IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-10-25

th1adwelsh:  Now I'm back.00:02
dwelshstill there00:08
th1ath1a:  Yes.00:28
th1aRunning around getting things together.00:28
srichterhe he, I am going to crack about your guys desire to miss each other00:28
th1adwelsh:  I mean.00:29
th1aNo point in talking to myself00:29
dwelshth1a: briefly back01:45
th1aAh.  As am I?01:45
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th1aWhat's up?01:45
dwelshare you near a phone?01:45
dwelshe-mail #01:45
dwelshor put here and we'll all call you01:45
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5313:08:48
povbot/svn/commits: Okay, I updated the viewlet code to the latest trunk, so that buildbot will not fail as soon as people check in stuff.08:48
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povbot/svn/commits: Switched SchoolTool from MessageID to Message. This caused some other deprecation warnings to appear. There should be no more deprecation warnings now.22:36
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jelknersrichter: hi stephan22:57
jelknerwe've got pauls tickets... he's heading to Boston22:58
srichteryep, so I saw ;-)22:58
jelkneri'm really glad that worked out22:58
srichterme too :-)22:58
jelknerit will be good all the way around22:58
jelknerpaul will learn a lot about schooltool22:58
srichterTom will also come up for the days22:58
jelknerand i imagine you'll get to see cando as well22:59
srichterI hope so22:59
jelknerwell, nobody knows cando better than paul22:59
srichteryeah, I'll have to do some preparations in the next weeks23:00
jelknerbtw.  i need to get a room for him23:01
jelknerwhere is good?23:01
srichterI think the Irving House is good23:02
jelknerthat looked a bit pricey, isn't it?23:02
srichterit is very cosy, relative cheap and right in HJarvard square23:02
srichterand only two T stations from my place23:02
srichteranother one is the Cambridge Gateway Inn23:03
* jelkner goes off to look for a room...23:03
srichterit is also right on the T and only one station from my house, but in an ugly place23:03
jelknercould you see my reply?23:04
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jelknerdwelsh: hi dave23:05
jelknersrichter: did you see my reply23:05
jelknerhold on, dave, i'll send what i have to you by email in a few minutes...23:05
srichterjelkner: no23:06
jelkneryeah, i can't seem to post to individual chats, what a drag23:07
srichteryou need to be logged in23:07
jelkneri registered my nick, but it expired23:07
jelkneri don't know how to renew it23:07
jelknerwho at freenode could i contact?23:07
srichterI think it is on the Web site somewhere23:08
jelknerok, i'll look later23:08
jelknerin the mean time, is there a phone number at which i can call you?23:08
srichterI sent it privately, di you see it?23:09
jelknerdwelsh: dave, is paul coming?23:21
srichterjelkner: Paul can stay with us23:25
srichterI'll pick him up from the airport; I just need the info again23:26
jelknerdwelsh: dave, where are you?23:33
dwelshhere... chatting with Paul23:36
jelknercan you do a 3-way?23:37
jelkneri'm at home23:37
dwelshhere we go23:37
jelknerit's not ringing...23:37
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dwelshjelkner, cardune... you guys still talking?23:45
pcardunei guess we lost you?23:46
dwelshgood.  Keep going.  I lost you23:46
pcarduneok, we hung up23:50
jelknerdwelsh: where are you, i'll give you a quick call23:50
dwelshpaul:  good luck with fixes.23:51
dwelshand thanks, as always.23:51
pcardunemy pleasure23:51
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