IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-06-29

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eldari have a schooltool question17:47
eldari want to edit the ation panel (to the left, below the navigation), so that when an administrator logs in i can add more actions17:48
eldari look at the , it has a slot for that, which calls an objects view actions component17:49
eldarbut i had no luck finding it17:49
eldar looked*17:49
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tlauhi ... anyone around to help me with a schoolbell server error?18:31
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eldari have a question about the actions panel19:15
eldari wanted to edit it, so when a manager logs in and goes to the "top", he has some other links besides "Set Up Access"19:16
eldari looked at the /src/schooltool/browser/view_macros.pt19:17
eldarit has a meta tag that includes all of the actions of the current object19:17
tlauI can't help you; I haven't even gotten schoolbell running yet :)19:17
tlaubut maybe someone else is around19:18
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