IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-05-12

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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6050:11:21
povbot/svn/commits: Remove, I am very sure this is just cruft.11:21
* jinty is impressed that he cannot get a schooltool server killed by the OOM killer by uploading a movie instead of a csv11:34
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ignasth1a: ping15:35
ignasth1a: i assume we want to see conflicts with simple events in the resource booking view for sections ?16:00
ignasth1a: oh and what do you think of the way conflicts are displayed in the Section Resource Booking view16:00
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th1aignas:  Yes.17:34
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th1aignas:  It looks good.17:41
ignasth1a: nice to hear, this time I want to be sure that i am doing the right thing ;)17:42
th1aIt seems genuinely useful ;-)17:42
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* srichter notes students going crazy in the school accross the yard; damn HS people18:20
srichterthey will be less happy once they notice they are in for another long 4-5 years; he he18:20
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6051:18:55
povbot/svn/commits: A lot of UI cleanups:18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * use title and (optional) legend in schooltool standard form display18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * add a cancel button and work.18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * use CSS classes for apply and cancel button. Unfortunately this means18:55
povbot/svn/commits: we can't use the automatic action renderer anymore, as overriding its CSS classes is unfortunately a case of "making simple things impossible".18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * show update message when submitting work.18:55
povbot/svn/commits: * tease some view classes apart and make them a bit more generic.18:55
povbot/svn/commits: We still have a single that does all the rendering, which is good.18:55
th1afaassen:  Let me know when you're wired into the main navigational links.19:29
faassenth1a: not yet, I don't know how to wire in all those screens without making everything insane.19:30
faassenth1a: I mean, you'd have 8 or 9 links added to the menu.19:30
faassenth1a: which would rather suck.19:30
faassenth1a: anyway, you can still try stuff: just do persons/@@table.html to see the new table-style navigation (with temporary stuff in the columns, that's easily changed)19:31
faassenth1a: or persons/foo/demographics/@@edit.html (for any of demographics, nameinfo, schooldata, and parent1/parent2 and emergency1-3)19:31
faassenthe numbered screens aren't ideal but it was the simplest approach. this is one area where attributes made life slightly easier compared to annotations, I suspect.19:32
faassenth1a: anyway, I have next week planned to focus on ST too, so I'll just continue.19:33
th1aOK.  Excellent.19:33
faassenth1a: in the table, try sorting (counter-intuitively you need to click on the names of the columns, not the arrows..that's a zc.table thing I intend to fix)19:34
faassenth1a: which also works with batching, which is pretty neat.19:34
th1aHm... ForbiddenAttribute: ('nameinfo', <schooltool.person.person.Person object at 0xb5e0bc2c>)19:37
th1aOn persons/@@table.html19:37
faassenth1a: throw out your database.19:38
th1aThat's the solution to every problem ;-)19:39
faassenth1a: I asked Marius and he gave me permission to not write evolution scripts.19:39
faassenth1a: until release type. :)19:39
th1aI know.  No worries.19:39
faassenhm, did ignas leave a tutorial somewhere on 'datetimes in schooltool'?19:40
faassenI want to introduce a last modified date.19:40
faassenbut I don't dare as I don't know what's up with all the timezone stuff. :)19:40
faassenokay, I see level using utcnow, so I'll do that. :)19:41
faassenargh, I think I broke thet ests again.19:44
faassenoh wait, that's in my sandbox. phew.19:44
srichterhe he19:45
srichterit's easy to break ST tests19:45
faassensrichter: yes, your devmode bugged me quite a lot yesterday. :)19:45
faassensrichter: I removed a screen and it turned out devmode was using it to test itself. :)19:45
srichterhe he :-)19:46
th1afaassen:  Yes, ignas wrote some docs.  And hid them.19:46
faassenth1a: I see. :)19:47
th1aThey're in calendar.19:48
faassenokay, I shall check that later, thansk.19:48
th1asrichter:  Can I come see you on Monday?19:48
th1afaassen.  I'm still getting the error with fresh sample data.19:49
faassenth1a: hm, you generating sample data using the sample data system, huh?19:49
th1aI guess you might not have updated that.19:49
faassenth1a: yes. :(19:49
faassenth1a: how does one trigger sample data generation?19:49
th1aIn devmode.19:49
th1aFrom the menu.19:49
faassenth1a: okay, now where was devmode..19:50
th1aTo create sample data as a user it is in the devmode menu.19:51
th1aWhich you turn on in schooltool.conf19:51
faassenokay, that's the thing I was missing.19:51
th1aBut the scripts are in each package.19:51
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th1aAnd happily, pretty simple to implement.19:51
faassenokay, good.19:51
faassenI figured it wouldn't be hard to fix, just need to be able to test it.19:51
th1aThere has been some debate over whether or not testing sample data generation is worth the bother.19:52
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faassenth1a: I'm fixingi t20:09
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faassenth1a: it's a bit of a silly fix, moving the module and changing an import. I need that module moved anyway eventually if I want to generate sample demographics data too.20:10
faassenth1a: I tested table performance in a separate schooltool sandbox before so I'm curious to see how bad it is. :)20:10
th1afaassen: I keep forgetting to explicitly put sample data generation in the proposals.20:27
faassenth1a: okay, performance isn't too bad.20:27
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faassenwell, it was my fault not to think of it.20:28
th1afaassen: No, really it is my fault ;-)20:29
faassennot at all. :)20:29
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6052:20:31
povbot/svn/commits: A quick fix to sample generation.20:31
povbot/svn/commits: Moved sampledata generation from person into demographics. Will start modifying this so it also generates demographic data.20:31
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6053:20:43
povbot/svn/commits: oops, should remove these.20:43
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faassenhm, now I *did* break the tests.20:46
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6054:21:02
povbot/svn/commits: This should unbreak the tests which I inadvertantly broke by moving sampledata from schooltool.person.21:02
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6055:21:03
povbot/svn/commits: Add in modified datetime for demographics person object.21:03
povbot/svn/commits: Modify table display a bit. Display 'title' as fullname (for now, this will change), and add modified datetime as table column.21:03
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6056:21:13
povbot/svn/commits: Unbreak the functional tests too.21:13
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