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ignasth1a: ping :)11:24
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tiredbonesth1a, I was looking at your permissions chart and was wondering what the colors represent?13:58
tiredbonessorry th1a, I should read my email more carefully.14:14
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faassenjinty: I don't think the same trick would work.15:30
faassenjinty: I mean, I tried at your suggestion15:30
faassenjinty: but it just won't find the zc.resourcelibrary directory at all, I think, as there's only an egg link.15:30
jintyStrange, I use it in sqlos and it seems to work15:30
faassenmaybe I'm doing something stupid wrong.15:30
* jinty has a look at his sqlos package again15:31
faassenwhat happens is that it doesn't complain; it does find zc.resourcelibrary, I guess.15:31
faassenbut it doesn't find the tests.15:31
faassenoh wait, perhaps those aren't installed.15:31
faassenwould that be possible?15:31
faassenor wait..15:32
faassenI mean, these are functional tests.15:32
faassenyeah, I added taht to Zope's test runner.15:34
jintythen I use the Zope3 test runner to run the sqlos tests15:34
faassenbut doesn't seem to have any effect.15:34
faassenin your case, is it picking up tests in development mode/15:35
faassenor in an installed egg?15:35
jintyno development mode15:35
faassenthat's weird.15:35
faassengoing to try this with zc.table now, see whether that works.15:35
jintybut note that I also have an easy-install.pth file in Zope3/src15:36
faassenthere is one too here.15:37
faassenI don't know how to read those. :)15:37
jintyperhaps I can duplicate your setup somehow15:37
faassenshouldn't be too hard, the schooltool-eggs branch.15:38
faassenI shall check in my notes.15:38
faassenin README.15:38
faassenok, there's now a section in README.txt15:39
faassenEgg dependencies and checkouts15:39
* jinty starts to get a totally new checkout and might be a while15:39
faassenwhich contains the instructions on how to replicate this situation.15:39
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5972:15:40
povbot`/svn/commits: Initial notes on how to:15:40
povbot`/svn/commits: * install egg dependencies into a Schooltool tarball.15:40
povbot`/svn/commits: * install egg dependencies in development mode in an SVN checkout.15:40
faassenokay, I have the same issue with zc.table tests.15:40
faassenit finds the package, just doesn't seem to pick up tests.15:40
faassenI say: python2.4 -vpf1 -s zc.table15:40
faassenor -vpu115:40
jintyis the package a zipfile?15:41
jintyer no, obviously not15:41
faassenwell, development packages aren't zipfile.15:41
faassenbut I turned zipfile stuff off.15:41
* jinty urges on his internet connection15:41
faassenI suppose that even though the egg may not ship with tests..15:41
faassenthe development mode package will find tests.15:42
faassenperhaps that assumption is wrong.15:42
jintyhmm, eggs should ship with tests, shouldn't they?15:42
faassenI don't know.15:42
jintyit's not celar from your notes where I am supposed to checkout zc.resourcelibrary15:44
jintyah, somewhere15:44
* jinty thinks eggs should definitiely ship with tests15:44
faassenI shall try to adjust them that they have tests included.15:45
jintybut that's just my opinion I formed myself15:45
faassenanyway, I don't see how that could be the cause.15:45
jintyotherwise how do you test installations?15:45
faassenunless there's a mechanism that makes sure exactly only those packages listed in are installed.15:45
faassensomewhere in setuptools.15:45
faassenI was assuming that typically one doesn't test eggs unless you're co-developing them.15:46
faassenit depends on your view of tests.15:46
faassenlike, are tests for developers or are they also for end users to test whether their install works?15:46
jintyyeah, but if I install a server I like to run the tests on the installation15:47
jintyto make sure I have all dependencies and everything is working fine15:48
jinty(from a sysadmin's point of view)15:49
jintyfrom a debian packagers point of view, it is nice to run the tests on an installed egg at package build time15:50
faassenwell, I'll look into somehow bundling tests with eggs and having them run.15:50
faassenbut I don't know how to run tests in eggs.15:50
faassenis that possible?15:50
jintyI don't know about zipfiles, but it certainly seems possible for non-zipfile eggs15:52
faassenby the way, you'll have to put in the 'import site' thing into the test runner, if this is really necessary.15:58
faassenI get the same behavior (no error, but no tests found in zc.table or zc.resourcelibrary) without or without that addsitedir.16:00
jintyI see your problem16:00
faassenok you can reproduce it not picking up tests, right?16:01
jintyyep, it's because the test runner ignores tests found outside certain paths16:01
jintythere's a option to add them...16:02
jinty.PHONY: testall16:02
jintytest: develop16:02
jinty        cd Zope3 && $(PYTHON) --test-path=../src -s sqlos16:02
jintythat's the makefile rule for sqlos16:03
faassenbut how can I add..16:03
faassensomething taht's not a directory? :)16:04
faassenII mean, I just tried..16:04
jintyPYTHONPATH=~/pylib:src ./ -s zc.resourcelibrary --test-path=../zc.resourcelibrary/src16:04
jintythat works, without patching test.py16:04
faassenoh, but then we're actually just putting the checkout on the test path.16:04
jintyyou might be16:05
faassenwell, are you?16:05
faassenby the way, that doesn't work for me.16:05
faassenI get a no such file or directory.16:05
jinty    --test-path=TEST_PATH16:05
jinty                        Specify a path to be searched for tests, but not added16:05
jinty                        to the Python search path.  This option can be used16:05
faassen    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/faassen/working/schooltool/eggs/schooltool/Zope3/zopeskel/etc/securitypolicy.zcml'16:06
faassendon't you get that?16:06
jintyI have that file. but I did a make inplace first16:07
faassenI'm in the directory Zope316:07
jintyso am I16:07
faassenhm, perhaps I didn't get made yet.16:07
faassenin this particular checkout.16:07
faassenI thought I had..16:07
faassenno, that wasn't it.16:07
faassenhm, but I can run the normal z3 tests.16:08
faassenoh wait, i can't.16:08
faassenthat's weird, I thought I did before.16:08
faassenhm, I wonder what triggers that error.16:08
faassenpython -vp16:09
faassenseems to work.16:09
faassenat least my tests are being executed.16:09
faassenok appears to be only the functional tests.16:11
faassenso that's not related to eggs.16:11
faassenjinty: did you actually get those zc.resourcelibrary tests to run?16:12
faassenthe zc.table tests run16:12
jintyyep. they failed beautifully for lack of a configure-zcml file16:13
jinty    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "<string>", line 6.216:13
jinty        ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'resourceLibrary')16:13
faassenwell, that makes sense.16:13
faassenI still think the Zope3/src is better than schooltool/src16:13
faassenI mean, to put them in.16:13
* jinty hopes that when zope becomes a collection of eggs, Zope3/src will dissapear16:15
jintyso I slightly disagree, but not much16:16
faassenyou'd put them all in src?16:16
faassenit's just that you wouldn't want your test runner to pick up all the Zope 3 tests.16:16
faassenwhen you're testing schooltool.16:16
faassenputting all your eggs into that single space might mean all the tests are run.16:17
jintysorry, gotta eat the pasta provided by my roommates;)16:17
jintysee you a bit later!16:18
faassenok, thanks for the help!16:18
faassensee you later!16:18
jintyjust a quick note, the zope test runner ignores the ZODB tests by default. we might want something similar.16:19
faassenwe still have the issue of where this site.zcml is coming from. :)16:19
faassenyour tarballdoesn't contain the .zcml that I adjusted in the brnch for some reason.16:19
* jinty thought he had posted a mail to the list about the missing zcml16:44
* jinty decides he very much prefers the PYTHONPATH approach to the import site; site.addsitedir(src) approach16:48
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5973:16:57
povbot`/svn/commits: Add some more notes about development installs of eggs.16:57
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faassenjinty: I hadn't seen that reply..17:21
faassenjinty: what do you mean the PYTHONPATH approach compared to the impot site story?17:21
* faassen looks for the reply in possible spam places.17:21
jintythey are equivalent. If you set PYTHONPATH, you don't need to do the import site dance17:22
* jinty actually tests that17:22
jintyyep it's true17:22
faassenI think that's true, but I can't tell everybody to set their PYTHONPATH all the time.17:22
faassenthe whole point of those schooltool-server and site path manipulation is to avoid having to do that.17:23
jintybut PYTHONPATH feels more correct17:23
faassenwell, it's a shift in philosophy that I'm not going to propose, but feel free.17:23
faassenconcerning those missing zcml files.17:23
faassenI can't find your post.17:23
jintyanyway, it's just my opinion17:23
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faassenwhat did you say about it?17:23
jintyok, re-sent it, but CCed the list this time17:27
jintyfassen, the crux is, look in releases/SchoolTool/PACKAGE.cfg17:27
jintyfaassen, rather17:28
faassenhm, where is this Schooltool?17:28
jintyI think this is a rather hoinking big bug17:28
faassendoesn't have a subdirectory.17:28
faassenshould I look somewhere else?17:28
faassenok, did I run into a bug? :)17:28
jintyno in the schooltool source tree17:29
faassenok, looking there..17:29
jintythere is a releses directory there17:29
faassenyes, looking in that PACKAGE.cfgf file.17:29
faassenfound it.17:29
faassenso the bug is we should load the stuff from the branch in there?17:29
faassenthat isn't a bug though, just a neglect on the branch?17:30
faassenor what is this bug?17:31
jintyit's a bug somewhere (perhaps in my branch tagging script), I am just not sure exactly where yet.17:31
faassenbut why is it a bug? I mean, that file refers to the trunk.17:31
faassenso if it pulls that stuff in to make a tarball..17:31
faassenthen it's going to get trunk stuff.17:31
faassenor am I missing something?17:31
faassenI don't know whether it pulls stuff that's listed there.17:32
jintyyes, but if you build a tarball from a tag in three months and include this stuff from the trunk you end up with a horribly broken tarball17:32
faassenI mean, so it's a design flaw?17:32
faassenI mean, clearly you if you're branching a stable branch or have a tag.17:33
faassenyou'd like to pull in the stuff local to that tag or branch.17:33
faassennot from the trunk.17:33
faassenthe simple fix would be to adjust that file.17:33
faasseneach time you branch or tag.17:33
faassenbut that'd be suboptimal.17:33
jintyI think I remember there was some zpkg magic to get around changing that file17:34
jintybut I could have my tagging script edit it as well17:34
jintybut don't worry about it for merging your branch, this is a different issue17:35
faassenwell, I could merge my branch then.17:35
faassenI mean, otherwise I think I'm ready now.17:36
faassenexcept I couldn't test the tarball generation.17:36
faassenI mean, the tarball works, I *think* I successfully can install eggs into it.17:36
faassenbut I cannot 100% verify they're really loadable as I didn't load them.17:36
faassenanyway, I'll merge and we'll deal with that when it's time.17:36
faassenthen at least I can proceed using those dependencies, which my point was in the first place. :)17:36
jintyI am comfortable that we can resolve the remaining issues before release, thus there is little risk in merging.17:38
faassenok, thanks for the go ahead.17:40
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5974:18:11
povbot`/svn/commits: merge 5865:5973 svn+ssh://
faassenhm, I think I eliminated history for as I moved it around..18:11
povbot`/svn/commits: * pull in eggs (zc.table in particular) automatically when doing a 'Make'18:11
povbot`/svn/commits: * explicit version.txt to maintain schooltool version so that this can18:11
povbot`/svn/commits: be retrieved without having to import schooltool.18:11
povbot`/svn/commits: * remove unused MANIFEST.in18:11
faasseneven though I didn't change anything.18:11
faassenI tried to fix this by reverting before checking in, but that completely screwed up the checkout.18:11
faassenso I hope the erasure of history from that file isn't too bad.18:12
faassenit's a short file.18:12
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th1aignas: pong.18:32
ignasth1a: i am ripping away timetables for persons/resources/groups (they will still have their composite timetables)18:33
th1aignas:  Thank you.18:33
ignasfaassen: err, what magic must i do to run schooltool ? as dapper is kind of missing some python packages18:51
jintyignas: try installing the latest setuptools, probably in /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages18:56
mgedminuh oh, I suppose I will have to do that on the buildbot machine too18:57
ignasjinty: err i kind of would like to avoid that :/ as i don't like installing packages anywhere out of my homedir18:58
ignasjinty: imho messing with apt managed files is allways a bad idea, especially if one is running unreleased ubuntu version (dapper)18:58
jintyignas: you can also install into a directory in your home directory18:58
jintybut it needs to be a site somehow, and I don't know the exactly right way to do that18:59
* jinty is using ~/pylib19:00
ignaswill i find such info in schooltool's README.txt some day ?19:00
jintythen you would probably need to add PYTHONPATH=~/pylib to your environment19:01
mgedminand the makefile should take care to add to $PYTONPATH instead of overriding it like I saw on faasen's branch19:01
jintyand change the scholltool Makefile PYTHONPATH declaration to be PYTHONPATH=~/pylib:src:Zope3/src19:01
ignasjinty: as i am often connecting to remote PC's and kind of trying to develop a distributed unit test runner sometimes, it hurts a lot :/19:02
jintymgedmin: feel free, I investigated the make manual for a short while but didn't find the "right" way19:03
jintyignas: this is just until setuptools 0.6a11 makes it into ubuntu19:03
ignasjinty: Edgy Eft ?19:03
jintythey are on 0.6a9 right now19:03
jintyignas: definitely19:04
ignasjinty: is python ./ --install-dir /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ enough to make it not polute my /usr/lib ?19:15
ignasas the dry run is broken19:15
jintyignas: why don't you run that as your own user and change the ownership of that directory temporarily?19:16
jintythen change the ownership back to root19:17
ignasan idea19:17
jintythat way you can be sure19:17
* jinty notes that leaving that directory owned by an un-priviliged user is a big security risk19:19
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ignasjinty: err, well now i have setuptools-0.6a11-py2.4.egg in /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages, but schooltool still is not buildable19:34
ignasImportError: No module named setuptools19:35
faassenhm, I need to put in anote.19:38
faassenmy apologies19:39
faassenconcerning how to set up setuptools.19:39
faassenignas: that one is weird.19:39
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povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5975:19:42
povbot`/svn/commits: Some fixes to the shell commands.19:42
ignasfaassen: fixed that :/ apparently -s was not the key i should have used when installing19:42
ignas--prefix tries to install easy_install to /usr/local/bin though19:44
ignasso i still don't know what was the proper way of installing setuptools19:44
ignasbut it works now19:44
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faassenokay, that's a relief.19:45
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5976:19:46
povbot`/svn/commits: Added some notes about installing setuptools first.19:46
ignasbut i am begining to dislike eggs/setuptools19:47
jintyignas: Soonish apt-get will work19:48
mgedminjinty: define soonish19:48
mgedminI thought dapper was very deeply frozen now?19:48
mgedminand I'd be afraid to jump to edgy as soon as it is branched19:48
mgedminpeople are talking about breaking everything in it to get the latest crackful candy19:49
mgedminto balance the very stable dapper release19:49
* jinty thinks that it might have been a good idea to provide an updated setuptools deb for schooltool developers19:49
jintymgedmin: apt-pinning?19:52
jintymgedmin: apt pinning?19:52
* mgedmin does not like apt pinning19:53
* mgedmin thinks the apt preferences file format was designed by a drunken monkey on drugs19:53
faassenanyway, we'll see how eggs work out.19:55
faassenit's complicated having two package formats, one distribution based and one language based.19:55
faassenthen again a language based packaging system was something long missing in python.19:55
faassenit gets hairiest if you want to install the packaging system itself as a package. :)19:55
faassenout of here for today.19:56
faassenjinty: thanks again for all the help.19:56
faassensee you!19:56
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jintyfaassen: caio19:57
povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5977:20:02
povbot`/svn/commits: Fix a broken test.20:02
povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5978:20:02
povbot`/svn/commits: Abolish tripple single quotes.20:02
mgedminis setuptools brainded, or is this its way to tell me "everything is now all right"?20:14
mgedminat least '>>> import setuptools' works now20:19
mgedminlet's see if buildbot becomes green again20:19
mgedminall green!20:49
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mgedminwoohoo, buildbot is finally packaged for Debian!20:56
mgedminor at least for Dapper20:56
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ignasth1a: ayt21:52
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