IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-11-18

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mgedminsvn: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery13:07
mgedminsvn: bdb: Invalid log file: log.0000002499: No such file or directory13:07
mgedminsvn: bdb: PANIC: No such file or directory13:07
mgedminsvn: bdb: PANIC: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery13:07
mgedminby the way, did I mention that svn comehow corrupted the repository where I used to keep my home directory backups?13:08
mgedminah, ok, that was because some apache2 process still had the repository open13:15
mgedminkill; svnadmin recover worked13:15
mgedminconverting to FSFS now, please refrain from any commits13:15
mgedminfor the next 30 minutes or so13:15
srichterok, no problem15:02
mgedminok, the repository is now converted to fsfs15:05
mgedmineverything seems to be in order15:05
mgedminhooks! I forgot hooks!15:06
srichtermgedmin: btw, something was whacky with the buildbot too; it would not finish the last round of ftests15:10
povbot`/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5333:15:10
povbot`/svn/commits: Crusade against trailing whitespace.  (Also, I want to be sure checkins work now that the repository is converted to fsfs.)15:10
* mgedmin looks15:11
mgedmin"command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, killing pid 1810"15:11
mgedminjust how long is 1200 seconds?15:11
mgedmin20 minutes15:11
mgedminour ftests are just too slow15:11
mgedminsimple fix: add -v to make test ftest so that buildbot can see progress15:13
mgedminalternative fix: figure out just where you can specify the timeout and modify the config file; then restart buildbot15:13
mgedminI vote for -v (I hate waiting for programs that give no indication of progress)15:14
srichterI agree15:14
srichterI think it might have hung up on the level 2 sample data generation15:14
mgedminignas now uses that machine as a desktop15:15
mgedminif ignas was running any unit tests at the same time, it might have slowed buildbot down ;)15:15
mgedminand vice versa15:15
mgedmin(my laptop that I lent to ignas broke down, so ignas is now laptopless)15:15
srichterI guess we should move that stuff to the main ST server as well15:15
mgedminmaybe I should bite the bullet and ask th1a for root access on that server15:17
th1amgedmin:  That's probably a good idea.15:17
mgedminth1a, shall I send you my SSH public key then?15:18
th1aWell, the problem is I don't really know how to set that stuff up.15:19
th1aI'd rather have bskahan do it.15:19
th1aI mean, I know how to do 'adduser' or 'useradd.'15:19
th1aAlthough I can never remember which is preferrable.15:20
mgedminthe server runs ubuntu?15:20
th1aOf course.15:20
mgedminhoary? breezy?15:20
mgedminadduser is preferable on ubuntu (and debian)15:20
th1aI think breezy.15:21
mgedminadduser mgedmin admin15:22
mgedminought to suffice to give me sudo rights15:22
mgedminif it is breezy (I'm not sure if hoary had the 'admin' group)15:22
th1aWhat do I do with the public key?15:22
mgedminactually, if you give me a temporary password (12345 or something), I can upload my public key myself15:23
mgedminbut if you do want to know what to do with pubkeys15:23
mgedminyou just create a /home/$username/.ssh directory15:23
mgedminchmod 700 /home/$username/.ssh15:23
mgedminand put the pubkey into a file called /home/$username/.ssh/authorized_keys15:23
th1achown it to $username?  I guess it doesn't matter.15:24
mgedminyeah, the authorized_keys should be chowned to $username, I guess15:25
mgedminand I usually chmod it to 600, although I think that's not strictly necessary15:25
mgedmin(and I've learned to chmod g-w /home/$username if the above doesn't work)15:26
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mgedminth1a, what's the hostname?15:37
mgedminth1a, got it15:38
mgedminok, I've got an account, I've changed the password, I've put the ssh pubkey in place15:41
mgedminI'm not a sudoer15:41
th1aOh... there's a separate list for that, right?15:41
mgedminadduser mgedmin admin15:41
mgedminthat or 'visudo' and adding a line for my user separately15:41
mgedminyep, it works15:42
th1aNo problem.15:42
th1aGo nuts.15:43
mgedminI've acquired a habit of maintainging a text file /root/Changelog15:43
mgedminwhere I document everything I change as root15:43
th1aThat sounds wise.15:44
mgedminI've a script, new-changelog-entry (in /usr/local/sbin) that adds a timestamp and opens vi on that file15:45
mgedminmakes it easy15:45
mgedminyay, schooltool's buildbot passed all tests now, on time16:05
srichtergood deal16:14
srichterbtw, I really want to switch to the new test runner in Zope 316:14
mgedminI noticed that email16:17
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srichtermgedmin: so silence is consent?16:17
mgedminI do not want to lose some features16:17
mgedminlike -C or -pv16:17
srichter-pv is in the new test runner too16:18
srichter-C is not16:18
mgedminis the filtering syntax the same?16:18
srichterexcept -s needs a module path16:18
srichterwhich I want to bug Jim about; it should support a sub-path too16:19
srichterbut we need the layer support anyways to properly support SchoolBell and SchoolTool testing16:19
* mgedmin nods16:19
srichterI agree that -C is very nice, but does not outweigh the other confusions16:20
mgedminI completely agree about the layers and ST/SB16:26
mgedminand that it outweights -C16:26
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srichterok, I'll do the switch then16:30
srichtermgedmin: note that I really encourage you to port the -C and -c option16:31
srichterI think other people will love it too16:31
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* mgedmin nods16:51
* mgedmin thinks about all the things he wants to do, and all the things he needs to do, and shudders16:51
srichterI think contributing back to the community as early as you can is a good thing16:52
srichterit means that you give other people the chance to help you maintain it :-)16:52
* mgedmin is really bad about promising to contribute things and not carrying out the promise in reasonable time :(17:33
th1aI've seen worse.17:33
Aisteth1a: how soon do you need our available time estimates?17:36
th1aDefinitely by the 5th of December.17:37
Aisteok, that's a deal17:43
Aistegotta run17:43
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