IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-12-20

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hoffmanhi erchache.17:54
erchachewhat happs with my schoolbell issue? for next year?17:54
hoffmanI just submitted a budget to mark for next year.  It has six weeks of bugfixes explicitly for calendaring.17:55
hoffmanPlus some of your problems will be addressed in the new enrollment related systems.17:56
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pcardunehey jelkner23:00
jelknerhi paul!23:00
hoffmanAh, hi pcardune and jelkner.23:00
jelknerhow was your trip to senegal?23:00
jelknerhi tom!23:01
pcardunerelatively smooth23:01
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jelknerhi dave23:02
pcardunehello welsh23:02
dwelshhappy holidays23:02
pcarduneto you too23:02
dwelshhow were finals?23:02
hoffmanHi dwelsh.23:03
pcardunemild to good23:03
pcardunequite jet lagged, but i can deal with that23:05
dwelshI bet you're glad to be done23:05
dwelshYou can also breathe a sigh of relief that your start to college is done!23:06
dwelshPaul:  did you get my list of CanDo/SchoolTool userstories?23:08
dwelshhoffman: I just sent it to you23:08
pcardunedwelsh: yes i did23:08
hoffmanOK.  Finishing up another email...23:08
dwelshI guess that they are more overall goals23:08
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ffsnoopygah, connection problems, sorry im late23:09
jelknerok, do we have an agenda?23:09
jelknerif not, i do ;-)23:09
pcarduneffsnoopy: you didn't miss anything yet23:09
pcardunejelkner: go for it23:09
jelknerand part of it includes a nap before my son's concert tonight23:09
jelknerso we need to move23:09
jelkner1. current status report23:10
jelkner2. plans for the next week23:10
jelkner3. integrating mitchell (ffsnoopy)23:10
dwelsh4. Paul's contract with APS23:10
jelkner4. getting pcardune setup with aps23:10
jelknerthat's it23:11
jelknerok, 123:11
dwelsh#4 is easy.23:11
dwelshcan we knock that off first?23:11
jelkneri talked to chris martini today23:11
dwelshAPS wants a single "invoice" with a single bottom line number to cover next 3 months23:11
dwelshthat they can pay in one lump23:11
dwelshi.e. too Paul23:12
jelkneractually, i have a revised report on that23:12
dwelshThis will ease paperwork and checkwriting23:12
jelknerchris said monthly will be fine23:12
jelkneras long as we just report a lump sum bill23:12
dwelshHow recently?23:12
ffsnoopyso much for going in order :P23:12
jelkner2 pm23:12
dwelshOK.  that's the update then.23:12
dwelshmonthly bills to APS23:13
jelknerand mike was there23:13
dwelshBut we may want to issue the first one NOW, to get payment flowing23:13
jelknerso, paul, they just need your info (mailing address, ssn, etc)23:13
jelkneri have a form chris gave me, and i'll send you and dave an email with the needed info tomorrow23:13
jelknerok, 4 is done23:13
jelknerpcardune: you have the floor for 123:14
jelknerpaul, we are waiting...23:15
pcarduneIs he in agreement with the agreement?23:15
pcardunehold on, there was some crazy lag and i need to read above23:15
jelknerlet's move on23:15
jelknershort and productive meetings are best!23:15
hoffmanbtw, they're recommending you use because of bot issues on irc.freenode.net23:15
pcardunebot issues?23:16
hoffmanSome kind of bot attack or something.23:16
jelknerhow do you do that?23:16
hoffmanThat might explain your lag.23:16
pcarduneok, the status is, I have been studying/taking finals the last two weeks so there isn't a whole lot to update you on.23:16
hoffmanJust enter that server into your client instead of
hoffmanTakes you the same place, virtually.23:17
jelknerok, so that takes us to 2 then23:17
pcarduneI now have access to the schooltool svn server, and will be making committals to the requirement package (the common package to support both grading frameworks) based on code that is already in cando23:17
hoffmanpcardune:  We should talk about your code before you do that.23:18
jelknerso that brings us to 2 then23:18
jelknerok, back up23:18
hoffmanJust to make sure we're on the same page.23:18
pcardunehoffman: ok, thats fine.  srichter might even want to take a look at it if he hasn't already23:18
hoffmanpcardune: We should set up a meeting.23:19
pcardunedoes tommorow morning work for you?23:19
hoffmanHow early ;-)23:19
pcarduneas early as you like (I'm five hours ahead of you now)23:20
hoffman10:00 EST?23:20
jelknerthat brings us to 223:21
jelknerffsnoopy: you still here, mitchell?23:21
pcarduneunless any of you have specific requests for next week, I have a list23:22
ffsnoopyyeah i am23:22
jelkneri have no specific requests23:22
jelkneri'll be waiting until there i can start testing out the new version23:23
jelknerdoes it build yet?23:23
jelknerthat is what i ment by status23:23
pcarduneyes, but there isn't much to see23:23
hoffmanThe tests run.23:23
pcardune(you can see the tests... those are pretty sweet)23:23
jelknerso paul, if you know what to do for next week, my only issue would be how to get mitchell involved23:24
jelknerit is settled, he will be working at devIS this summer23:24
jelknerand they are definitely interested in looking at schooltool/cando23:24
ffsnoopyi sent my ssh stuff twice to bashkan (spelling) with no response23:24
ffsnoopyone of them was cc'ed to pcardune23:25
pcardunewell, we can get straight to work pair programming if he feels he is ready.  This will be mostly architectural stuff for the next week so not too much zope "voodoo"23:25
ffsnoopyif i know where the location of the repos is, I can try23:25
jelknertiming will be the issue23:26
jelknerbut next week presents an opportunity23:26
jelknermitchell, are you around next week?23:26
hoffmanLast I heard from bskahan his dad had just lost his vision, and he had to go take care of him for a while.  I think his life has gone a bit nuts.23:26
ffsnoopywell that explains it23:26
ffsnoopyyeah, im good next week23:26
hoffmanI think mgedmin knows how to give people commit access.23:27
jelknercool, work out a few times next week when you can try out some pair programming with paul23:27
jelknerdo you need a way to run gobby?23:27
jelknermaddog has it23:27
pcarduneOn friday I leave for a few days to some place south of here, but before then I can get ffsnoopy set up to do some solo work23:27
ffsnoopyi cant apt-get install it right?23:28
ffsnoopyokay, i should be good to go with gobby then23:28
jelknerbut someone needs to run it on a publicly available machine23:28
ffsnoopypcardune: if you set me up with access to the repos, I can do the xml stuff you had in your email a few weeks back23:28
jelknerthats what we use maddog for23:28
ffsnoopybut how do I get it to display on my computer jelkner?23:29
ffsnoopyif I'm running it off maddog23:29
pcarduneffsnoopy: I think we are going to wait on the xml stuff... because it's going to take a lot more work to come up with a good standard23:29
jelknerhere is what i do:23:29
jelknerssh -X maddog.yhspatriot.net23:29
jelknerthen i start gobby on maddog and it display's on my machine23:30
ffsnoopyoh, i can try that23:30
jelknerand everyone else can just connect to it23:30
jelkneri'll show you tomorrow23:30
ffsnoopywell pcardune, if you have something else for me to do, email it23:30
jelkneryes, this is important23:30
jelknerfiguring out how to get mitchell into the development process23:30
pcarduneffsnoopy: i certainly do, stick around after the meeting and we will set up some times23:31
jelknercool, that covers 323:31
jelkneranything else?23:31
jelkner(or is it time for my nap? ;-)23:31
pcarduneI think that about covers it23:31
jelknerwell, happy holidays everyone!23:32
pcarduneto you too23:32
jelknersame time next week, right?23:32
dwelshhappy holidays, guys23:32
jelkneri'll be coming to you from the flint residence in vermont23:32
pcarduneyep, sounds good23:33
jelknerok, until then...23:33
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pcarduneok, ffsnoopy I will have my meeting with hoffman at 10am, How does meeting at 11am sound to you?23:35
ffsnoopywhat day?23:35
ffsnoopyi have school unfortunately23:35
ffsnoopynext week is break though23:35
ffsnoopyweekends are probably good too23:35
pcarduneyou guys are still in school?!23:36
ffsnoopyrediculous isn't it?23:36
pcardunei guess arlington county is still as hardcore as when I was there23:36
pcardunewell, why don't you send me an email with possible times/dates and I will make a suggestion from that.23:37
ffsnoopywhen do you want it by?23:38
pcardunelater today would be fine23:38
ffsnoopyokay, ill try and get it to you asap23:38
pcardunegreat, I think we are done here.  Have a good rest of the day23:39
ffsnoopyalrighty, you too23:39
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