IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-11-07

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JohnnySTWill there be a dev meeting today?10:46
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erchachewhen starts dev meet?13:07
erchachehere are 12:00 pm13:07
ignas Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC13:08
ignassee the topic13:08
erchacheat 14:00 pm to me no? my math are a shit when wake up13:09
ignasdon't know what timezone you ar in13:10
erchacheutc +113:11
erchacheyeah on work....13:11
erchachesee later13:11
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tiredbones2Is there a meeting today?15:52
* mgedmin looks around for th1a, but does not see him15:53
* mgedmin shrugs15:53
algawe're all at a loss...15:53
tiredbones2I hope everthing is ok with thla.15:54
srichterthere is a meeting today15:55
srichterTom sent a note late last night15:56
srichterhe still has about 34 mins till the meeting starts15:56
algasrichter: TZ=UTC date15:56
algait's 13:57 already15:57
srichterwe are in winter time, since last week15:57
srichterso he probably forgot about that15:57
algaseems so15:57
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erchacheuhmmm nobody talks?16:21
srichter8 minutes to go16:22
erchachejinty: many jobmates are asking for me to implement schoolbell and schooltool on our university dependences, what do you think about that?16:30
erchachei think this can overflood my espectatives...16:30
jintywhat do you mean by dependencies???16:30
erchacheour teachers for planning class....16:33
srichterbtw, since you guys are waiting for Tom, it would be great to send me some comments about my Tutorial Generator idea16:33
erchacheus for resources and class16:33
erchacheour conserjes....wait...i try to find a translation...16:33
erchachePAS for resources and projectors, laptops, and similar.....and to get a timetable of class16:35
erchachearrrgghhh wait im moving a server from another....a second16:35
erchacheits a good tool to planning our work16:36
erchachebut all my jobmate i show my server says....ey....i want one for me on christmas16:36
jintyif they want to use it, why not?16:37
erchachebecause i dont have enough time and resources to do that! ;-)16:38
erchacheand doesnt have technical skills to do that too16:38
erchacheme for example, im triying to learn zope16:39
jintyyou mean to do it, you will have to customize schooltool/schoolbell a bit?16:40
erchachein this week i have a meet with my boss...16:40
erchacheno no i dont need that...but i need it because im working with plone too....and i want to know all posibilities to solve future problems with it16:41
erchacheyou know...16:42
erchachei think my boss are very pleased to help me to promote your software on my university16:42
erchacheand i want to promote it too on high schools of AndalucĂ­a and extremadura with guadalinex and linex distros16:43
jintyarn't guadalinex and linex debian based distros?16:44
erchachethe most important spanish distros of internet16:45
erchacheguadalinex was born from linex....linex is entirely debian.....but guadalinex will ubuntized on next version16:46 are doing this work....because we prefer ubuntu than pure debian....ubuntu are more easy to install16:47
jintyah, yes, I know interactor16:47
erchachei meet with quim gil on merida conference...its a good guy and very very funny16:48
jintyso the main issue is being able to solve problems with schooltool/schoolbell when they arise?16:48
erchachewe are planning to make a fork of guadalinex for our university...16:49
*** dman13 has joined #schooltool16:49 afraid i cant solve all of that....i need learn more about schooltool/bell, zope/plone....16:49
erchacheschoolbell its very easy...has few options....but i dont work with schooltool yet....16:50
jintyparhaps we can meet in person to talk a little more about this, I have been doing zope development for a little while. But no schooltool coding...16:52
erchacheno? what are you working now?16:54
jintycustomizing CalZope for people...16:55
erchachecalzope?? what is this? O_o16:55
erchacheyeah....a second16:57
erchacheonly svn and cvs.... :-(16:59
JohnnySTWill there be a dev meeting today?17:03
srichterlooks like Tom overslept ;-)17:03
JohnnySTok :)17:04
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erchacheth1a: where did you fall?17:23
erchacheeverybody are asking for you...17:23
th1aUh oh.17:24
erchachewell im going to take a coffee17:25
th1aI guess my mental calculation was wrong about what happens when EDT becomes EST.17:26
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tiredbones2thla, are you going to have any kind of a meeting today?17:34
th1aAh... the intent was to have one, but I convinced myself that after daylight savings time ended that 1330 UTC would become 10:30 AM instead of 8:30 AM.  So I slept two hours to long :-(17:36
th1atoo long.17:36
tiredbones2thla needs beauty rest.17:37
th1aI stayed up late Saturday night after UBZ ended, then drove all day yesterday.17:38
erchachewell i need a little feature on schooltool software....i have a little 'big' problem...can hear me?17:52
erchachei work on a university...and has many, arch, maths, physics, computer science, and so...17:54
erchachehow i can integrate all on same schooltool server? because is a hard work to have some instances, with some data.fs and some url to do that17:54
erchacheschooltool/bell are made to work with only entity....but what i can work with many entities?17:55
th1aCan't they all just be groups?17:55
erchachea second17:55
erchacheno no...groups is for persons...not for resources....timetables....calendar....and so...17:56
erchachemust be schooltool inside many know?17:57
th1aYou use permissions to assign resources to groups.17:57
erchachei need to group all diferentes faculties into same server and same instance17:57
erchachebut must be individual on browser...argghhh dificult to explain17:58
erchachei dont want to get this:17:58
erchachemath faculty: 1 instance on a 8888 port----with a data.fs17:59
erchachecomputer faculty: 1 instance on a 8889 port-----with a data.fs17:59
erchacheyou know....and so...17:59
th1aThe idea is that the different faculties would be different groups on one instance.18:00
erchachei need 1 url on dns.....1 free tcp port....1 zope instance on memory....and 1 data.fs18:00
erchachemultiply that for any facullty and resources grow a lot18:00
erchachecan you understand im triying to talking about? O_o18:01
erchachethis can be a structural change on schooltool developmen :-(18:01
th1aI don't understand why this can't be handled by setting up groups on one SchoolTool instance.18:02
erchachebecause resources, persons, and timetables are different on any faculty....must be independent18:03
erchachebut software need contain on one only instance, data.fs18:03
th1aTimetables are different?18:04
th1aClasses start and end at different times?18:04
th1aWell, even that can be handled in the current system.  You can set up multiple timetable schemas.18:05
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erchacheuhmmm...this is more difficult at first time appears....i need to think better18:05
erchachebecause some jobmates are asking to install a schoolbell18:06
erchacheand i think is better to install all on same server than get many servers along network18:06
erchachei dont know if you get my idea.... :-(18:07
erchacheth1a: ?18:09
th1aIt should be possible to install the current SchoolBell and SchoolTool Calendar releases as Zope content objects, which I think is what you want to do.  Some things, like PDF support won't work, and this approach isn't going to be supported in the future.18:10
erchacheand why dont support?18:12
th1aBecause we need to save development time.18:13
erchachedont worry....i try to find a solution from admin system vision...18:13
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dman13Hello.  I am experiencing some timezone related issues with school bell.  Is anyone available now to discuss them?19:34
th1aHi dman13.19:44
th1aWhat's up?19:44
dman13th1a: hi19:45
dman13one problem I have is incorrect display of events19:46
dman13I finally figured it out last night:19:46
dman13I am in EST (US east coast)19:46
th1aDo you have the lastest version (1.2.3)?19:46
dman13if I have an event that is from 7pm-10pm, the browser view shows it on both the correct day and the day after19:46
dman13I have 1.2.219:46
dman13were there timezone fixes in 1.2.3?19:47
th1aAha.  Yes.19:47
dman13(fwiw I don't have problems in 1.1, but that's because I only need one tz)19:47
dman13ok, I'll have to try that and see if the schoolbell-only problems remain19:47
dman13the other problem is with moz calendar19:47
dman131.2 puts 'Z' at the end of the time stamp.  I assume that means UTC.19:47
dman13Moz then compensates for my local timezone, but ignores the tz set in preferences19:48
dman13is there a way to make it not do that?  either slapping moz or telling sb not to put the tz in the iCalendar file19:48
th1aI don't know the answer to that question.19:49
dman13also, is there a way of handling recurring events that cross the DST boundary?19:49
dman13ok.  if the rest of the tz issues are resolved then moz will probably be fine.  I was trying to do everything UTC to avoid the other issues :-)19:49
th1aI think that is on our list of bugs to be fixed.19:49
dman13I found that interesting when I fixed the event (adjusting for the introduction of timezones) and half the year it is off by an hour19:50
dman13it was something I hadn't thought about before :-)19:50
th1aTimezones are full of surprises, unfortunately.19:50
dman13lucky me I only need one for myself19:51
dman13(I'm using it as a personal calendar;  the browser interface is quite nice)19:51
dman13so the old version "just worked" when it assumed everything was UTC (or didn't care)19:51
th1aYes.  If I could do the last six months over again, we'd probably just not do timezones, cheezy as that would be.19:51
dman13really?  You don't have any users that need them?19:52
th1aNo, we do.19:53
th1aWe just um, wouldn't.19:53
th1aWe sort of do, sort of don't.19:54
th1aOur primary use case is a school.19:54
th1aBut the idea is having a general purpose calendar server will get more attention and developers.19:54
dman13I think timezone handling is a good feature, just not quite as easy as we would like it to be.19:55
th1aIt is inherently tricky.19:55
dman13Yeah.  At least you don't need to deal with dates in other calendar systems!  Changing laws regarding DST makes programming with timezones even more fun ;-).20:09
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