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clarkkI just came accross SchoolTool while looking at Edubuntu and it couldn't have come at a better time01:18
clarkkMuch of our staff is very unhappy with our current SIS so I'm really looking forward to SchoolTool 200601:20
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clarkkwill schooltool be capable of running district wide? (meaning multiple elementary, middle, and high schools)01:28
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clarkkwell, I've got to get out of here. I'll be back for an answer or check the IRC logs01:42
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hoffmanclarkk:  You'd need to run an instance of SchoolTool for each school.02:55
hoffmanRealistically, you're not going to want to try something that big all at once anyhow.02:55
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clarkkhoffman: thanks for the response03:07
clarkkof course we wouldn't try something like that all at once, but a disctrict wide solution would be best03:08
hoffmanOur architecture should scale well.03:08
hoffmanWe just can't do everything at once.03:08
clarkkwe're not a huge district. probably less than 3500 students03:08
hoffmanWhere are you?03:09
clarkkNW Montana03:09
hoffmanI'm in Providence, RI.03:09
clarkkah, RI has about the same population as MT :)03:09
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th1aThere are that many people in Montana?03:10
clarkkanyway, if schooltool supported multiple locations (ie building, schools, etc) that would be great. mostly for reporting03:11
th1aThere are various ways it could be done.03:12
clarkkwe're likely not looking to move to something new until summer '07 realistically03:12
th1aOnce we have a system that has worked in production a while, it is pretty likely that someone else will pay to scale it up a bit.03:13
th1aThere are lots of countries around the world that want to move their public infrastructure off proprietary software.03:13
th1aAnd the expense of scaling up SchoolTool wouldn't be very great for a state or country.03:14
th1aIt might be more than a small district wants to take on.03:15
clarkkwhat kinds of costs are we talking about?03:15
clarkkdo you mean paying the devs or something else?03:17
clarkkoops, i was wrong. RI has about 100k more people than MT03:20
th1aJust more development.03:20
th1aOr we may end up doing it ourselves someday.  Hard to say at this point.03:21
clarkkworst case I guess we can just combine reports from the separate schools which we used to do03:23
th1aWhatever happens it will be easier to deal with if you've got an open source system.03:24
clarkkyeah, i pretty much hate our SIS we have now03:24
th1aWhich one?03:24
clarkkschoolmaster districts version03:24
clarkkthey're a Washington company03:25
th1aIt is hard to keep them straight, since the names are all so similar.03:25
clarkkyeah, schoolthis schoolthat03:26
clarkkhow full-featured do you think this schooltool 2006 .0 release will be?03:32
th1aIt will be a functional student information system.03:32
th1aIt is hard to say how wide a range of schools will be able to use it out of the box.03:33
clarkkwill it have everything in the Usage Scenarios described on the the site (ie high tech, low tech, no tech)03:34
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th1aclarkk:  Not next year.04:58
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