IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-05-01

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faassenhi there. :)14:15
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th1aWell, I seem to have a functioning wireless network again.21:20
th1aI hope nobody got shot in the face while I was buying a new access point.21:20
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srichterth1a: I am fine!21:38
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th1a__Hi pcardune.22:51
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pcardunehi th1a22:51
th1aHave you interacted with jelkner lately?22:52
pcardunehow recent is "lately"22:53
th1aIn the past week?22:53
pcarduneth1a: why do you ask?22:58
th1aI was just wondering if he fell in a hole or something, because he got a thread going on the Python edu-sig about his little doctest project and then dropped out of sight.23:00
pcarduneoh, yeah, that is still happening possibly23:01
pcarduneI am actually on the summer of code site right now working on an application for the PSF regarding that23:02
th1aYes.  That actually is a better fit than SchoolTool for that anyhow.23:02
th1aPSF is a better fit.23:02
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