IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-01-02

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erchachehappy new year everybody :-D12:24
erchachewhen starts dev meet?12:24
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th1aHm... I'm getting the feeling this is a holiday in Lithuania.16:22
th1aHi jinty, srichter.16:30
jintyhoi th1a16:30
th1aI guess we're going to have to postpone this, since POV seems to be taking the day off.16:31
jintythere are some issues still to discuss16:32
th1aOf course.16:32
th1aWhat's on your mind?16:32
th1aAh.  What about it?16:33
jintyapparently it is not buildable currently16:33
th1aI wasn't planning on doing a snapshot of it.16:33
jintyYeah, but people like ubuntu are going to get antsy when they discover they cannot upgrade their zope16:34
jintyIf there is no schoolbell that works with zope 3.2, then ubuntu is going to have some nasty decisions16:35
th1aBy when?16:36
* jinty looks up the release date of dapper16:36
jintyapril 200616:38
jintywe also still have the option of bringing the old schoolbell into the Zope 3.2 world.16:39
th1aIs SchoolBell dependent on any Zope package at all in Ubuntu currently?  It is all just included, right?16:39
jintyno, it depends16:40
jintythat was one of the pre-requisites to getting schooltool into main16:41
th1aSplitting it off?16:41
jintyyes, just including duplicate stuff is an anthema to packaging16:42
jintyfor some good reasons.16:42
th1aWell, I've got some time committed to calendaring bugs in the spring, I guess this will have to include making the new SchoolBell build.16:42
jintyFrom my conversations with srichter about this, I was left uncretain if SchoolBell could be made to build with Zope 3.216:44
th1aI wouldn't want to spend time on the old branch unless absolutely necessary.16:45
jintyI agree.16:45
jintyso, not much to do except wait.16:46
th1aAnd that would only be the case if srichter's ideas about using zpkg are just wrong.16:46
th1aAnything else?16:49
jintyer, not much, I think I have done enough to put out the release quickly16:51
jintyso am just waiting for the word that the code is ready16:51
th1aI think it will probably end up being near the end of the week.16:51
jintyI don't have enough time to even look at the issue tracker these days16:51
th1aWell, I deeply appreciate all the time you've put into SchoolTool.16:52
jintythere are also prototype packages on my laptop16:53
th1aAre you planning on releasing debs for the snapshot?16:54
jintyperhaps, I have to sort out the zope3 mess first16:54
th1aIt isn't essential.16:54
jintyI made them to be sure I could fit the new zpkg stuff into backwards compatible packages16:56
th1aAh.  Good.16:56
jintywell, a mountain of people have just arrived and I gotta go eat. cheers!16:59
th1aHave fun!17:00
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clarkkwhat's the difference between schooltool calendar and schoolbell?18:33
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