IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-08-18

povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4796:00:06
povbot/svn/commits: Converted ICalendarOwner to an adapter to ISchoolBellCalendar; components that have a calendar implement IHaveCalendar.00:06
tvonso is srichter's branch replacing trunk before the next release?00:09
srichtersomething like that00:10
srichteror Marius merges the new code in one by one00:10
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4797:00:13
povbot/svn/commits: I just decided that extension will be okay for this use case.00:13
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4798:00:19
povbot/svn/commits: removing unused import00:19
tvonI probably shouldnt bother with commits like that if a merge is coming00:21
srichterwell, that's hard to say00:22
srichteron the other hand we cannot stall development because of this00:22
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4799:00:38
povbot/svn/commits: more unused imports00:38
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jintysrichter: does zpkgtools dependency information contain version info? It doesn't look like it.01:00
srichterit is not meant to replace packaging software01:00
srichterit is meant to pull stuff together you need for a particular release01:01
jintythanks, I'm just trying to digest it. to figure out the best way of working with it.01:02
srichterI am glad you are having a serious look01:02
jintywe just got another debian bug about it...01:03
srichterI see01:03
* jinty is sreious, but a little slow01:03
jintyand can't spell01:03
srichterthat's no problem; I have to look at it more closely too to get ST setup to use it01:04
jintyI would really like to be able to get the debian packaging and zpkgtools to work together at some level. But it is difficult.01:05
srichtermmh, that sounds interesting01:05
srichterthat would be really cool, though01:05
jintyimagine not only producing a monolithic tarball, but a fleet of debian packages, all tested together with correct dependency info.01:06
jintyor something like that...01:06
jintyanyway, I will go back to digesting01:07
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4800:04:58
povbot/svn/commits: Updated schooltool to use ISchoolBellCalendar adapter instead of IOwnerCalendar.04:58
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srichtergintas: is marius already around?13:21
gintassrichter, I guess not13:22
gintasI'm at home right now13:22
srichterI see13:22
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bskahanwell, more generally14:38
th1aHuh what?14:38
bskahangot started on screenshots and thumbnails but ran out of time14:38
th1aOh.  Thanks.14:39
* th1a is sitting outside POV, waiting for someone else to show up.14:39
bskahanits 2pm there?14:39
th1aThese guys look less ruthlessly efficient up close.14:39
th1aI woke up Marius at 2:00.14:39
th1aIt is 2:40 now.14:39
th1aWith Aiste out of town, things start even later...14:40
srichterhe he14:40
srichteryeah, get this guy over here; we have business to talk about14:41
th1aIt is kind of funny watching her play mother hen to these guys.14:41
srichterI really want to switch to Python 2.4 for the trunk, ince my stuff merges14:41
srichterth1a: I am done with most of the cleanup tasks (except the merge and the DB compatibility, of course), so I am making really good progress14:43
th1aWell, we do need to switch our context now.  The work in the trunk won't go into production until spring, so requiring users to switch to 2.4 at that point would seem to be even less of an issue than it is now.14:43
srichterth1a: but I think a lot of the clutter was due to a lack of (a) a dictator or checkin police and (b) story-based contracts14:43
srichterI think from time to time 10% of a contract should include cleanup14:43
th1aYes.  We've been racing to get these releases out for a while.  We didn't really have time for a pause.  Plus I knew we could do it now.14:46
th1aHaving an outsider come in and look over everything has been particularly helpful, however.14:46
srichterI am particularly worried about tests at this point14:47
srichterthey are almost totally unmanagable14:48
srichterWe need to find a way to better pack them into text files, so they are compiled as part of the documentation14:48
srichterthen 3rd party developers will tell us, if our description sucks in a particular place14:49
th1aDoes development of Zope 3 itself handle tests better?14:49
srichterrecently we have become much better with it14:50
srichterwe have only resorted to doctests in *.txt files lately14:50
srichterZope 3 sucks with ftests of course14:50
th1aI like doctests in text files.14:50
srichterbut the ftests in ST are pretty okay and once we convert them to testbrowser-based tests, they will be very readable14:51
srichterme too14:51
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4801:14:51
srichterthere are currently too many tests in docstrings in python in ST14:51
povbot/svn/commits: Ruthelessly patch
povbot/svn/commits: * Add support for building with pbuilder.  * Add support for the dpkg-buildpackage options -v and -sa.14:51
th1aI definitely want to write testbrowser tests as acceptance tests.14:52
srichterwhat are "acceptance tests"?14:52
srichteras evaluation whether a story is implemented?14:52
srichterOT: did you make progress with the School WF?14:53
th1aSchool WF?14:53
srichterSchool workflow14:53
th1aOh.  I've been too busy.14:53
srichterI see14:53
th1aThis trip has been less of a vacation than I imagined.14:53
th1aBut that's ok.14:54
srichteryeah, it can swing either way14:54
srichtermmh, another thought to the dev process: maybe having design meetings would help14:55
th1aActually, I realized that the basic turn sequence in my game is about the simplest possible workflow: igo ugo.14:55
th1aSo I'm going to get that working first to get a feel for workflow.14:55
srichteroh, that is cool14:55
srichteractually it is one step: Complete Turn14:55
srichterand basically the participant changes; I wonder whether this works14:56
th1aSo I might be hitting you up for some help when I get to that.  I have to get done with naval movement first.14:56
srichterok, cool14:56
srichterI wonder whether we could use testbrowser acceptance tests to build up slowly a complete SchoolTool book14:59
srichterIf we attack this correctly, it could be very cool14:59
srichterthe developers would write the tests in a geeky fashion and you could put better text around them15:00
srichterand we compile it using apidoc15:00
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4802:15:00
povbot/svn/commits: * Re-build for upload to Debian.  * On installation set the permissions of /var/{lib,log}/schoolbell to 0750.  * Patch server startup script to change the umask to 007.15:00
povbot/svn/commits: NOTE: the patch to the server startup script is not contained in any repository. Yes, I know it is very evil and I should be using dpatch.  But shortly the schoolbell packaging stuff will use arch and arch-buildpackage, then this problem dissapears.15:00
th1aI'm not sure how useful the testbrowser tests would actually be to outside developers or users.15:01
srichterwell, in a book you have to take the user through steps anyways15:01
srichterIf you want to create a new resource, click on the "Resources" link in the action menu.15:02
srichter  >>>"Resources")15:02
srichterNow click on ...15:02
bskahanth1a: I don't think the current ftests are particularly useful as developer documentation15:03
th1aI don't think that would help actual users.15:03
srichterI think we could even massage docutils in ignoring those doctest entries completely and just show the text in certain rendering cases15:03
bskahanI haven't looked at the mechtests in depth enough to know if they're better though15:03
th1aI'm just saying I think browser tests are fantastic as a guide to what the application should do, and far more readable than the existing ones,15:04
srichterbskahan: they are a million times better!15:04
th1abut it doesn't seem like something you'd literally hang a book around.15:04
srichterbskahan: I refuse to write other style functional doctests (I always did, btw)15:04
bskahansrichter: :)15:04
srichterth1a: Jim mentioned several times that he would write a book in doctest style.15:05
th1aOr if you did, you'd mostly be taking out the doctests themselves, because ""Resources") still doesn't help actual humans.15:05
bskahanI wasn't saying they weren't, I just haven't used them (as a producer or consumer)15:05
srichterth1a: but it helps the documentation not getting outdated15:05
th1aWell, Philipp's book has a lot of doctest feel in it.15:05
* jinty hates having to upload multiple files to plone one by one through a web interface and cries out for ftp...15:05
th1aI'm only making a very small point here.15:05
srichterth1a: the main problem with documentation is information rotting15:05
th1ajinty:  We are very, very close to getting a server of our own.15:06
srichteryeah, he started later and read Jim's comments :-)15:06
bskahanth1a: we managed to postpone enough to use plone 2.1 ;)15:06
th1aThe only delay now is that Canonical seems to use renting servers as a strategy for getting new companies to support Ubuntu.15:06
th1aSo when they need 'x' servers for non mission critical stuff, they approach a major host who doesn't support Ubuntu and say,15:07
th1a"we'll get X servers if you support Ubuntu for everyone."15:07
th1aAt least that was my interpretation of the explanation.15:07
srichterhe he15:08
th1aSo we're waiting to see if ServerPronto will do it.15:08
th1aIf not, we'll move to the next host on the list.15:08
* bskahan is going to try upgrading the laptop to breezy colony-3 this weekend15:09
th1abskahan:  I'd like you to help set up the new site.15:09
* bskahan nods15:09
bskahanI have some thoughts about it15:09
th1aThat'll give you a little more work in the next month or so.15:09
bskahanmostly, getting the benefit that we should from plone15:10
th1aI want everything to fit into the Canonical model, which didn't really exist when we started.15:10
bskahanwhat's that?15:10
th1aJust the way they divide things up among Plone, Wiki's, forums, etc.15:10
th1aUsing LaunchPad more.15:10
th1aPerhaps moving to Malone.  I have to take another look at it.  It looks more useful.15:11
th1aThan it used to.15:11
bskahangetting the full benefit from LP might require moving to bazaar[.|?]15:12
bskahanI'm actually opposed to the wiki + plone setup15:12
th1aAfter discussing it more with SteveA, I'd say it is only a matter of time until we move to bazaar.15:13
* bskahan agrees15:13
th1aWe're going to move to doing all development on branches and only merging after code is reviewed.15:13
* jinty wants an ftp site and a package pool and an account on the server and web space and some more stuff;)15:13
th1aAlthough we probably won't do that completely until we start using bazaar.15:14
th1aWhy are you against wiki+Plone?15:14
srichterI am generally -1 for working on branches; it is always painful to merge15:14
srichterthough I understand the quality issues15:15
srichterand arguments15:15
jintyisn't distributed revision control meant to solve some of that pain?15:16
th1aThat's my understanding.15:16
srichterwhat is "distributed revision control"?15:17
bskahanplone has really nice community oriented document handling, wikis are crud ;)15:17
bskahanmore seriously, people end up using the wiki for things that should be done in a real CMS15:17 is a much more useful community site than the ubuntu wiki, imnsho15:17
srichterI'd rather have something like sandbox, we all work on and only move over revisions after review to the trunk15:18
th1aOn LaunchPad they do a branch for each feature.15:19
th1aLots of small branches.15:19
srichterit is amazing that Zope 3 did not have quality issues yet always working on the trunk15:19
th1abskahan:  I agree with you in theory, but in practice, outsiders don't contribute to Plone sites.15:20
th1aIt is hard for people to understand the dual function of the community Plone site.15:21
* bskahan nods15:22
bskahanyeah, that's the barrier I'd like to get over15:22 seems to have worked it out, as well as some other sites.15:22
th1aWell, I think mirroring practices that are working for Canonical is a good idea.15:22
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4803:15:22
povbot/svn/commits: OOPS!15:22
* th1a is still twiddling his thumbs outside POV.15:23
bskahanth1a: do you know what wiki software they're using?15:23
th1aIt is moin.15:24
bskahanth1a: one thing they have that's interesting ... their web forums are mirrors of mailing lists, if I understand correctly15:24
bskahanthat I really like15:24
th1aWell... that's one thing I'm confused about.  What URL are you looking at?15:24
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4804:15:24
povbot/svn/commits: port 4802, 4803 to schooltool.15:24
bskahanth1a: I'm not15:24
bskahanI remember a conversation in #ubuntu15:25
bskahanthat brought it up15:25
th1aOh.  They've also got ubuntu-traffic, which we may be busy enough to need to replicate someday:
th1aThat's not Canonical, though, I don't think.15:27
* bskahan nods15:27
th1aThat forum software isn't free, oddly enough.15:27
bskahanI think that's a great way to get non-technical teachers in touch with developers15:28
bskahansince neo-luddite english teachers might use a web forum long before a mailing list15:29
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4805:15:29
povbot/svn/commits: Updated views to the ST version, so we can remove the duplication, which was effectively only in the I18n domain.15:29
th1aI agree that having a forum is good.15:31
th1aForum, FAQ, one of those release management packages for Plone.15:31
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4806:15:32
povbot/svn/commits: Removed some duplicated views.15:32
*** bskahan has quit IRC15:35
th1aIf mgedmin doesn't get here soon, I'm going to have to go looking for a toilet.15:37
*** th1a has quit IRC15:56
*** th1a has joined #schooltool15:57
srichterth1a: found a bathroom? :-)15:58
th1aMarius arrived.15:58
srichterhe he15:58
*** gintas has joined #schooltool15:58
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool15:58
th1aHoi gintas.15:59
gintasth1a: I've just uploaded the windows binary installers for SB and ST15:59
th1aOK.  Cool.15:59
th1aAre you not coming in today?15:59
gintasI thought I'd take a day off16:00
srichtermgedmin: can I switch the refactor branch to Python 2.4 in anticipation that it will be used in the trunk (th1a okayed it)16:00
th1aThat's more of a jinty question.16:00
srichterjinty: Py 2.4 for the next release ok?16:00
th1aThat is, the "next release" being in April.16:01
srichterth1a: I think his objections were already squashed, since all debian distros have Py 2.4 available16:01
gintasif we're talking about the April release, I'm sure that python2.3 support will be a very low priority16:01
th1a... giving him one last chance ...16:01
mgedmin3 ... 2 ... 1 ...16:02
jintysrichter: I think this is the third time I am saying yes16:02
srichterwell, I just never heard it officially from the exec team16:03
srichterok, it is though then :-)16:03
* jinty wonders if anyone actualy reads his mail to the list16:03
th1aI read and I forget.16:08
* jinty sighs!16:10
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4807:16:10
povbot/svn/commits: Add support for debian specific patches to also add the umask patches to the repository.16:10
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4808:16:15
povbot/svn/commits: Renamed the traverser since the ICalendarOwner interface is gone.16:15
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srichtermgedmin: why is the initial site.zcml code in a Python string and not in a file?16:25
mgedminwhy not ;)16:27
srichterbecause it makes it harder to hook in new things16:27
mgedminhow come?16:28
srichterbecause if we want to support override.zcml or package-includes, we have to constantly change that string16:28
srichterso much easier to modify a file16:28
mgedminthat string is in a file16:29
mgedminI fail to see the difference16:29
mgedminactually, perhaps I do understand your point16:29
mgedminif the people doing the customization aren't developers but site admins/etc, then yes, having a site.zcml makes sense16:29
mgedminI do not object to it16:29
mgedminsome history: initially ST/SB was a Z3 content object16:29
mgedminI did some prototyping and got it running as a standalone server16:30
srichterI see16:30
mgedminthen I implemented the standalone server properly (with unit tests, etc)16:30
mgedminand put everything dealing with that use case in a single file16:30
srichterI see16:30
srichterbtw, have you tried using Zope's startup and just replacing the root folder witha  schooltool site?16:31
mgedminI was sort of breaking new ground at the time, and wanted a nicely contained example of "here's how you can build a Z3 based app instead of just a plugin for a Z3 web app server"16:31
mgedminbut now the time has come for splitting it up, I think16:31
srichterok, can we discuss this briefly?16:32
mgedminre Z3 startup & replacing -- yes, but all the subscribers that create a site and populate it with utilities broke16:32
srichtermmh, that's aweful16:32
srichterdo you remember why?16:33
mgedminthen I discovered that if I create the root object and run the subscribers, they do the right thing for us16:33
*** gintas has left #schooltool16:33
srichtermgedmin: here is the reason I ask:16:34
srichterI am thinking about the best way to be able to run ST abd SB from the same source code16:35
srichterbasically I want to be able to say:16:35
srichtermake run-st16:35
srichtermake run-sb16:35
srichterdo you think I could make SB/ST work with the Zope 3 startup routine?16:38
mgedminif you could, that would be great for other standalone apps that want to use Z316:38
srichteryes :-)16:38
mgedmintake a look at z3 bootstrap events and subscribers16:38
srichterI am willing to make checkins into the Zope 3 trunk too16:39
mgedminI mentioned once that they are ordering-dependent now16:39
mgedminone subscriber creates the RootFolder and a site16:39
* srichter wishes he would sit beside mgedmin and do some pair programming16:39
mgedminother subscribers then populate the site with attributes16:39
mgedminif we <include package="" />, there's no way to introduce our own bootstrap event subscriber that could be called before the Z3 ones16:39
mgedminif we replace the root folder with our app after Z3 subscribers, we'd have to call all the subscribers again, to get the site populated with utilities... wait a second...16:40
srichterok, I am willing to change the Zope 3 trunk to fix that problem16:40
mgedminmaybe we could pry apart the old site from the old root folder and attach it on our app?16:40
mgedminanyway, if we create the app object instead of the root folder, and then call the subscribers, everything works16:41
srichteruuuh, sounds good16:41
mgedminsuggestion: a global utility to create the app object16:41
mgedmindefined in zcml16:41
srichterbut subscribers are not sorted16:41
mgedminand we could override it in our zcml16:41
mgedminthe code that initializes ZODB could do16:41
mgedminroot_object = getUtility(IRootObjectFactory)()16:41
mgedminzodb_connection.root()[PUBLICATION_NAME_OR_WHATEVER] = root_object16:42
mgedminI'm probably mangling all the names that are actually used in Zope16:42
mgedminbut I hope you get the idea16:42
srichterI think this sounds like  a winner16:42
srichterhehe, there is even an "ugh.." comments there (probably from me), so I even have a good argument to remove it :-)16:47
srichteror from you?16:49
mgedminif that's in Z3 core, then I doubt it's from me ;)16:50
srichteryeah, it is inside the root folder setup.16:50
srichtermgedmin: ok, now I got the utility all setup and working, what do you susggest is the best approach to this?17:05
srichterlink schoolbell into Zope3/src and modify site.zcml and overrides.zcml?17:06
srichterI guess that's all that should be needed?17:08
srichterwell, eventually, I want to do it as you have it setup now17:09
srichterbut for testing purposes to see whether everything will work, what is the fastest way to success?17:10
mgedminI am confused as to what your goal is17:10
mgedminyou want to run ST and SB from same source base17:10
mgedminbut with different versions of site zcml configuration17:10
srichterwell that's step 217:10
mgedmincurrently ST's inherits SB's and overrides the top-level zcml as a string17:11
mgedminplus a few other things17:11
srichterright now I want to see whether I get the SB standalone server to utilise more of Zope 3's startup stuff17:11
srichterbasically, custom conf file, site.zcml, and overriding IRootObjectFactory utility17:12
mgedminhow do you plan to hook schooltool.conf parsing?17:12
srichterthat should give me the same functionality as the standalone server17:12
srichterthis is step 1(b)17:12
mgedminI want ST/SB to be able to use Zope 3 libraries from $PYTHONPATH (and share them with other apps), but not rely on having any existing Z3 instance directory17:13
srichtermaybe monkey-patching z.a.server.amin.CONF_FILENAME17:14
srichterof course, we could write our own equivalent of z.a.server.main17:14
mgedminif it is possilble to have a very tiny that imports and passes some custom things (path to our site.zcml?), then that's fine17:14
srichterI think this is better17:14
srichterright, this is the ultimate goal17:15
mgedminwe have a Z3 based app that would love to define its own ZConfig file in addition to zope.conf, or perhaps add some sections to zope.conf17:15
mgedmincurrently all its runtime process configuration is done via custom zcml directives17:16
mgedminwhich is a bit of a hack, but that was the path of least resistance17:16
srichterwell, if we rewrite our own z.a.server.main.load_options function than we can plugin our own config schema17:17
srichterand conf filename17:17
srichterall this code is very short, so redoing this bit of code should be easy17:18
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool17:46
srichtermgedmin: partial success; I have successfully replaced the root folder with a schooltool application on a vanilla Zope 3 setup with a custom site.zcml17:49
srichterthe skin and everything works too17:49
srichterjust security does not work yet; seem something specific you guys do17:49
srichterok, now I got it :-)17:56
*** tvon has quit IRC18:02
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srichterdarn the problem is that schoolbell has so much custom setup18:22
srichterwe could simplify a bit but I am not sure it is worth it now18:22
*** number5 has quit IRC18:23
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*** number_five is now known as number518:23
srichterI think merging takes priority now18:23
mgedminI see no particular benefits to ST/SB from redoing the startup code18:25
mgedmin(other than splitting out site configuration into a separate zcml file, I mean)18:26
th1aIt seems like a relatively low priority.18:26
*** number5 has quit IRC18:37
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*** number_five is now known as number518:38
srichterdo you guys know a quick way to do a search and replace on many files?18:40
mgedminsearch -- yes, search & replace -- not quite18:40
mgedminI usually use vim's :grep18:40
srichteryeah, that's what I usually do18:41
mgedminand then do global search/replace (with confirmation) in each file18:41
srichterbut I will go insane if I do this for the merge18:41
mgedminyou can also do something like this in shell:18:41
srichter(shell is great)18:41
mgedminfind \! -path '*/.svn/*'|xargs grep -l PATTERN1|xargs perl -i -p -e 's/PATTERN2/REPLACEMENT/g'18:41
mgedmin(we use this in a script that does branding for one of our projects)18:42
srichterI just found KFileReplace18:42
srichterlet's see how this works18:43
srichterif it is no good, I use the script above18:43
*** tiredbones has joined #schooltool18:57
*** jinty has quit IRC19:07
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4809:19:14
povbot/svn/commits: Uugh, almost forgot to check this in before the merge. It basically minimizes the configure.zcml in st.browser.19:14
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4810:19:38
povbot/svn/commits: Okay, this branch is now officially broken until I get everything working again. The reason for the checkin is that I can then move more stuff around.19:38
povbot/svn/commits: Here you can see the initial layout as I envisioned it.19:38
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4811:19:39
povbot/svn/commits: Remove it.19:39
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mgedmin_Bugs_in_Writing_, segment 133: "login" is a noun, "log-in" is an adjective, "log in" is a verb20:02
srichterI have a strange feeling this is pretty arbitrary :-)20:04
mgedminnot if you want to write good English :-)20:04
srichterwhat's the source of this info?20:04
mgedmin_Bugs_in_Writing_ by Lyn Dupré20:05
srichteroh, its a book?20:05
th1aIf it is in a book, it must be true!20:05
srichterwell, then I would at least give it some more credit20:06
th1aHow does one use log-in as an adjective?  The log-in field?20:06
mgedminSteve Alexander recommeded this book to us20:06
srichterfor example, about every company and big OS project comes up with their own translation guidelines and they often conflict each other20:06
th1aIf SteveA recommended it it MUST be true!!!20:06
th1aActually, those make sense.20:07
th1aAlthough I don't entirely understand the hyphen.20:07
srichteryep, me neither20:08
srichterthat's the reason I find it arbitrary20:08
srichterit is like FedEx20:08
srichterFedEx is the noun20:08
mgedmin_Eats,_Shoots_&_Leaves_ by Lynne Truss is a nice book about punctuation20:09
mgedminI started understanding at least something when I read it20:09
srichterfedex presumely the verb, or should it be fed ex ;-) and fed-ex the adjective?20:09
srichterin america there are no set punctuation rules as I understand it20:10
mgedminon the Internet there are no rules :)20:10
srichteryou can follow the MLA, but there are other standards20:10
* mgedmin didn't want to start a flame war20:10
srichterno, I know20:11
srichterI was just very disappointed in college, when the English prof basically said: Here you use MLA, but outside the classroom other rules might count20:11
mgedminwhat's MLA?20:12
srichterwhich is the opposite to German20:12
th1aModern Language Association.20:12
srichtermgedmin: a book that lists all A-English rules20:12
srichterth1a: that book I have heard a lot about and I totally forgot about it20:12
srichterI always wanted to get it; it is supposed to be really good, right?20:13
th1aIt is short and to the point.20:14
th1aThat's the only thing I'd use.20:14
srichterok, I'll pick it up at the book store20:15
th1aProbably doesn't cover things like "log in" though.20:15
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povbot/svn/commits: Okay, some more moving around. I have not even attempted to untangle the wilderness of the browser pacakges.20:16
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povbot/svn/commits: Applied my automated string replacements. KFileReplace is really nice!20:20
th1aOK, I'm out of here until Monday.20:59
th1aHave a good weekend, folks.20:59
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tiredbonesHow does one get a copy of the repository?23:28
tiredbonesNever mind, I think I found it.23:29

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