IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-09-17

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erchachewho are admin new plone server?12:34
erchachei have visualisation problems with safari and firefox on my powerbook g4......12:34
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povbot`/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 5002:13:41
povbot`/svn/commits: condensing CSS temporarily13:41
povbot`/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 5003:14:04
povbot`/svn/commits: changing the CSS style, all tag selectors to UPCASE.14:04
povbot`/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 5004:14:12
povbot`/svn/commits: CSS style change, single tab indent.  (there's a modeline for vi)14:12
povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5005:15:08
povbot`/svn/commits: Unfortunately two pieces of code at once, sorry Marius:15:08
povbot`/svn/commits: * First demo of pagelets in SchoolTool. It works like a charm and as15:08
povbot`/svn/commits: expected. I am planning to do some more trials, so that we do not have to write templates for every JS and CSS link insertion, etc.15:08
povbot`/svn/commits: * Some initial implementation of REST API documentation. It is far from15:08
povbot`/svn/commits: being finished, but it contains some initial extraction of information.15:08
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