache: there is a link to the correct setup tools version on the schooltool site, under documentation18:06
erchacheyepa yepa18:07
erchachei read too fast18:07
erchacheand jump it18:07
erchachesorry :-D18:07
erchachela ostia puta! :-D18:11
erchachethis looks very very good! :-D18:11
erchachea lot of hard hard work on this! :-O18:11
erchachei dont recognize new environment of schooltool 2006 :-O18:12
erchacheweell schooltool 2006 svn run supercool!18:13
toxygenwhen did you last time try it?18:13
erchachenow im going to restart with old schooltool 0.11.4 Data.fs to show if upgrades or not18:13
erchacheuff...3 month at least18:14
erchachei have a lot of work18:14
erchacheand dont have enough time to spend on schooltool18:14
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erchachepufff a supererror log when try to up schooltool 2006 with old database :-P18:17
erchacheth1a: hi tom18:17
erchacheim trying to upgrade my old schooltool to svn18:18
pcardunethese tests take *really* long18:18
erchachehere is message error18:20
th1ahi erchache18:21
erchachehi :-d18:21
erchacheactual schooltool 2006 cant upgrade from schooltool 0.11.418:22
erchacheDo I send to mailinglist with error log?18:22
erchacheor are too alpha for this?18:23
th1aWell, we don't make any claims at all that it will work with a random svn version.18:23
erchachewhat is state-of-the-art of upgrade?18:23
th1aWe are working on an actual release now.18:23
erchacheother question is that i move my schooltool 0.11.4 of server and doesnt run18:23
ignaserchache: wow, your schooltool is OLD18:24
erchachevery very :-(18:24
ignasbut we should support it still18:24
ignasif possible could you gzip and email me the Data.fs18:24
erchachefor this reason i want to upgrade18:24
ignasor is it ridden with private data18:24
erchacheno no i dont have private data18:24
erchacheyet :-P18:24
erchachebut its too big18:25
ignasafter gziping it it should be around 4-5 mb18:25
erchachei dont know level compresion of bzip218:25
erchachea second18:25
th1athanks ignas.18:25
povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6229:18:25
povbot/svn/commits: Added support for javascript disabled browsers18:26
erchacheCould not initialize the database:18:26
erchache[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable18:26
erchachePerhaps another SchoolTool instance is using it?18:26
erchachethis appears on my 0.11.4 when move to other server18:27
erchachei dont know why18:27
erchacheand 2006 runs ok but cant upgrade from 0.11.418:27
ignasi'd suspect either the port being taken18:27
ignasor Data.fs having wrong permissions on it18:27
erchachethis server are clean18:27
ignaslook at schooltool.conf18:27
erchachei dont see chmod18:27
ignasand check what port it is on18:27
erchache-rw-r--r--  1 root root 119M 2006-06-12 15:32 Data.fs18:28
ignasonly root can write18:28
erchacheport arent problem...i cant run daemon18:28
erchacheyeahn im like root18:28
erchacheim on a testing server now :-P18:28
ignaswhat is the port then18:28
erchachebut dont see port18:28
erchachepython schooltool-server -d doesnt run18:28
ignas-d doesn't mean that it won't use the port18:29
ignasit means that it will be running as a daemon18:29
ignascan you try telneting to peor 7080 of that server18:29
ignasor check it out with some browser18:29
erchacheroot@ubuntu:/usr/local/schooltool# python schooltool-server.py18:30
erchacheLeyendo configuraciĆ³n desde schooltool.conf.in18:30
erchacheCould not initialize the database:18:30
erchache[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable18:30
erchachePerhaps another SchoolTool instance is using it?18:30
ignaskillall python ? :D18:31
pcarduneth1a: do have a second to look at my dashboard update?18:31
ignasyou can also try removing Data.fs.lock18:31
ignasif you moved the file from the other computer18:31
erchacheruns now18:31
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erchachewas a permission problem18:33
erchachechmod 644 solves it18:33
erchacheok....i have schooltool 0.11.4 too old like noe's boat running18:33
erchacheschooltool 2006 svn runs from fresh install18:33
erchacheand doesnt run with Data.fs from 0.11.418:34
th1aerchache:  I guess we should start collecting those at http://issues.schooltool.org18:35
erchacheok...i send to issues18:36
th1aAnd work on solving them next week.18:36
erchachedont worry time isnt a problem....18:36
erchachebut i want to document all you need to make a correct upgrade18:36
pcarduneth1a:  login: pcardune password: banana18:37
ignasth1a: when is the release ? as i am afraid that there will be some tasks that will have to be completed before releasing that are not a part of access control stories, but will have to be completed ...18:43
ignaslike testing migration from old schooltools, solving the mess with eggs etc.18:44
erchachehere is my issue18:47
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ignaserchache: can you send me the Data.fs18:50
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erchachei send a copy now18:53
erchachenot....thanks to you ;-P18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6230:18:57
povbot/svn/commits: Make commendations traversible into so they would have their own proper permissions.18:57
povbot/svn/commits: Shift context of views that were based on IHaveCommendations objects before as now they are on ICommendations objects.18:57
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6231:18:58
povbot/svn/commits: Make person calendar publishable. Remove schooltool.addEvents and schooltool.create permissions replacing them with schooltool.edit.18:58
erchacheignas: 12 mb bzip218:59
erchachetoo big for your mail?19:00
ignassend it to ignas.mikalajunas@gmail.com19:00
erchachehehehe ;-)19:00
erchacheignas: do you need admin user and pass?19:03
ignaswould be nice probably ;)19:03
ignasthough i could just turn off security checks ;)19:03
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pcardune_in case anyone doesn't know, the US is playing Czech Republic right now19:04
erchacheufff...if win US will be a miracle19:05
erchacheall US players are parents europeans... :-P19:06
pcardune_erchache: no kidding, we are already down by 119:06
erchachein cant belive this!19:06
erchacheUs winning for 1 to Czech!19:06
pcardune_the US is down by 1... the US is losing19:08
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6232:19:09
povbot/svn/commits: Update the table.19:09
erchachenormal :-D19:10
erchacheare so bad!19:10
erchachebut spain.....spain is different19:10
erchachethe best world league and never win nothing19:11
erchacheignas: send it!19:11
ignaswaiting :)19:12
erchachehere are photos of my machines19:14
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erchacheand memory waste is this too?19:30
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6233:20:53
povbot/svn/commits: Added a couple of BBBs.  Resurected PersonDetails class.  Shuffled BBB imports a bit to avoid circular imports.20:53
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rjellisopcardune: Hi. You're here?21:55
pcardunerjelliso: yes, I'm here21:56
rjellisoAh, good. His Royal Majesty (Jeff) told me to ask you why the bonnieb server isn't running (Port 7080)   : >21:57
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pcardunerjelliso: it is now21:58
rjellisoAll righty, thanks.21:59
pcarduneth1a: ayt?22:00
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jintyth1a: ping22:03
pcardunejinty: do you think th1a would be against me committing javascript that wasn't compatible with IE?22:04
jintyto schooltool?22:04
jintyprobably, but better ask him22:05
pcardunejinty: darn... I don't have a way to test IE22:09
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jintypcardune: I would guess it's even worse than that, schooltool should work even if javascript doesn't. But that's really only my opinion.22:12
pcardunejinty: oh yeah, that works, there is support for no javascript... but IE has javascript22:13
pcardunemaybe I will just check for IE and disable all the cool features22:15
mgedminpcardune: or you could check for any features that are not supported by IE22:20
pcardunemgedmin: cool, I'll take a look at that22:21
pcardunemgedmin: do you know of a way to put dynamic content into javascript through a page template?22:28
mgedminit is painful22:28
mgedmin<tal:block replace="structure string:&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt; et cetera" />22:29
mgedminon second thought, don't do that22:29
pcardunethat does look painful22:29
mgedminmaybe <tal:block replace="structure view/extra_javascript" />22:29
mgedminwhere the view has a22:29
mgedmindef extra_javascript(self):22:30
mgedmin    return """<script type="text/javascript"> ... </script>"""22:30
pcardunealright then... I guess I'll try that22:30
pcarduneajax is soo sweet22:46
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