IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-10-30

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jelknerth1a: hi tom!18:37
jelknersrichter: stephan, are you here?18:37
jelkneri'm looking for some help getting rosetta setup for cando18:38
jelkneror should i say: cando setup for rosetta18:38
srichterjelkner: I am not associated with the launchpad guys, so I cannot get you any access or so; you have to ask the launchpad mailing list to get stuff setup18:47
jelknersrichter: aziz wrote to the launchpad mailing list18:50
jelknerthen th1a sent out an email asking us (dave, jinty, paul and i) do setup the translation files for aziz.  i'm trying to follow up on that18:51
jelkneri don't know what to do18:52
srichterme neither18:52
srichterphiliKON did all this for Zope 318:52
jelknerbut the sooner we can figure it out, the sooner aziz can begin learning to use rosetta and to do french and arabic translations for cando18:52
jelknerok, i'll wait for tom18:53
jelknerbut while i have you, let me forward you and email...18:53
jelknerjust sent it.18:56
jelknerdid you get it?18:58
jelknersrichter: ok, i need to take my son to tennis, so i gotta run...19:08
jelknerlet us know if you have any thoughts on what dave wrote19:09
srichterI'll read through it19:10
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