IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-05-03

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srichterth1a: now I am back :-)00:02
th1aWhen do you want to get together?00:03
srichterlet me see what's going on and talk to you tomorrow00:04
srichterbeing gone for more than a month creates some sort of connectivity void00:05
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6013:13:48
povbot/svn/commits: Fix broken unit tests.13:48
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ignasth1a_: ping me when you're there14:36
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th1aignas: pong18:14
ignasth1a: i have made some estimation on the schoolbell front18:15
ignasand it totals to either:18:15
ignas28 nuts if we do not care aobut source code level dependencies18:15
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ignasor to at least twice as much if we want to have it independent on the source code level18:16
ignasbecause of a lot of ties between unit tests of different modules18:16
ignasrecall the scary diagram made by mgedmin18:17
ignasto envision what's in front of us18:17
th1aBut it is really mostly unit test dependencies?18:17
ignasi have spiked a bit, and i have an actual schoolbell running18:17
ignasso yes, there are  not that many source code dependencies18:18
ignasand - i don't really know the implications of the access control story for the extraction of schoolbell18:18
th1a28 nuts is how many days?18:18
ignasi think18:20
ignasnow about the issues18:24
ignasBug 454: Event Add/Edit form is not completely aware of timezones. Has this been fixed?18:24
ignasthe short answer is - no18:24
ignasthe long one is - it is difficult to fix as we are storing events in UTC, and wrapping them correctly through the user interface is difficult18:25
ignasmonday in australia might be sunday in UTC18:25
ignasand it depends on the time of the event18:26
ignasthough it is possible to hotpatch it for now18:27
ignasa temporary solution, that makes it look like the problem (UTC backend for all events) is gone for our users18:28
ignasuntil the real problem gets fixed18:28
th1aThat sounds sufficient.18:29
ignasBug 486: Users can't add resources to events without "edit" permission.18:31
ignasi can't imagine the *right* solution at the moment18:31
ignaswe can make resources editable even if one only has the "add" permission18:32
ignasbut is this right ?18:32
ignasor maybe the resource booking view should be incorporated into the "event creation" view18:32
th1aThat would appear to be the solution.18:33
ignasthe first or the second one ?18:33
th1aThe second.18:33
ignasBug 447: Coosing to view another calendar prevents access to own calendar.  Needs some discussion.18:36
ignaswill need more of an investigation18:36
ignasand if we will go around fixing access control for schooltool the bug will disapear anyway18:36
th1aGood point.18:37
ignasas at the moment the cause is having view and viewcalendar permissions on both the person and his calendar18:37
ignasand users can't tell which ACL view they are looking at realiably18:37
ignasunless they look closely at the url18:37
* ignas thinks that this insanity is the real bug18:38
th1aYes.  This has always confused me.18:38
ignasdo our tarballs include unit and functional tests ?18:39
th1aThey do, but it certainly is not unheard of to not include them.18:39
th1aIf we could test schoolbell without including the tests, that might be an option.18:40
th1aIf you know what I mean.18:40
ignaswell - the spike i did shows that it is possible to run schooltool and schoolbell with tests from the same trunk by using differnent config files and separate schooltool-skel and schoolbell-skel18:41
th1aI'm worried that mgedmin's head might explode if we suggest a tarball without tests.18:42
th1aBut I'd at least consider it as a serious option if it means we can cut out the unnecessary dependencies easily.18:43
ignaswell, tests in tarball is the only thing that assures us that the tarball we have packaged is actually working18:43
th1aOf course.18:43
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