IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-12-27

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erchachejinty: are you here?16:27
jintyerchache: yep16:27
erchachewhen launch next release for schooltool/schoolbell?16:28
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* jinty takes a vist to schooltool.org16:28
jintyapparently we should have already released milestone tarballs...16:30
erchachei have a lot of features for request...16:31
jintybut that hasn't happenned, and I havn't pushed it because I have been really busy with real work16:31
erchachebut my office are under physical construction and cant get my handnotes16:32
erchachemore important is to get pdf on schoolbell16:32
erchacheand section management on schooltool16:32
jintyyou probably should speak to th1a about those.16:32
jintyI don't event have enough free time to do the release manager bit.16:33
erchacheyeah....i said it him later16:33
erchacheuhmm....i need to see this roadmap more often...16:34
erchachethis morning i was cleaning my moodle site....16:34
erchacheperhaps tomorrow get more time to spend on schooltool/schoolbell16:35
erchachejinty: do you think install a spanish entire site for schooltool/schoolbell must be a good idea or not?16:35
jintyare there enough resources to maintain it in the long term?16:36
erchachei want to make a howtos like tom did on spanish and publish it on spanish linux/open source forums16:36
erchachewell....i have machine, bandwith, and perhaps more human help to do it...16:36
jintyyeah, it's always the human factor that limits16:37
erchachejinty: im not a programmer but i think is a good way to pay all our support16:37
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erchachei dont speak with my boss yet to get a "becario" you know?16:37
erchachedo you know becario on spanish?16:38
jintyan internship/grant in english16:38
jintya becario for you? or open to others?16:38
erchachei need to speak if we have some money of money resources to contract one16:38
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erchachetwice... :-P16:39
erchachefor me and others....we dont have zople/plone/schooltool programmers16:39
erchacheperhaps this must be a good reason to get some one16:39
jintyI would be very interested in applying16:39
erchacheare you studying on any university on barcelona?16:41
jintynope, finished my studies a while ago16:41
jintywell, so it goes16:41
erchachewell i think most fast way to contribute is to install a plone site copy on spanish16:42
erchacheyou know?16:42
jintyI have never worked with plone much16:42
erchacheeasy to install16:42
erchachei can install....make first movements and request for help on spanish forums...guadalinex and so...16:43
jintyProbably a good idea to try it and see the response16:43
erchachei can make a server service
erchacheand start....16:44
jintymaybe you can ask tom for or something?16:44 are free of charge for me :-P16:44
erchacheperhaps need money for it...but.....i can ask for money for that...16:45 would also be I think...16:45 is better16:45
jintyand would look more official16:45
erchachewell....i must to go, i need to found a webcam for my pb 12"16:45
erchachewell need need......i want.. :-P16:46
jintyhasta luego16:46
erchachei write a request feature list and a planning to install a spanish site to mailing list16:46
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5492:19:03
povbot/svn/commits: A better config for testing Zope 3 tarballs, and add a collection to build the Zope 3.2 release branch.19:03
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povbot/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 5493:19:33
povbot/svn/commits: Missing imports19:33
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5494:22:10
povbot/svn/commits: Move attendance tests into a subpackage.22:10
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5495:22:28
povbot/svn/commits: Comitting the sparkline code that Vidas wrote, but was unable to commit due to flaky unreliable GPRS connection.22:28
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jelknerhi mitchell!23:00
jelknerhow was your holiday?23:01
flintAs a special guest star...we want to welcome the lovable and HUMBLE.....drum roll please....flint!!!!!23:01
ffsnoopyvery enjoyable23:01
jelkneri'm up here in vermont with the lovable and very humble mr flint23:01
ffsnoopyso thats why you two dropped in at the same time23:01
flintelkner and I are back to back in the FiTs Montpleier, Vermont "Silence of the Lambs" Basement Lab.23:01
jelknerany news from paul?23:02
flintwhere the &(*) is Paul Cardner23:02
jelknernone at all?23:02
jelknerso you haven't been given anything to do yet to get you started with the project?23:03
ffsnoopyhe mailed me last week saying he'd give me details for this week on monday (yesterday), but I got nothing23:03
ffsnoopyhe said to get familiar w/ the VA module of cando23:04
ffsnoopyso I have23:04
jelknerkeep in mind that he was travelling yesterday23:04
ffsnoopybut thats it23:04
jelknerand he just arrived in senegal23:04
ffsnoopysounds good23:04
jelknerhis connection there can be problematic23:04
jelknerso you never know what to expect23:04
ffsnoopyi dont mind that much!23:05
ffsnoopyi figure theres a logical explanation23:05
ffsnoopyby the way, I found an awesome new editor (far superior to jEdit)23:06
ffsnoopyit can be scripted using a language called "Lua"23:07
ffsnoopyi've been playing with it for a couple days and can get it to do some *really* awesome things23:07
jelkneri've heard of Lua23:08
ffsnoopyand its written in C/C++, so its much faster than anything written in java23:08
ffsnoopyyes, its a nice little language23:08
jelknersrichter: stephan, what is the status of cando 2006?23:08
jelknersrichter: are you here?23:10
jelknerjinty: are you here?23:11
jelkneranyone here besides us chickens?23:11
jintyyeah, just saw that there was a meeting on23:11
jintyactually was busy having a look at the zope3.2/schooltool packaging23:12
jelkneri was hoping for an update from paul about cando 200623:12
jintyHmm, not too many blockers I think23:13
jelknerso you'll have it packaged soon?23:13
jintyI have a prototype already, but it is way to soon23:14
jelknerwhat is the eta?23:14
jintyfirst we need to wait for the Zope3.2 release23:14
jelknerwhen will that happen?23:14
jintyI think it was already meant to happen23:14
jintyat least they have released a beta 2 already23:14
jintybut predictions are bound to fail23:15
jelknerffsnoopy: mitchell, we are on the phone with dave welsh23:15
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jintybut even then, we will need a schooltool 2006 release before thinking about cando 200623:16
jelknerhe is pulling into the career center so he can join us long enough to discuss with you what you could do23:16
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ffsnoopysounds good23:16
jelknerjinty: true, but they are being developed together now23:17
srichterjelkner: hi23:17
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jelknerhi stephan!23:17
srichterjelkner: why would I know what the status of CanDo 2006 is? :-)23:17
jintyjelkner: yep, that makes life easier...23:17
jelkneri thought you and paul worked that all out together23:18
jelknersrichter: have you been introduced to mitchell foral (ffsnoopy) yet?23:18
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jelknerhi dave23:18
jelknerok, jinty is here, srichter is here23:19
dwelshmichael, are you ffsnoopy?23:19
jelkneryes, that's him23:19
ffsnoopyim here23:19
dwelshI'm scared to ask what the ff means23:19
ffsnoopyits a video game thing23:19
dwelshhappy holidays jinty and srichter23:19
srichterthanks; I hope you have a good time too23:20
jintydwelsh, back at you;)23:20
dwelshI do have a little good news to start23:20
jelknertell us23:20
dwelshsister-in-law works for Freedom From Hunger23:20
dwelshexcellent micro-lending non-profit23:20
dwelshfocusing on 3rd world development23:21
dwelshthey just got $6M from the Gates Foundation23:21
dwelshto work on a broader level with micro-lending23:21
dwelshanyway, they're the bomb23:21
dwelshso the focus of micro-lending is EDUCATION with credit23:21
dwelshand as you might guess, their education is skill-based23:21
dwelshi.e. how to make sterile breast milk23:22
dwelshhow to avoid malaria23:22
dwelshhow to avoid HIV23:22
dwelshhard-core stuff like that23:22
dwelshshowed sister-in-law, her name is Ellen,23:22
dwelshthe CanDo stuff over the break23:22
dwelshbecause the family was here with us.23:22
dwelshsuffice to say that she was blown-away23:22
dwelshthat whole pedagogy of theory, skill and then application23:22
dwelshplus the revelation of open-source tools23:23
dwelshwe've agreed to do a live video conf. with Freedom From Hunger23:23
dwelshin January, to show the whole org. CanDo, online curriculum23:23
dwelshopen source tools, etc.23:23
dwelshvery exciting; one of the great things to come out of the holiday.23:23
ffsnoopywow, impressive23:24
jelknerit would be great to work directly with them as customers in developing cando to meet their needs23:24
dwelshI sometimes forget how powerful this stuff is23:24
dwelshuntil I show the uninitiated.23:24
dwelshSo if we need a little motivation to keep up the great work,23:24
dwelshthere it is.23:24
dwelshOn last little report item,23:24
dwelshNortel Networks, our major partner at the Career Center23:25
jelknerthat's exactly the kind of thing i was hoping would happen23:25
dwelshis officially a part of the $100 computer consortium out of MIT23:25
dwelshthey have a Skype competing product called MCC (Multimedia Content Server)23:25
dwelshthat they are now looking at writing as an open-source client23:25
dwelshso I see some great possibilities in these partnerships23:25
dwelshAs you guys (Flint and Elkner) may remember,23:26
flintwhy not just port what you have to their platform?23:26
dwelshI was at NECC with Nortel last June in Philadelphia23:26
dwelshflint: come again23:26
dwelshanyway, I don't want to take us off track,23:27
dwelshbut I see some great applications of CanDo in 200623:27
flintelkner indicates that whatever their platform is you can make it work...\23:27
dwelshenough said.23:27
jelknerok, i would like to give mitchell some direction if we can23:27
jelkneri was hoping paul would be here23:27
jelknerbut if anyone else can step in that would be great23:27
jelknerwe want to give mitchell a small project that will get him inside schooltool/cando23:28
jelknerpaul had some ideas23:28
dwelshmy main near-term modular need is import and export functions23:28
jelkneri believe he discussed this with you stephan, yes?23:28
dwelshimport students and competencies23:28
dwelshexport evaluations from one section into another23:29
jelkneri think that would work23:29
jelknerpaul said something about waiting on importing until they had a better handle on the xml stuff23:29
jelknerbut moving evaluations can be just python23:30
jelknersrichter: do you have any thoughts on this?23:30
dwelshthe user story is this:  if a student moves into a new section23:30
dwelshthat is using competencies for which they have already been evaluated23:30
dwelshthen those evaluations should come them into the new sectino.23:31
dwelsh.... come with them into the new section.23:31
srichterwe discussed it only briefly23:31
srichterbeasically which approach to take23:31
srichteryou basically have two options: proprietary format or open format23:31
srichterI think Paul said the former is done23:32
srichterTom had some ideas about the formats that could be used23:32
srichterbut I think any XML format would be a decent start I guess23:33
jelknerwould it be correct to say this is still in flux enough that it is not the place for mitchell to start?23:33
jelknerpaul told me he had other ideas23:34
jelknerbut i don't know what they are23:34
jelknerthe problem is one of lost opportunity23:34
jelkneri don't want to wait too long to get mitchell into this23:34
jelkneri you think we need to wait for paul, so be it23:35
jelknerbut i was just wondering if you had any ideas?23:35
dwelshPaul is probably having bandwidth problems23:35
dwelshbut I'm sure he'll get to e-mail shortly23:35
dwelshso we can put an e-mail request into him for his list23:35
jelkneri'll write him at the end of this and wait for his reply23:36
dwelshwhat needs to happen with the new architecture (discussed in Boston)23:36
dwelshso that it can be at a point where someone like Mitchell can contribute?23:36
dwelshIn other words, how much work will it take to get the framework set?23:37
jelknersrichter, jinty, if neither of you can think of what mitchell can do to start his long journey up the steep learning curve, we can call this meeting to an end23:37
flintAs of the first of the year, my lab facilities here in Montpelier are usable, and I intend to use these facilities to examine schooltool and cando extensively.  I may need support from the hordes of developers involved, can I count on all of you for support?23:37
srichterjelkner: really Paul has to make those calls23:38
srichterI know far too little about the plans and workings of CanDo to make any call or suggestion23:38
jelknersrichter: he will need to learn schooltool too, yes?23:39
jintyjelkner: I can't think of anything he can do within the packaging sphere.23:39
srichterjelkner: yes23:40
srichtersometimes one way to learn a framework is by implementing small thinghs or fix bugs23:41
jelknerthat's what i'm looking for23:41
jelknercan you think of anything that would fit the bill?23:41
dwelshone other little user story we have23:42
dwelshis to allow students to post a url as evidence23:42
dwelshnow students can only post journal entries23:43
dwelshagain, might be a small but important problem that could get Mitchell23:43
dwelshinto the SchoolTool/CanDo code.23:44
jelknerthat is important to me now23:44
flintStephan, if it is anything to you I just purchased your book...23:45
dwelshsrichter:  flint just realized you're a zope3 demi-God23:45
jelknermitchell, how does that sound to you?23:45
ffsnoopysounds like a winner23:45
dwelshwe're soothing his ego as we speak23:45
flintdwelsh, actually, a demi-wit :^)23:45
ffsnoopyill have to see if I have access to the repos23:45
jelknerdo you understand the story?23:45
ffsnoopyum, students need to post links23:46
dwelshI need to get to family, but not before wishing all of you a Happy New Year!23:47
dwelshThanks for the great work on CanDo223:47
jelkneryes, they can link to their journals now, but i want my students to link to their zope sites (a url would do it)23:47
flintHappy New Year to you Dave!23:47
dwelshI have high hopes indeed for SchoolTool/CanDo323:47
jelknerhappy new year dwelsh!23:47
jelknerffsnoopy: send me an email over the next few days with an update23:48
jelkneri want to know if you have any trouble getting what you need23:48
dwelshlet's all e-mail carduner to get the list23:48
jelkneri'll email pcardune today23:48
dwelshtalk to everyone next Tuesday, 4pm23:48
jelknerok, next week then23:49
dwelshour first official day back in school :)23:49
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jelknerso, mitchell, are we set?23:49
ffsnoopysounds like it23:49
ffsnoopyi think i should be fine23:49
jelknergreat! i'll be waiting for your email23:50
ffsnoopyokay then23:50
jelknertalk to you soon...23:50
jelknerthanks srichter and jinty!23:50
jelknerhappy new year!23:50
flintGlad to make you acquaintance Mitchel...23:50
ffsnoopyyou too23:51
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