IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-05-19

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th1aignas:  I'll update the table.19:53
ignasth1a, thanks19:53
ignasi am still working on estimates19:53
ignasreplacing the security policy with a new one is a bit to complex to get easily overviewed and estimated19:54
ignass/to complex/too complex19:54
th1aignas:  Perhaps you should just estimate half of it?20:02
th1asrichter:  Send me a bio!20:02
ignasth1a, i am estimating it in small parts, though i am still not sure i haven't forgot anything important20:03
srichterth1a: oh, yeah20:07
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th1asrichter:  OK, I'm doing your bio now... are you still Zope 3 release manager?22:32
srichterok, ok, I am sending it now22:33
th1aOK... ;-)22:34
srichterth1a: change fine by me.22:51
srichterdarn, you should mention ST of course too22:51
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