IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-02-24

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th1athisfred:  Just woke up, having slept through the night for the first time in a week.09:01
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tiredbonesI blew it!15:11
srichterblew whaat?15:21
tiredbonessrichter, I'm trying to send you a private message. Do I use DCC?15:22
srichterjust / msg srichter15:27
tiredbonessrichter, I did that and it showed up on this window.15:28
srichterof course you do not want the space between / and msg15:30
srichterwhat client do you have?15:30
tiredbonessrichter XChat15:31
tiredbonesPlease forgive the noise while noob plays around.15:35
tiredbonesNothing form this primer I have works.15:36
* tiredbones think 'query' is the way to have a private conversation.16:30
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mgedminanyone remember the acyclic schooltool import dependency graph I produced a while ago?22:04
mgedminit was incorrect22:04
mgedminI made a stupid bug in the implementation of the Strongly Connected Components algorithm22:05
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