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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5823:00:27
povbot/svn/commits: Added suport for duration of all day events to UI.00:27
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5824:00:28
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed some bugs in css files (margins set to none instead of 0, unclosed comment etc.)00:28
vmxdoes all day events also mean several (all) day events?00:37
ignasbefore you could only have an allday event spanning 1 day00:37
ignasnow you can have let's say a conference marked by 1 allday event spanning 5 days00:38
ignasnot to be confused with a recurrent allday event00:38
vmxthat's what i ment00:38
vmxignas: do you know how zimbra displays such events (i think it's a nice idea)00:38
ignaszimbra ?00:39
vmxthe groupware tool (mail and calendar)00:39
vmx htp://
ignasi don't know, i only have access to evolution, apple ical (seldom) and mozilla-calendar(a piece of crap)00:41
vmxmozilla calendar is in very early development00:41
vmxbut fast pace00:41
ignasmozilla-calendar has no timezones yet00:42
ignasand it's like 1 year since i have heard of it00:43
ignaszimbra supports many day allday events00:43
ignaslooks fancy00:44
ignasand is a bit buggy00:44
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vmxit has timezones00:44
ignasi guess even proper ones00:44
ignasthough checking it with evolution, apple ical and ms outlook would be nice00:45
* ignas can only trust apple ical now, when it comes to ical and proper timezone support00:45
ignass/the second ical/icalendar00:46
vmxi ment sunbird/lighntin/mozilla calnedar has timezones00:47
vmxlightning (the calendat extension for thunderbird 1.5)00:48
vmxmy typing is very bad today00:49
ignaswell from what i know - evolution can only import it's own icalendar files (broke events with timezones generated by apple ical)00:51
ignasoutlook - doesn't support some recurrence rules in vtimezone declarations00:51
ignasschooltool - has no VTIMEZONE support yet00:51
ignasmozilla-calendar - has a warning near a timezone prefference that it doesn;t do timezones yet00:52
ignasif i'll manage to fix schooltool to work with Zope3 trunk and still have energy i'll try adding vtimezone support to schooltool (at least for importing)00:53
vmxah ok, you talked about timezone importing, i though you talk about managing them00:53
ignasmanaging is even more difficult sometimes00:54
ignasevolution has problems with daylight savings00:54
ignasevery sane calendaring application has problems with proper DST support ;)00:54
ignasi think apple ical does that part right00:54
ignashaven't seen a day with 25 hours in the grid on DST switch dates yet ...00:56
ignaszimbra is not leting me to select a preffered timezone at all01:03
ignasand i can't find Europe/Vilnius in their list of timezones too01:03
vmxi don't know about timezones in zimbra, or how good it is. i just wnted to menchend their way of displaying multi-day-events01:04
ignasoh, well in schooltool we are doing pretty much the same01:04
ignasand we don't have the overlapping multi day all-day event bug01:04
vmxi just checked out svn01:05
ignasoh yeh, you should not forget that calendaring is not the primary function of schooltool01:06
ignasso it gets buggy/flaky/etc. in some places01:06
ignasmostly usable though01:06
ignasand i am not even sure it will work now, Zope3 trunk has change a lot during past 5-6 hours, so i am fixing everything now01:07
vmxi know, but that is what i want :)01:07
vmxi'm in need of a calendar for small business01:08
ignaseveryone apparently is :)01:08
vmxschoolbell/tool seems to be the only one which coukd to the job with a bit hacking01:08
pcarduneignas: do you know anything about authentication in zope3?  like through the ZMI?  what kind of setup you have to do?01:10
ignasseems not sure i understand what you mean by "like through the ZMI"01:10
vmxi got to go, cu01:11
ignasvmx, bye01:11
pcarduneas in, i'm running a regular zope3 instance, is there a way to create users?01:12
pcarduneI see all this stuff for authentication plugins and credential plugins, but it means very little to me01:12
pcarduneand it seems as though all the zope3 books out there now don't touch that stuff unless you are writing something like schooltool, where no one ever sees the zope management interface01:13
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ignaspcardune, well - i am not proficient in that stuff enough to just explain it to you, and the only example i have is proprietary code :/01:14
pcarduneoh, that's too bad01:14
pcarduneI can't find any decent documentation on it whatsoever01:16
ignasyou should look for Pluggable Authentication Utility01:18
ignaswe are using it in our zmi using product01:18
ignasand a PrincipalFolder01:19
pcarduneok, thanks01:19
pcarduneignas: when configuring the Pluggable Authentication Utility, there are buttons with ugly arrows on them and various boxes allowing you to move credential plugins and authenticator plugins.  what's the difference between them being in the left box vs. the right box?01:24
ignasthe right one is the selected ones01:24
ignaswe are using - Credential Plugins to Zope Realm HTTP Basic01:25
ignasand Authenticators set to the Principal folder that was created01:25
ignasi'd gladly give you more info, but i am busy fixing schooltool :/01:25
pcarduneyou've helped me a lot already, thanks01:25
ignasthe trick is - naming principal folder (giving it the right prefix) so you could access it from within your app01:26
pcarduneI was wondering what the point of that was01:26
ignasthe folder should provide '' interface01:26
ignasand PAU should be registered for '' with an empty name01:27
ignasat least in our system01:27
pcardunethanks a lot01:27
pcarduneoh great, it worked, I'm going to write this up right now01:28
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ignasyay, got schooltool working again02:26
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5825:02:48
povbot/svn/commits: Update schooltool after some changes to Zope3 trunk.02:48
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ignasyay i just got timezones working in icalendar import03:06
ignasnow a couple of unit tests and i can commit03:06
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5826:12:46
povbot/svn/commits: Fix the nightly tarball build in the easiest way by making (The hard way is making this a soft dependency).12:46
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5827:15:22
povbot/svn/commits: Factor out a lot out of into
povbot/svn/commits: The goal is to eventually have a standalone that can be easily developed further without worrying too much about the rest of schooltool. The goal is also to clean up Right now what remains there is calendaring code, some skin setup code, and other bits and pieces.15:22
povbot/svn/commits: The goal is also make as standalone as possible.15:22
povbot/svn/commits: We haven't reached the goals yet completely, but we're a good way and the tests all work again, so checking in.15:22
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5828:16:51
povbot/svn/commits: Added timezone support to read_icalendar.16:51
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5829:19:28
povbot/svn/commits: Some whitespace tweaks.19:28
ignasfaassen, do you know that we prefer 2 blank lines separating top classes/functions19:48
ignasand now the file has both - 2 and 1 blankline lines as separators19:48
ignasthus even if you want to use different coding style it would be nice keeping it consistent in the whole file ...19:48
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5830:19:49
povbot/svn/commits: Eliminate NavigationView, which didn't turn out to be used at all.19:49
pcardunei have a general question if anyone is willing to answer it... Why do lots of schooltool classes implement IAttributeAnnotatable directly and not through zcml?  Is it not better practice to register marker interfaces with zcml?19:50
ignasunit tests i guess19:51
ignasusing directly provides all the time seems like a lot of extra code19:51
ignasbut probably you are right19:51
ignasand we should be doing that in  zcml19:51
pcarduneok, just checking19:52
srichterpcardune: I have wondered about this before too, but since SchoolTool is a pure Zope 3 project, it is okay to do that19:53
srichterit makes the test setup simpler too19:53
srichteryou do not have to constantly worry about setting the interface on the class19:53
pcarduneI'm beginning to write down all my zope 3 questions and organize them online19:54
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pcardune if anyone feels like answering questions :)19:55
srichteryes to your first question19:56
srichterIContained should be usually inherited from any object19:57
pcarduneaha! i knew it all along19:57
srichterand the constraints be provided19:57
srichterthe object itself inherits
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pcarduneso IObjectContained should only be provided through zcml directives?19:57
srichterI would not declare containment in ZCML, if it is a pure Zope 3 project19:58
srichterit is just more overhead than you need19:58
pcardunewhen is a zope 3 project not pure?19:58
srichterfor example, if you want to use the code outside Zope 319:59
srichteror you incorporate a third party pacakge that is Zope and especially interface agnostic19:59
faassenignas: I didn't know that, I'll fix that.19:59
srichterOT: darn I should have strongly argued against philikon's ZCML Simplifications from the beginning; he is getting crazy now20:00
ignasfaassen, schooltools coding style is mostly PEP-8, with some modifications from mgedmin, can't recall exactly what they are ;)20:00
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5831:20:00
povbot/svn/commits: More whitespace tweaks. :)20:00
pcarduneok, so for ultimate crossover/extensibility, it might be a good idea to register things in zcml just in case you will want to reuse code elsewhere?20:00
ignassrichter, yep, spent an hour untill i fixed everything yesterday20:00
mgedminI'd phrase it "PEP-8 the way mgedmin remembers it" ;)20:01
srichterwell, we follow pretty much Zope 3 style conventions, which includes PEP-8 + changes, as MArtijn knows, since he helped writing it :-)20:01
vmxi've take a short look at the code, it looks really nice. i hope hacking it will be as nice as it seems atm20:02
ignasvmx, hi :)20:04
vmxignas, the first thing i'll try to change is the look of multi-day events in week view20:05
ignasvmx, :) good luck20:05
vmxi think they should really span and have only one label20:05
ignasvmx, most people find the "unit testing", "functional testing" parts most difficult20:06
vmxwhat is unit and functional testing`20:06
ignasoooh :)20:08
ignasthe short instructions20:09
ignasif "make run" works on your pc with schooltool20:09
ignasthen you should at least run "make test" after modifying the code20:09
ignasthis will show you whether you have broken anything in the code20:10
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vmxic, now i know what it is. i'm a non native speaker :)20:10
ignaswriting new tests for the new functionality that you add is prefered as it makes it a lot easier to trust your patches, and include them in schooltool source code20:11
ignasbecause else - we have to write tests ourselves20:11
vmxapropos: make update-translations doesn't work for me20:11
vmxsure. it will need some time to add new features, first i'll start chaning things a bit20:11
vmxerror while opening "src/schooltool/locales//schoolbell.pot" for reading: No such file or directory20:12
ignasmaybe it's extra slash ?20:12
vmxno it isn't20:12
vmxthere's really no school.pot (i searched the whole tree=20:13
vmxthe problem could be my strange language settings20:13
ignasno it's not you20:13
ignasit fails for me too20:13
ignasjinty removed the pot from the repository20:15
ignasi think one can generate it, but the makefile rule is not there20:16
ignasmake extract-translations20:16
ignasshould generate it i think20:16
ignasmight be wrong though20:16
vmxignas: it was right, the tests work now20:26
vmxso it sould be added to the makefile20:26
ignasthe dependency between schoolbell.pot and update-translations ?20:27
ignasyes i guess20:27
ignasas well as the indication that extract-translations updates the pot20:27
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5832:20:41
povbot/svn/commits: Unused global.20:41
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erchachewe are planning to make structural changes on spanish translation because some words has a difficult explanation into intuitive context interface20:43
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pcarduneI added some more questions:
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5833:21:10
povbot/svn/commits: - Merged in latest trunk.21:10
povbot/svn/commits: - Started with term template views.21:10
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5834:21:37
povbot/svn/commits: Enabled zope.formlib for SchoolTool. The simple_edit template must still be fixed to use the right button CSS classes, which will effectively mean that we have to write custom views/templates for the actions.21:37
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5835:21:54
povbot/svn/commits: The first zope.formlib based form for SchoolTool. It is very simple, so it should provide a nice how-to for other people.21:55
povbot/svn/commits: Term Templates can now be assigned to the SchoolTool Application via the UI.21:55
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5836:22:25
povbot/svn/commits: Moved schoolday-specific code and template to a better place.22:25
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