IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-08-28

srichtertiredbones: read the TXT documents in zope.wfmc and
srichterif you don't understnad them, read them over and over again till you do03:36
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th1aYAY!  We've got our new server online!14:16
srichterth1a: btw, how long are you staying in LT?15:37
th1aI'm back.16:19
th1aFlew back yesterday.16:19
th1aWe should get together sometime soon.16:19
th1asrichter: ^16:19
srichterth1a: ok16:19
srichterfor me probably Monday or Tuesday would be good16:20
srichterbefore I fly to DC and schoolstarts16:20
srichterI also have the car on Monday, since I have to go for an oil change in the morning16:20
srichterI guess I could be at your place between 10-1116:21
th1aHm... I was planning on devoting Monday to general catching up.16:21
srichterno problem16:21
th1aI think I'd probably be fairly incoherent.16:21
srichterok :-)16:21
th1aAlso, I woke up this morning at 4 AM.16:21
srichterhe he, jet lag, eh?16:22
th1aI'm not sure when I might crash.16:22
srichterusually the drop comes late in the afternoon/early evening16:23
th1aIf I drive up, what would be a good time on Tuesday?16:24
srichterany time is fine16:24
srichteryou can even come up at 8:00, if you get up early :-)16:25
th1aOK.  You'd be at Tufts?16:25
srichterno, I will be home16:26
srichterit's more cosy here anyways16:26
srichter79 Clarendon Ave16:26
srichterSomerville, MA 0214416:26
th1aWhat's the parking situation vs. taking the train?16:26
th1aPark 'n' ride?16:26
srichterthe best way to come in is via 95/128 and take the Cambridge exit (Rt 2)16:27
srichterno, you are best off driving to my house16:27
srichterwe have plenty of parking during the day here16:27
th1aIs it residents only during the day or only in the evening?  Or not?16:27
srichterno, there are no parking restrictions on my street16:28
th1aOK, I'll give you a time tomorrow based on when I got up tomorrow morning.16:29
srichtersure :-)16:29
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srichterth1a: do you know whether Marius okayed the refactor branch? I really want to merge before people start checking in on the trunk again21:30
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