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ignasth1a_, ping15:49
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algasrichter: I have a problem with levels16:33
algado you have a minute to help?16:33
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erchachea good job with new portal design!16:52
bskahanerchache, thanks!16:55
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erchachedo you do this work?16:57
erchachewith plone?16:57
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5172:17:56
povbot/svn/commits: Removed unused classes, added a test case to a doctest, updated docstring.17:56
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th1aignas: pong.17:57
bskahanerchache, yes, its plone 2.118:03
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5173:18:24
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed an erroneous docstring.18:24
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5174:18:27
povbot/svn/commits: A sample data plugin that generates levels.18:27
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5175:18:30
povbot/svn/commits: Made the test more deterministic.18:30
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erchachebskahan: you change css structure no?18:37
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srichteralga: write your question, I'll answer as I can :-)18:52
algasrichter: I've just committed a sample data plugin that promotes people to randon levels18:54
algacan you take a look that it's alright?18:54
algathe thing is that after this the students can't be promoted further18:56
algaI get a MissingInput error18:56
algabecause the work item's __name__ is something like 123123123.6418:57
th1aalga: btw, where I talk about "random" things in that spec, they don't need to be truly random if it is computationally costly to do so...  I suppose I don't know how much work is put into making a random number.18:57
algaand the request contains fields like '123123132.6.outcome'18:57
th1aI mean, I know it isn't work for the programmer, but the cpu?18:58
algath1a: I'm using python's standar random number generator, it does not impose much overhead18:58
algacreating a 1000 students and a 1000 workflows takes much more CPU time :-)18:59
algabut overall I was surprised how well everything works with a 1000 persons18:59
algawe'll see how it goes with timetables...  that part is not optimized yet19:00
th1aAh.  Forgot about that.19:00
algath1a: you can try out what we've got by now through the sample data view in the dev mode menu19:01
th1aOK.  I'm glad you put the first and last names in txt files.19:01
th1aSo that they're easily modified.19:02
th1aIt might be nice to have a list of Spanish names in Spain, etc.19:02
algaI guess so...19:03
algaThe top 10 spanish names are there :-)19:03
algaas are top 10 Danish, Swedish, English, etc. names19:03
algaI used the wikipedia's lists of most popular names19:04
th1aAh.  Nice.19:04
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erchacheim from spain19:08
erchachewhat happs19:08
th1abskahan:  ayt?19:16
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erchachei cant understand nothing.....what are you talking about?19:24
th1aWe're talking about generating sample data.19:24
th1aSo we have a list of names.19:24
th1aTo make up 1000 students.19:25
th1a1000 fake students.19:25
erchacheaaahhh to make stress test?19:25
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th1aYes, and generally get a sense of what the application will look and behave like in real life.19:26
srichteralga: I think this is illegal:19:27
srichterlevel = self.random.choice(levels.values())19:27
srichteroh, sorry, it is ok19:28
srichterI misread/interpreted the code19:28
srichterit looks good to me19:28
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th1asrichter: I got this book yesterday:  Essential Business Process Modeling --
th1aIt has a chapter on wfmc.19:32
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5176:19:35
povbot/svn/commits: Explain why ACLs are modified via POST instead of PUT.19:35
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5177:19:36
povbot/svn/commits: Wrote some science fiction about the RESTive client.19:36
povbot/svn/commits: Ignas complained that our was very GUI-code specific and not convenient for things like writing import scripts.  I suggested we wrote some science fiction of an API that is convenient for both.  We did that, and here is the result.19:36
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th1amgedmin:  Your science fiction looks good.19:52
th1aNot "Serenity" good, but good.19:53
alga"serenity" is some kind of movie based on a tv series? that thing?19:53
th1amgedmin hasn't converted you all to Firefly fans?19:54
mgedminaaarh, don't torture me19:54
mgedminI want to see Serenity, but I can't19:54
mgedminhow much does a ticket to the US cost?19:54
th1aIt takes a while for the signal to make it out to the border planets.19:54
th1aJeez, movies are up to around $10.19:54
th1aSo that's about 25 lita?19:55
algapretty much same here...19:55
th1aIt is only a little less than the DVD will be.19:55
mgedminticket _to_ the US19:55
mgedminI doubt you can get a plane ticket for $1019:55
algal( is an interesting facial expression :)19:56
mgedminfingers shifted to the left a bit19:56
th1aThat's a facial expression I use a lot in real life.19:56
algato scare students away?19:56
th1aTo scare EVERYONE away.19:57
* mgedmin runs20:00
Aistealga, are you nuts, movie tickets cost around 16 LT here20:04
Aistenot anywhere near 2520:04
algaan order of magnitude here or there, who cares?20:05
Aistei do when it concerns my walet20:05
th1aThat's the only way to handle exchange rates.20:05
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mgedminyet another iCalendar parser:
mgedmindoesn't seem to be very useful21:43
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