IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-03-22

srichterhe he00:00
srichterI think people just figured it out and went on00:00
pcardunewell, then for the few who didn't...00:01
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pcarduneflint: what channel?00:34
flintby voice, fixing other code...00:34
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5840:00:42
povbot/svn/commits: Use latest Zope 3 goodness.00:42
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pcardunesrichter: ? that is a really specific commit comment00:43
srichteroh, you are reading pvobot00:44
srichteryou see I ignore it :-)00:44
srichterI read only checkin mails, which also contain the diffs00:44
srichterand then it would be obvious00:44
pcarduneoh, i c00:44
srichterI shut up povbot on my client a long time ago :-)00:45
pcarduneoh, btw, now that the vocabulary directive is gone... the scoresystem gives you the option to choose tons of crazy stuff00:47
pcarduneit's broken00:47
pcardunei guess there were no functional tests for that00:47
srichterI have to investigate00:48
srichterprobably it was converted incorrectly00:48
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5841:00:51
povbot/svn/commits: Okay, we need this new selected term template vocabulary to select term templates applicable to the course.00:51
pcardunesrichter: what do recommend for disambiguating links (I have "View Competencies", "Grade Competencies", "Edit Competenices", etc. on the same page).  getLink matches substrings01:11
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srichterso look up a link for "View Competencies"01:20
pcardunesrichter: i made a mistake, I dont have "View Competencies" I have just "Competencies"01:20
srichterand "Grade Competencies"01:20
pcarduneit's alright, I will just change the names of things01:20
srichterah, you have to specify an index then01:21
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flintsrichter, stephan what the hell is a povbot?02:09
flint* flint goes looking on google...02:10
pcarduneflint pov is a company that has done a lot of devel on schooltool02:11
pcardunepovbot is their irc bot that does fun stuff (like show svn commits in irc)02:11
flintpcardune, the reason is that Wikipedia talks of npov "neutral point of view"...  Programmers of Vilneous eh?02:15
pcarduneflint: yeah02:16
flintin fact it is a supybot... interesting...02:18
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ignasth1a, what timezone are you in ?16:36
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srichterignas: Eastern Standard Time16:49
ignassrichter, maybe you could even tell me what is the date when you switch DST this year ?16:49
srichtermmh, I dunno; let me check (my computer does this usually for me ;-)16:50
ignassrichter, maybe you have a piece of schooltool a.k.a. dogfood in use ?16:51
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srichterApril 216:51
srichterso in two weeks16:51
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ignas:/ EST is not switching DST/non-DST16:56
srichteryes it is16:57
ignaswell - schooltool hasn't got such thing as 'EST' in it's timezone selection box ...16:59
ignasand according to pytz timezone with ID 'EST' is not switching between DST and non DST modes, the offset is constant17:00
srichterthat's weird17:00
ignasbut timezones such as 'America/Chicago' are acting as expected17:02
srichteroh, I know why17:07
srichterEST is only the winter time17:07
srichterwe effectively switch to EDT in the summer17:07
ignasso the timezone that switches is "America/Whateva"17:09
ignascan you tell me what Whateva is in your/th1a's location17:09
srichterI think America/New York17:10
ignasAmerica/New_York ;)17:10
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vmxit's time for some coding :)17:23
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ignasvmx, how's geting used to schooltool, unit tests going ?17:43
vmxi have played with zpt. now i'll write my first function. so no unit tests yet17:45
vmxthe hardest part is writing good docstrings18:02
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vmxhm, i'm pretty unsure what's the right way to code. e.g. i need all all-day-events. should i call getAllEvents and then loop through them to get them, or duplicate most of the code and write a new getAllAllDayEvents. the second solution is faster, the first perhaps more beautiful18:26
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vmxhm, i try to add a function/method but get a TraversalError. what could be worng19:40
vmxi even tried to use an existing one, and just changed the name. but it doesn't work19:40
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ignastraversal error where ?20:03
vmxi should perhaps restart schooltool ;)20:03
* vmx hides20:03
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Gwynnhello. lacking a rosetta channel Iĺl post this here since I started helping with the dutch translation of SchoolTool but the last 60+ "used elsewhere"'s are fine so how do I go about that?20:43
th1aGwynn:  How do you go about what?20:44
Gwynnif the 'used elsewhere' is fine, but it's just not in the Dutch field, it sais it is not translated, but it is. Does one need to copy-pste the existing (correct, used elsewhere) translation?20:46
Gwynnyou can redirect me to a place for rosetta questions as well off course20:47
vmxis there something like a rehash function, or do i really need to restart schooltool everytime i changed something in the python code and like to test it?21:18
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vmxhi jinty22:07
jintyhey vmx22:08
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