IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-06-01

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povbot/svn/commits: * hoffman committed revision 4030:04:11
povbot/svn/commits: Adding Spanish README.04:11
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*** bskahan changes topic to " Schoolbell 1.0 is out! Get it from | IRC logs are at"13:34
*** bskahan changes topic to " Schoolbell 1.1 is out! Get it from | IRC logs are at"13:34
*** bskahan changes topic to " Schooltool 0.10 & Schoolbell 1.1 are out! Get them from | IRC logs are at"13:38
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erchachethis afternoon im going to test new schooltool 1.1 on my laptop14:03
erchacheare include i18n files?14:03
bskahanerchache: if I understand correctly, there will be a release in 2 weeks with all the translations14:04
erchacheok ok14:04
bskahanI noticed the got committed to CVS though14:04
erchacheits i want to know :D14:04
erchachei send by snail to commit schooltool shuttleworth foundation agreement to get cvs access14:05
SteveA_schooltool uses subversion14:06
SteveA_it's probably possible to use fax, if you want to get the committer's agreement turned around more quickly14:07
erchachefax its too expensive for me :(14:08
erchachebye see later14:16
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bskahanRFC: Instead of having milestone release number M7, M8, or decimal numbering 0.10, 0.11, 1.0 we should number schooltool releases like Ubuntu/Gentoo - SchoolYear.Semester.[point upgrade]15:00
bskahanSo SchoolTool Calendar 0.11, rather than being somewhat confusingly named and numbered, will just be SchoolTool 2005.9 and be referred to as SchoolTool Fall0515:02
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bskahannote: the YYYY.MM refer to when it is intended to be used, not when it's released15:04
SteveA_that's so US15:04
bskahanSteveA_: I was wondering about that15:04
SteveA_and also, northern-hemisphere-centric15:04
bskahanspecific US bias aside, what do you think about the general idea of numbering/naming based on the schoolyear we expect the releases to be used?15:06
bskahanI started thinking about it because of 0.10/0.11, they're both versions of what we think people can use in the classroom this coming year15:08
SteveA_a few projects use release numbers similar to ubuntu15:08
SteveA_ubuntu wasn't the first15:08
bskahangentoo is the first I know of15:09
SteveA_that's to use the year and month of release15:09
bskahanit seems particularly appropriate for ST because schools are allready tide to a yearly cycle15:09
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th1abskahan:  I think in the long run it is a good idea.17:01
bskahanth1a: I was thinking YYYY.MM.xx with any xx changes are painless upgrades that can/should be done during a year, while YYYY or MM changes may require additional setup or configuration17:04
th1aWell, that might be a little more complicated than necessary.17:04
bskahanI'm guessing that in the foreseeable future, schooltool will be managed by technically savy teachers or allready overworked sysadmins17:05
th1aWell, that's not necessarily true, but we are certainly trying to make something that can be managed by those people.17:06
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bskahanhaving an "within year" upgrade path for those folks might be nice17:08
th1aI agree, I just meant taking it down to SchoolTool 2006.07.13 might be a little more fine-grained than necessary.17:09
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bskahanth1a: your probably right17:09
bskahanthe thought process that started that was trying to find an elegant way to say "0.10 has all the features you'll see if you use schooltool this upcoming year, but there will be one more release so please test it now and send feedback"17:10
th1aThe important thing is that we're in sync with the annual cycle of schools.17:11
bskahanso I started thinking something like, "0.10 is the fist release in the Fall05 series."(SteveA pointed out my bias)17:12
bskahanbut you get the idea17:13
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th1aYeah.  As far as I can tell, "summer vacation" in South Africa is over Christmas.17:13
th1aSo their year lags 4 months behind ours, school-wise.17:14
bskahanI'm going to visit a friend in NZ over his winter break in July17:14
th1aAlthough they have a few weeks between each quarter.17:14
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4031:17:24
povbot/svn/commits: Add po file verification by compilation (using msgfmt) to get-rosetta-translations.py17:24
bskahanonce LDAP auth works :-D17:36
th1aOh, yeah.  Today's their big day.17:37
bskahanmgedmin: I don't think we have a generation marker in schooltool17:48
bskahanis this all that needs to be added for schooltool/configure.zcml17:49
bskahan  <utility17:49
bskahan      name="schooltool"17:49
bskahan      provides=""17:49
bskahan      factory=""17:49
bskahan      />17:49
mgedminwe still don't? eek!17:49
mgedminyes,that's what needs to be added17:49
bskahanthe comment in schoolbell/app/configure.zcml still says we're at generation 0 ;)17:51
povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4032:17:52
povbot/svn/commits: add generations marker for schooltool.  Jinty, this is an important change for the release.17:52
mgedminbskahan, why?17:52
bskahanwhy what?17:52
bskahanwhy is it important?17:52
mgedmindo you want to say that you didn't write an evolution script to upgrade sb 1.0 dates without timezone to sb 1.1 dates with timezone?17:53
bskahanI just noticed the comment when I was looking declaration syntax17:53
mgedminor you just didn't hook it up?17:53
bskahanno, the comment is wrong17:53
bskahanwe're at generation 4 or 517:53
mgedminoh, _comment_17:54
mgedminsorry, I misunderstood17:54
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th1a...sorry I'm moving a little slowly today.  I'm getting hit with a nasty cold.20:15
Aistewhat is wrong with the world20:19
Aisteeveryone seems to be falling ill20:19
Aistemost of the POV is ill at the moment20:19
th1aIt is a global malaise, spread via IRC.20:19
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bskahanth1a: there's a breezy goal for a server solution including shared calendar, would you be adverse to me plugging schoolbell as the solution to the person listed as the lead and finding out what they would need get SB set as the default calendar?21:36
th1aiirc correctly I pinged those people during Ubuntu Down Under, but please go ahead.21:37
bskahanthe lead listed for the goal is also listed for the Z3 packaging goal, conveniently21:37
* bskahan nods21:37
th1aI'm not sure what's keeping Mark from throwing someone at remaining Zope 3.1 bugs.21:37
th1aAlso, it looks like we'll have a couple of interns courtesy of jelkner working on meeting planning for SchoolBell.21:39
bskahanI wonder what preventing Zope.corp from doing that21:39
bskahanth1a: that rocks21:39
th1aUnless they get more money from Google.21:40
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jelknerthla: Tom you here?21:56
th1ajelkner:  Yeah, I just mentioned that it looks like we'll have some of your guys working on SchoolBell.21:57
th1aUnless they get a better offer from Google ;-)21:57
jelknerI was hoping they could get google $ to work on schoolbell21:57
th1aSince Ubuntu is on their list, we might be able to do it that way.21:58
jelknerotherwise, I'll be paying Paul21:58
jelknerbut it would be great if google would ;-)21:58
jelknereither way, he'll be working on schoolbell and cando21:59
th1aWell, if this goes well, maybe in the future you can get money from the Shuttleworth Foundation.21:59
jelknergreat minds think a like ;-)21:59
th1aAnyhow, what's up?21:59
jelkneris there a default user and password on the schooltool 0.10?22:00
th1aIs that not in the README?22:00
jelknerlet me look22:00
jelkneri didn't see it22:00
jelknerit's there22:01
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th1aI'll be adding stuff to the website today.22:01
jelkneri wanted to ask you a bit about zope 322:02
th1aWell, if I can't answer someone else probably can.22:02
jelkneri'm having a hard time selling the idea of using it to our XP user's group22:02
jelknertoo much overhead, they claim22:02
jelkneryou spend more time writing configuration files than writing code22:02
th1aWell, configuration files are code.22:03
th1aYou should spend less time writing Python code.22:03
th1aYou should be able to REUSE more Python code.22:03
bskahanjelkner: I promise that's not true, its seems to appear that way at first though22:03
jelknerbskahan: that's what I had hoped22:04
bskahanI have some problems with ZCML, but that isn't one of them22:04
jelknerPaul is great, and he seems to be digging zope 3 already22:04
jelknerif he gets it, the others will come along too22:04
jelknereventually, there will be tools available to make this ZCML stuff easier, yes?22:05
bskahanprobably, there are several projects that have been started22:05
th1aThere was a lot of discussion of that on the Zope3-dev list yesterday, in fact.22:05
bskahanthere was some discussion and mockups on the Z3-dev list this week22:05
th1aI think you have to make sure people understand the advantages of using ZCML.22:07
* bskahan is trying to think of a good example in schooltool22:07
th1aIt allows you to integrate regular Python packages without forking them.22:07
th1aIt allows you to integrate other Zope 3 packages (like a zwiki for example) into another context without forking them.22:08
jelkneri've been telling folks i was sure tools were on the way, so it's good to hear they really are ;-)22:08
bskahanjelkner: take a look at &
bskahannm, that's not as simple of an example22:09
bskahanif I think of a good one I'll let you know22:10
jelknerbskahan: no problem, bells ringing and i've gotta go...22:10
bskahantake it easy22:10
jelkneri'll be back tomorrow.22:10
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