IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-11-15

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pcardunesrichter, ayt?07:24
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dwelshhello, world23:02
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jelknerdwelsh: dave, your here23:08
jelknerpcardune: paul, you too?23:08
jelkneri tried to call you on skype (paul) and cell phone (dave), but i didn't get through23:09
dwelshyup, here23:09
dwelshit's all about Nortel MCS (not Skype)23:09
pcarduneim on my laptop... where i dont have a microphone23:09
dwelshtheir VP of N. Am. operations just left ACC23:09
dwelsh6 Billion $ sales23:09
dwelsh5000 employees23:09
dwelshwas REALLY into CanDo23:10
dwelshonline tutorials23:10
dwelshgreat exposure for all of us23:10
dwelshElkner, we need to get posters to Carduner23:11
dwelshI've got my 5 on my wall23:12
dwelshlovin' it.23:12
jelknertell Nortel to make MCS available for gnu/linux, and i'll try it23:12
jelknerfor now, skype is the way to go23:13
dwelshno problem with skype23:13
dwelshbut Nortel is a great sponsor for this stuff23:13
dwelshsomeone has to pay to keep the lights on23:13
jelknerpcardune: do you have gobby?23:13
jelknerok, let's talk to dave first, and at the end i want to talk to you about the zope3 class your going to be giving...23:14
jelknerwhat do we need to discuss before pcardune heads east?23:14
jelknerdwelsh: your on, dave, i talked to paul at lenght last week, so my concerns have been discussed already23:15
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pcardunejelkner, actually I don't have gobby... apt-get doesn't find it in the package list23:18
jelknerpcardune: it does if you have universe23:19
pcardunei do... or i thought i did23:19
pcardunei just lost you dwelsh23:19
dwelshyup, hang up and I'll try again.23:19
jelkneredit your /etc/apt/sources.list file23:19
jelknermake sure you have a line like:23:19
jelknerdeb breezy universe main restricted multiverse23:20
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dwelshwelsh on phone with Paul23:24
dwelshMy big five issues, again:23:24
dwelsh1) permissions; 2) deletion23:24
dwelsh3) evaluations follow students from one section to another23:24
dwelshthat is, if a student already has evaluations for a given competency23:24
dwelshand that competency is in a new section23:25
dwelshthe evaluation for that competency will be pulled into the section23:25
dwelshpractical case...23:25
dwelshour students in TV are working on the same skillset for 2 or 3 years23:25
dwelshI don't want to have to reenter scores they've already earned23:25
dwelshwhen they move to a new section using the same competencies23:25
dwelshissue 4) import and export -- particularly of skillsets23:26
dwelshissue 5) making the "update links" button functions automatic (probably the easiest user story).23:26
dwelshAnyway, Paul is aware of these323:26
pcardune(jelkner, now i have gobby)23:26
dwelshI know Jeff that you want ever closer integration with school tool, zope 3, etc.23:27
dwelshShould be a busy time for Paul and Stephan in Boston :)23:27
jelknerpcardune: let's address dave's issues first, then talk about gobby23:27
dwelshI think we're pretty good on mine.23:29
dwelshPaul and I have talked about them already23:29
dwelshI'm mainly just keeping them on the radar screen.23:29
dwelshOnly other info I have to add is that th1a was on two weeks ago23:30
dwelshHe is working on streamlining permissions from his end23:30
pcarduneI think me and stephan are going to look at those issues in a broader sense so we can cover more ground23:30
dwelshHe wants to create preset roles (i.e. manager, trusted data entry person / clerk,23:30
dwelshteacher, student)23:30
dwelshMuch left permission setting will be left up to user.23:30
dwelshMuch less permission setting, I mean23:31
jelkneror is it s/less/left23:31
jelkneri can never get that straight23:31
dwelshjeff, you and I are one with Devis this Friday, 3:30pm23:32
pcardunewhen i want to replace something in vim... i open up gvim and use the menus23:32
dwelshall is well in CanDo land.23:32
pcardunei know it's un "1337" but that's the way I do it23:32
dwelshWe're all looking ahead to structural improvements for next year23:32
jelknerok, is that it, then?23:32
dwelshyup.  I'm good.23:32
dwelshPaul, have a good trip this coming week.23:32
dwelshWill be anxious to hear how it goes.23:32
pcardunei certainly will23:33
dwelshAlso would like to hear more about Montreal conference23:33
jelknerwhat about meeting here next tuesday?23:33
dwelshyes, I'm good for that time.23:33
pcardunethat would be perfectly possible23:33
jelknerpaul and tom will be working together then23:33
jelknerand we can get a report back on day one23:33
jelknerand have time for input before day 223:33
dwelshalright guys.  seeya friday;  talk next tues.23:34
dwelshhoffman, where are you?23:34
pcardunebye welsh23:34
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jelknerpcardune: ready to talk about gobby?23:35
jelknerstart gobby23:36
jelknerclick "Join session..."23:36
pcarduneport 6522?23:36

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