IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-02-27

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th1aerchache: Hi.18:20
erchachewhat happs with mail daemon? i cant receive any mail of schooltool@schooltool.org18:20
th1aI don't know.18:20
erchachei have two notices, one good and other bad....what do you want to hear before? :-P18:21
erchachethe bad.....on my department dont use schoolbell now :-(18:23
erchachewe pass to mbrs, a lamp reservation18:24
erchachebecause we need a stable environment urgently18:24
erchacheand the good18:24
th1aThat is understandable.18:24
erchachewe are speaking with more people which are working on reservation systems18:24
erchachei dont know wich language program18:25
erchachebut if is very very alpha version18:25
erchachei can push on development to pass to schooltool18:25
erchachebecause to teacher department....schooltool is the best program we can see over internet18:26
erchachei see colloquia18:26
erchacheand other elearning systems18:26
erchachebut arent designed like schooltool to make a entire students information systems18:27
th1aWell, that makes sense.18:27
erchachei dont know if my boss wants to use 2 or more students to work on schooltool18:27
erchachebut i hope i can obtain it18:28
th1aThat would be great.18:28
erchachehere we have rembo, a network image management for our classroms18:29
erchacheand have many people developing our own reservation system18:29
erchachefor this reason my boss want to install as fast as i can a stable front-end environment18:30
erchachebut for other departments we can use schooltool18:30
erchachei need to go a future meet and explain all posibilities18:30
erchacheand if everybody wants....pass to schooltool18:30
th1aSounds good.18:31
th1aI have to go get some lunch... thanks for the update erchache.18:32
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erchachenot at all... :-P18:33
erchachei need to clean my TO-DO list for schooltool18:34
erchacheim very busy with a new clasrooms localized on other points of my town18:34
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