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pcardunesrichter: ayt?06:28
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pcardunesrichter: ayt now?07:11
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srichterth1a: you don't happen to be awake already?15:47
th1aUnfortunately, yes.15:47
srichterth1a: good morning! :-)15:47
srichterth1a: what would be the preferred documentation format15:47
srichterI am torn between LaTeX and just ReST15:48
th1aI would think ReST.15:48
th1aI don't know if anyone else knows LaTeX.15:48
th1aI have a book, but I never got too far in it.15:48
srichterI'll just note that meta-data is not the best friend of ReST, so making a real book(let) out of it later would envolve a conversion15:49
th1aWhat meta-data?15:49
srichterindex infromation for example15:49
srichteralso, ReST is not very structured15:49
th1aIt's RE-structured.15:49
srichterfor example, I cannot make the difference between a ZCML and Python code example15:49
srichterI mean ReST has several advantages15:50
th1aI'm sure it will be adequate for the task.15:50
srichterText is more human readable and it will be easy to integrate into the online help / api doc15:50
srichter(it is really just a mtter of what you want to do with it)15:51
th1aReST should be fine.15:52
srichterok, will do15:52
srichterth1a: do you have someone who could create a cute "Context Help" icon?15:54
th1aWe don't have anyone on retainer at this point.15:55
th1aWe usually use GNOME icons in the interim.15:56
srichterth1a: can the documentation assume that a developer knows Zope 3?15:57
th1aBut you'll have to skimp on the conceptual background.15:57
th1aI imagine.15:58
th1aI mean, I don't expect a full explanation of interfaces.15:59
th1aFor example.16:00
srichterI'll make similar assumptions to the one in my book16:03
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5361:18:10
povbot/svn/commits: All new source code files should be written in restructured text.18:10
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5362:18:31
povbot/svn/commits: Fix test failures after Zope 3 trunk misspelling fixes.18:31
pcardunesrichter: I'm back19:01
pcardunesrichter: should requirements always be attached using annotations?  Should they be accessible through a requirement namespace?  Is this anyway similar to the way calendars are attached and viewed?19:09
srichtermmh, good question19:10
srichterbut I would not think so19:10
pcardunewhich questions was that a response to?19:11
srichtergrades and competencies are sufficiently different19:11
srichterthe latter19:11
srichterbut yes, requirements should always be attached using annotations19:11
th1aI'm ready to start working on the gradebook, too.19:12
th1aI'm thinking requirements are just a base class, so they don't have any views.19:12
ignassrichter, what kind of code do i need to scrape on IAnnotatable on all the Group objects in a unit test ?19:12
srichterthe question of course becomes whether some institutions would use the competency system to do grading as well19:12
ignasi am testing an evolution script and it fails adapting Group created in the script to IDependable ...19:13
srichterignas: this sentence does not make sense :-)19:13
srichterignas: ah, I see19:13
ignassrichter, not helping :/19:13
srichterand I think a Group class always implements IAttributeAnnotatable anyways. so you should be set19:13
srichterif not, you have to also say: classImplements(Group, IAttributeAnnotatable)19:14
th1apcardune:  We'll have to decide how much more stuff goes into requirements and what goes into competencies and activities.19:14
ignasoh, that's what i wanted19:14
th1aBut I'm assuming users will never create requirements.19:14
srichterth1a: huh>19:15
pcarduneth1a: well, they will create instances of requirements subclasses19:15
srichterth1a: users will create activities and competencies, but probably never the bare naked Requirement instance19:15
pcarduneso, would it be appropriate to have a requirement/activity/competency namespace for accessing these things?19:16
pcarduneas in localhost/++requirement++ gets the schoolwide requirements19:17
srichteroh, I see what you mean now19:17
pcarduneis that a namespace or a view?  or do those two terms mean basically the same thing?19:18
srichteroriginally I thought for the SchoolToolApplication we would have a top level container19:18
srichterbut I think having a namespace is cool too, probably better, since it does not require us to have two  different implementations for handling requirements19:19
pcarduneright, that's what i was thinking too19:19
pcarduneanyways, i attempted to implement that, but am getting stuck with permissions issues19:19
srichterpcardune: a namespace is a traversal component that must be implemented both, as an adapter and a view19:19
srichter(ok, my friend just came to pick me up for lunch)19:20
srichterI will be back in an hour19:20
pcarduneI'm going to go have breakfest then19:20
srichterI am back20:12
pcarduneok, so as i was saying, I started implementing this namespace thing and am having trouble with it20:13
pcarduneso, just to make sure i have this right, to attach requirements to the SchoolToolApplication, I need to specify that SchoolToolApplication implements IHaveRequirement via zcml directives20:14
pcardunethen I create a view and an adapter with zcml that point to a requirementNamespace class20:14
pcardunethis should be similar to the apidocNamespace class20:15
srichterright, liek the apidoc namespace does, for example20:15
pcarduneone question is, what's the purpose of having the handleNamespace function, why not just put that in the traverse method?20:16
srichterthere is none20:17
srichteras I said when we met, you should just merge that20:17
srichterit probably used to have a purpose, but not anymore20:17
pcarduneok, that is what I assumed, so on a traversal, we just want to adapt the context (which in this case is a SchoolToolApplication object) to provide IRequirement20:18
pcarduneand as specified through zcml, that uses the requirement.getRequirement function20:19
srichterwell, you want to provide IRequirements (not the singular form)20:19
pcardunethere is no IRequirements... do you mean IGroupRequirement?20:20
srichterwell, ok, so the namespace should then adapt to IRequirementContainer20:21
srichter(or whatever we called the container)20:21
pcarduneGroupRequirement contains Requirements20:22
srichterlet me check20:23
srichterok, so you were right20:23
srichter(I was mixing up requirements and evaluations)20:24
pcarduneok, so the getRequirement method already handles all that, the problem is that when I try to do this, I get ForbiddenAttribute errors saying that __annotations__ is forbidden20:25
srichterahh, you need to make the getRequirement adapter a trusted adapter20:25
pcarduneaha... ok... that's why this wasn't working.  that's the first i here of a trusted adapter20:26
pcarduneso how do you do that?20:26
pcardune(I tried looking at the calendar code to figure this out... but the solution was elusive)20:26
pcarduneok, i found it20:35
pcarduneI also want to set a __parent__ on the adapted object to make it locatable right?  And that is done on traversal?20:43
srichtercorrect on both counts20:46
srichterhowever, note that you want to put a LocationProxy around the annotation20:46
srichterdo not just locate() the adapter20:47
pcarduneok, I've got to go to another class, but i'll work on that when i get back20:47
ignasgot trac running on schooltool repository (a copy) and i kind of like it21:18
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ignassrichter, ayt ?21:40
th1aignas:  Yes, trac is nice.21:41
th1aWe'd be using it if LaunchPad wasn't on the way.21:41
ignaswhen LaunchPad will come ?21:42
th1aDidn't seem to be much point in moving to Trac then moving to LaunchPad.21:42
th1aWe definitely won't shift before the summer.21:42
th1aProbably in the fall.21:42
th1aIn a year, basically.21:42
th1aI mean, that's when it would make sense for us.21:43
ignasso for 1 more year we're stuck with viewCVS + roundup :/21:43
th1aWe talked about switching to Trac a year ago.21:43
th1aI was very impressed with what I saw from LaunchPad in Montreal.21:44
srichterI am here21:44
* ignas is thinking of dragging his PC to the office to serve as a trac server for schooltool (for the source code browsing mostly ;)21:44
ignassrichter, in schooltool/src/schooltool/level/browser/levels.py21:45
th1aYou could put trac on
ignasthe magic with __setattr__ in EditLevelAdapter21:45
th1aI'm just not going to pay you to do it ;-)21:45
ignasth1a, i know that, but that would still be way too official for me to hack :)21:45
ignasnow i can just mirror ST repo, and do whatever i want :)21:46
* th1a is not a RoundUp fan.21:46
ignasthe magic is in there because you want to hide the setter ?21:46
ignasfrom apidoc that is21:46
srichterI think all issue trackers suck as long as they do not have basic project management features21:47
srichterignas: let me open it21:47
ignasand all project management tools suck as long as there are no project managers :)21:47
ignasSchoolTool at least has one of these ;)21:48
srichterignas: what magic are you referring to?21:48
ignasthe diff21:49
ignaswhy use __setattr__ for a thing that can be accomplished with a simple function ?21:50
srichterdoes your patch work?21:52
ignastests pass21:52
srichterI am pretty sure I tried this first21:52
srichtermmh, ok, then it is probably superfluous21:53
* ignas goes to run *all* the tests just to be 100% sure21:54
srichteryeah, I must have been absent minded when I wrote that21:54
pcarduneyay, the location proxy worked22:21
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