IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-10-21

th1aAh.  Yes.00:00
th1aWhat platform are you on?00:00
thetazgentoo linux00:00
th1aThat very thing just came up, actually.00:00
th1aOne moment...00:00
thetazive been investigating about it, and already read the tutorial...but i still dont get it all00:01
thetazok ill wait00:01
th1aDo you have the truetype fonts installed?00:01
th1aThey should be in /usr/share/fonts/corefonts00:02
th1aCheck that.00:02
thetazive done some test, but it isnt enough for wat i want to do00:02
th1aOh, you mean you want to change the reports?00:02
thetazi want to make an script that creates the reports for me00:03
thetazusing the library00:03
th1aWhere would the script live?00:03
thetazin a server that would generate the reports00:04
th1aWait, is this specifically in reference to SchoolTool, or just a general question about reportlab?00:04
thetazits like this00:04
thetazi would have like a plain text document00:04
thetazwhich i would insert into the script00:04
thetazand it should generate me the reports00:04
thetazgeneral question00:05
thetazabout the library00:05
thetazhave you done scripts with it?00:05
th1aI have indeed.00:05
th1aDo you know how to parse your text document?00:06
thetazthe thing its bugging me, its like the format of the paragraph..00:06
thetazis there a way in reportlab to tell it that i want the text justified , centered or something like that00:07
thetazor do i have to do it all by myself00:07
thetazusing coordinates00:07
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thetazsorry about that00:10
thetazbad click00:10
th1aI'm afraid I haven't used ReportLab enough or recently enough to answer your question.00:10
thetazoh.. well thanks anyway00:11
thetazwell bye00:11
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rappoIs there anyone I could talk to about the development process regarding schooltool?02:30
srichterme, probably02:40
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5293:12:49
povbot/svn/commits: Added isLocation to resource.12:49
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5294:13:22
povbot/svn/commits: Forgot to commit the test.13:22
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erchacherosetta are running? because i cant enter to es_ES yet....14:10
erchachedo i send mail to carlos? :-S14:10
erchacheor get .po and translate myself and send to svn?14:10
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pips1on the st website, there is a download link for the trunk snapshot tarball - - that link gives me an error message: "550 failed to change directory"15:32
pips1th1a: I was advised that I sould put the above to your attention... since you have the necessary admin rights15:34
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bskahanpips1_away, should be fixed15:45
bskahandoes anyone know a good interface to pdb?15:45
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bskahansrichter, thanks, thats what I'm using now15:49
bskahanwhich would be fine but it crashed and doesn't want to start now15:51
srichtercan you just killall?15:52
bskahanyeah, but it will hang when I try to start it again15:52
bskahankilled the debug process too15:53
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bskahanlame, rebooted wing still won't start15:58
srichterkillall python15:58
srichterthat should definitely work15:59
bskahanno, I rebooted the machine15:59
bskahanit still hangs on startup15:59
srichteroh, wow, try deleting the wing config file15:59
* bskahan nods15:59
bskahanthat did it16:00
bskahanwonder if its trying to restart the debugging session16:01
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bskahanmaybe its just really slow to get to my breakpoint16:10
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bskahanignas, the calendar caches don't have any persistence after a server restart do they?17:04
ignasbskahan, views do internal caching only17:16
ignaseach view is recalculating the cache17:16
ignasand then droping it after the view is rendered17:16
bskahanignas, I figured, just looking for a sanity check17:16
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drwoowe have a problem17:30
drwoowith schooltool17:30
drwoowe're trying to modify calendar.js in the resources/calwidget directory17:31
drwoobut our changes arent reflected17:31
drwooso we decided to see if modifications even affect calendar.js17:31
drwoowe can uncomment every single line in that file and the calendar will still display17:31
drwoonever mind17:33
drwoowe cleared firefox's cache17:33
drwoosorry for any inconvenience17:33
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jintyth1a: feel like updating the translations in the release branch?17:57
th1aI have to go meet srichter.17:58
srichterth1a: you have my phone number in case you get lost, right?17:59
th1aI was just going to search for your address.18:00
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povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 5295:18:22
povbot/svn/commits: london is 2 hours before vilius, duh.18:22
povbot/svn/commits: use the tzinfo.localize(time) instead of combine(date, time(tz))18:22
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povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 5296:18:32
povbot/svn/commits: whitespace and another occurence of datetime.combine().  There's no specific bug associated with this one (hence no test change), but tzinfo.localize() is the right way to do it.18:32
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jintybskahan: are you going to be back-porting these tz bugfixes?19:47
jintyI am afraid with all the changes between the release branch and trunk, I will not be able to...19:49
bskahanjinty, what branch should I port them to?19:51
jintyeither schooltool-0.11.x or schoolbell-1.2.x, depending on where applicable19:52
jintyi've already had a look at them in the trunk, they seem light enough19:54
bskahani don't think they'll be difficult to merge19:57
bskahanthey're very small19:57
bskahanI'm grabbing the release branches now19:59
jintyanything else you want to get done before I cut the release (me willing to wait a day)20:00
bskahanwell, there's 2 classes of bugs related to timezone.  one class should be fixed (single day view boundaries)20:02
bskahanthe second class is events occuring on different days than UTC in your timezone20:03
bskahanI haven't fixed those and am continuing to bang my head against them20:03
bskahanI'd like to keep working on them until tomorrow, but I'm not sure that I'll break through them by then20:04
bskahanif your ok to wait till tomorrow I'll keep working on them and finish the backports for tomorrow20:05
jintyok, then it's worthwhile to wait, I'll send a mail to the list20:06
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jintynice story, ouch20:17
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