IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-12-06

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hliebermanWelcome back.03:43
tiredbonesIf I ever understand zope 3 technology, I will be blessed.It will be awhile before this puzzle is complete.04:01
hliebermanI became lost quite a while ago.  I can't even build schooltool anymore, so I just stick to checking for errors in submitted code.04:05
hliebermanAnd not trying to actually debug.04:05
tiredbonesGood, I'm not alone.04:10
hliebermanCan you even get a successful build? Mine errors out, and I can't fix it.04:12
tiredbonesI'm not building schooltool, I just lurk, hoping to learn something. I'm trying to get an understand of zope first.04:14
tiredbonesThe people on this site are very good at helping people, they should be able to assist you.04:15
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hliebermanYikes.... the meeting was supposed to start 30 min ago...05:00
hliebermanAm I in the wrong place or something?05:00
hliebermanMust be.05:47
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5391:14:14
povbot/svn/commits: Finally some science fiction that I'm happy with!14:14
povbot/svn/commits: I'll replace the remains of old attempts shortly.14:14
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5392:14:26
povbot/svn/commits: More SciFi progress.14:26
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5393:15:40
povbot/svn/commits: Attacking sparklines.  Reformatted the ReStructuredText table correctly, removed old sci-fi, started new sci-fi, got stuck.15:40
povbot/svn/commits: Committing what I've got, since I'll be teaching two lectures in a row in 20 minutes.15:40
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5394:15:50
povbot/svn/commits: Sci-fi for the sparkline.15:50
povbot/svn/commits: There some two unresolved questions: see the XXX.15:50
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5395:16:02
povbot/svn/commits: More sci fi.16:02
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5396:21:27
povbot/svn/commits: Replaced old sci-fi with some brand new stuff.  There still are several points that need clarification.21:27
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th1aalga:  Are you done windsurfing?22:40
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th1aHi dwelsh.23:13
th1aGood.  Ddi you get the email I sent to the schooltool list today?23:14
th1aAbout our partner schools?23:14
pcarduneI saw that23:15
th1aWe've got a good group.23:15
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dwelshcan you forward to
jelknerpcardune: hi paul23:16
pcardunehi jelkner23:16
jelknercool, dwelsh and th1a are here too23:16
th1asrichter: Are you here?23:16
jelknerth1a: can i ask you a few questions?23:17
jelknerdave and i just had confirmed that arlington schools will hire paul as a consultant to work on cando.23:18
jelknerwhich is great news23:18
jelkneri'm going to work with paul on a scope of work agreement23:18
th1aYes it is!23:18
th1aMake sure you have language about the IP.23:19
jelknerafter we take a first run at it, can i run it by you to make sure that schooltool integration issues are properly represented23:19
jelknerahh yes23:19
jelknerwell, if you say i can run it by you, then we can be sure to address those things properly.23:20
th1aYou can certainly run it by me.23:20
jelknerpaul, do you want to take a few minutes to work on that now?23:20
srichterI am here now23:21
pcardunewell, I'm talking with dwelsh at the moment... but in a moment I can work on that23:21
dwelshth1a:  great job on partner schools23:22
dwelshvery exciting, and I like that you're limiting the number of partners23:22
th1aOh, yes.23:22
dwelshI was just relaying to Paul23:22
th1aAnd they're all pretty small except for High Tech High.23:22
dwelshI'm getting teachers up and going on CanDo every week.23:22
dwelshIt's performing VERY well.23:22
pcarduneok jelkner, i'm ready23:22
dwelshAnd had another big demo yesterday to another school system (Prince William County)23:23
dwelshThey were so impressed by SchoolTool/CanDo23:23
srichterth1a: any special reason, you wanted me?23:23
th1adwelsh: I'm going to need a full update at some point.23:23
srichter(or should I just be here for requirement questions? ;-)23:23
th1asrichter: Yeah, pretty much.23:24
th1aI don't need to interrupt the CanDo meeting though.23:24
dwelshDefinitely know what it takes to get a teacher up and going on CanDo23:24
dwelshAnd the excitement of the teachers is exciting to me23:24
pcardunejelkner: ayt?23:24
dwelshAnd then SchoolTool/CanDo continue to present very well23:24
dwelshall bodes well for us23:24
dwelshWelsh remains bullish on the project23:25
th1adwelsh:  I'm going to have to come visit sometime when you're doing a presentation.23:25
dwelshThey eat it up... and these are assistant superintendants, my own superintendant23:25
dwelshthe big boys23:25
jelknerpcardune: patients, mr. carduner ;-)23:25
dwelshAnyway, that's all I've got.23:26
th1aHow many schools are actually using it right now?23:26
dwelshHoping you guys... th1a, srichter, pcardune can begin to23:26
dwelshdevelop a timetable for the new version23:26
jelknerpcardune: join the gobby session on maddog.yhspatriot.net23:26
dwelshWe just got bridge funding today to keep Paul working toward the next version23:26
dwelshAnd it looks like the State of Virginia is going to fund the project23:27
dwelshbut we're waiting to hear on when and how much23:27
dwelshWe asked for about $50K23:27
dwelshBut, who knows how much they have/are willing to pay23:27
dwelshAnything $10k and above is good by me.23:27
dwelshHoping for half ($25k)23:28
dwelshThat's all I've got... any questions/issues for me before I get off?23:28
jelknermore then 10K will permit us to send paul to places like the sprint that tom is planning for early summer23:28
jelknerin new england23:29
th1aSounds good to me.23:31
dwelshAllright.  Keep up the good work one and all.23:31
* jelkner (who doesn't multi-task well - old dog and all) is signing off to focus on the scope of work with paul23:31
jelknerth1a: tom, do you have gobby?23:31
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jelknerth1a: tom, still here?23:33
th1aIs it in breezy?23:33
jelknerin universe, yes23:33
jelknerapt-get install gobby23:33
jelknerthen just click on "join session" and enter http://maddog.yhspatriot.net23:35
th1aport 6522?23:36
th1ajelkner:  Didn't want that http:// there.23:38
jelknerok, thanks23:39
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